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Friday, May 31, 2024

How To Find The Right College For You

When it’s time to choose a college that’s going to help you achieve the future you want, that’s a big decision, and it could be why some people find the whole thing quite overwhelming. With thousands of colleges and universities to choose from, how can you even know where to start? How can you be sure you’re choosing the right school for you? Luckily, there are some things you can do that will help you make sure you’ve picked the right place for your all-important next steps in education. With that in mind, read on to find out what they are. 

What Are Your Priorities?

In order to whittle down your options from thousands of potential colleges to a shortlist you can really explore in more detail, you need to think about what your priorities are when it comes to school and your education. Some of the questions you can ask yourself include what your academic interests are and what kind of degree you want to get, whether you want to attend a large university or a smaller one, what kind of location you’re interested in (close to home, far away, or just somewhere you’ve already felt like visiting), and so on. 

Make a list of your must-haves and a secondary list of things that you would like to have in your school and when you start exploring further, you can quickly eliminate quite a few places that don’t match up to what you’re looking for. There’s really no need to compromise because there are so many schools you’re sure to find something that ticks all the boxes. 

Consider Your Budget

Of course, one thing you absolutely can’t forget is that university is going to cost money, and your budget is a crucial factor in picking a school. You’ve got tuition feeds, your accommodation, your food, your books, and you’ll also want money to have fun and relax with, and knowing how much everything is going to cost beforehand is another good way to help refine your options. 

Research the average cost of the colleges you like best, and then speak to experts in school loans to see how much you can borrow - set the two things against one another and you’ll see which schools are possible and which are out of your budget. 

Research The Programs

Your main reason for going to college in the first place is to get an education, so it’s vital to find a school that gives you what you’re looking for and offers great programs that are recognized and respected in the wider world - that’s going to make it easier to get a job and enjoy the career you imagine for yourself. At the very least, it’s going to give you options which might be exactly what you want if you haven’t decided what it is you want to do for a living just yet. 

That’s why you can’t just pick a school based on its location and how much it’s going to cost - you need to know about the programs it offers as well and ensure there’s something there that’s going to benefit you. If not, it’s just a waste of time, money, and effort. You’ll need to look not just at what the school offers but its overall reputation too, and try to visit if you can as they will help you get a better idea of whether or not you’ll like the place if you go. 

Tuesday, July 18, 2023


A well-written college essay can be the difference maker for students applying to selective schools. With admissions officers reading thousands of applications, an outstanding essay can trump a student's GPA and even their advanced coursework.

College application essay coaches are a growing industry, and there are many services to choose from. However, how do you know which one is right for you?

Develop a Strong Theme

The college essay is your chance to tell a story. It is the place to illuminate who you are, what makes you tick, and why your university would be a good fit for you. It is also the most complex piece of the application and, thus, requires the most thought and time to write.

In particular, at extremely selective colleges that only accept a small proportion of applicants each year, college essay coaching can help students develop a compelling theme that will set them apart. Colleges are more likely to view candidates favorably if they can read a well-written essay that demonstrates a compelling sense of purpose and a distinctive viewpoint.

Developing a theme can be challenging for some applicants, particularly since many different experiences and passions can be considered. However, students should focus on their most important and interesting experience or activity to ensure they have enough material for the main essays and supplemental responses.

A good theme should also encompass various topics, including overcoming obstacles, volunteerism, sports-related challenges or successes, family struggles, immigration stories, etc. However, some common themes should be avoided for originality, such as overly-used ones like a sports victory or a summary of personal accomplishments.

Embrace Adaptability

Adaptability is a crucial soft skill to have in the workplace. It's not uncommon for work environments to change, and employees who can flex with the landscape are more likely to stay relevant in their fields.

A college essay coach can help students develop adaptability by encouraging them to explore outside their comfort zones. They can also teach them to look at the bigger picture when writing their essays for the common application, coalition application, supplemental essays, short responses, activities section, and honors program essay.

Adjusting one's mindset, goals, and actions to match new circumstances is important in academic and professional settings. This flexibility may mean that a student needs to switch out of an uninteresting major or shift their focus to find a career path that suits them. It could also mean being willing to try something new in the workplace to improve efficiency. These skills can positively impact the overall quality of an applicant's application.

Be Persistent

Students must take on a huge task when writing a college essay different from their academic papers or high school assignments. They are tasked with showing admissions readers that they have the character and personality traits to add value to the student body, and it's up to them to convey that through their essays and application as a whole.

In addition, the essay requires introspection and a unique angle to stand out from thousands of other applicants with similar backgrounds and GPAs. An experienced coach can help students unlock their true qualities through tested introspection and brainstorming techniques.

A tutor with a strong work ethic is also crucial to helping students build persistence. They will encourage their students to push through the difficult parts of an essay and provide the encouragement needed to get to the finish line. They will also encourage the students to apply their lessons learned to future applications and in their lives beyond school.

Focus on the End Goal

Many students entering the college admissions process have put thousands of hours into schoolwork and extracurricular activities. Others have spent dozens of hours on teacher recommendations and SAT or ACT preparation. But the one piece that truly sets a student apart from other applicants is their college essay.

A powerful essay is not just about what you have accomplished; it also reveals who you are. A coach can help you choose a subject that will grab your reader's attention and provide an authentic view of your unique personality, interests, and values.

They can also help you avoid overstating your strengths and cliched stories that will bore your reader. Finally, they can offer guidance on ensuring that all written elements of the application (personal statement, short responses, COVID section, activity list, and scholarship essays) work together to tell a cohesive and compelling story.

Tuesday, November 22, 2022


Are you a medical student who is applying for residency? If so, you know that the process can be competitive. However, there are things you can do to increase your chances of being selected. This blog post will discuss six tips for standing out when applying for a medical residency. Read on to learn more!

1. Get Involved in Research

One of the best ways to stand out when applying for a medical residency is to get involved in research. Research experience will not only make you a more competitive applicant, but it will also give you the opportunity to learn new skills and gain valuable experience. There are many ways to get involved in research, so be sure to talk to your mentors and advisers about how you can get started.

2. Publish Your Work

If you have the opportunity to publish your work, take advantage of it! Publishing your work will make you more competitive and show residency programs that you are committed to your field and that you are capable of conducting high-quality research.

3. Present At Conferences

Another great way to stand out when applying for a medical residency is to present at conferences. Conference presentations are a great way to showcase your work to a wider audience and network with other researchers in your field. Additionally, many residency programs give preference to applicants who have presented at national or international conferences.

4. Volunteer

One of the best ways to show that you are dedicated to helping others is to volunteer your time and skills. There are many organizations that offer opportunities for medical students and residents to volunteer, so be sure to look into what is available in your area. Volunteering looks great on your application and allows you to give back to the community and gain valuable experience.

5. Recruitment 

First, be sure to use a professional and experienced recruitment agency like They will be able to help you identify your strengths and match you with the right programs. Next, take the time to research each program you are interested in. Find out what their values are and what kind of residents they are looking for. Then, tailor your application to fit their needs.

6. Be Active On Social Media

In today’s world, social media is a powerful tool that can be used for networking, marketing, and even education. If you want to stand out when applying for a medical residency, be sure to be active on social media and use it to connect with others in your field. You can use social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to share your work, connect with other professionals, and learn about new opportunities.

In Conclusion

Landing a top-tier residency requires much more than good grades and high test scores. To really stand out, follow these six tips: start early, get involved in research, beef up your ECs, shadow physicians whenever possible, secure strong letters of recommendation, and nail the interview process. Then, with hard work and dedication, you can put yourself in a great position to land the residency of your dreams!

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Lockdown Schooling: How to Teach Your Child at Home

The coronavirus pandemic has placed pressure on people from all walks of life: Entrepreneurs, Businesses, and also moms. Many people don't think about it, but the way moms from all over have had to step up to the plate and do even more than what they currently had on their plate is almost near impossible. Not only has your work been moved to your home, but your kids' schools have also probably sent them home somewhere along the line. This places the onus on you to ensure they receive a quality education while juggling your work and maintaining your household. That said, here are some tips on teaching your child at home productively and efficiently. 


One thing that is crucial to make teaching your child at home more manageable for everyone involved is setting a schedule for everyone to hold by. Trying to fit sporadic study sessions in throughout the day will only exhaust you and keep your children from having the chance to be prepared for some school work. In contrast, a schedule will allow everyone to manage their day according to it and give them enough time to prepare and also be on time. A schedule will also create a sense of normalcy like your children would have experienced at their school, which may make the transformation a bit more manageable. 


This is where you come in - preparing lessons beforehand will speed up the process and give you a chance to set out tasks and homework for your children to exercise with. Classes can be prepared the day before or on a Sunday for the week ahead, but the point is that there will need to be some planning involved for things to run smoothly. You can also use tools like in order for you to prepare study material for your kids to work with. Sometimes, the work received from schools to give to your children can be challenging for them to sort through themselves, so taking a few minutes a day to prioritize and prepare will make the world's difference when you're actually busy with a lesson.


During lockdowns and government restrictions, you and your child experience things you never even deemed possible - it's essential to cut the two of you some slack and allow every feeling to be had. You never thought you'd be working from home on a semi-permanent basis and teach your child simultaneously because it's not safe to go to school anymore. Having patience may sometimes feel like a monumental task, and you may even wonder sometimes if you're doing everything right and if you're giving your child what they need to have a good education. Still, odds are you're doing your best, and that will always be enough for them!

By using the above guidelines, you'll be able to prioritize work and give your child comprehensive lessons calmly and efficiently. You can also designate a room or a space in the house that will only be utilized when it's time for "school," thereby giving them a classroom feel and helping them to concentrate for more extended periods of time.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

What Makes a Great Preschool Teacher?

When looking for the best preschools in Jacksonville FL, you'll quickly find that the qualities of the teachers is usually what matters the most. While facilities and access to resources are also very important, a really good preschool teacher can make all the difference. Here are some of the top things to look for in a preschool teacher.

A Passion For Teaching

The greatest preschool teachers are the ones that have a burning desire to be an influence for good in young people's lives. Because the ages and attitudes of preschoolers can be difficult to deal with at times, a passion for teaching and caring for young children will be what drives the best teachers through. Children respond to people that genuinely care for them and want what's best for them.

A Dose of Creativity

With younger aged children, getting creative is the key. Preschool teachers that can not only make fun projects for their students but make the most of the resources and environment they are in will see the most success. Also, teachers that are creative in how they approach children from different backgrounds and learning levels will help all the children feel included and have confidence they can learn as well.

Ability to be Flexible

One thing that's sure to happen in a preschool classroom is that plans will get thrown out the window. While planning for lessons is key, a great preschool teacher is prepared for the unexpected. Being flexible in this way allows a preschool teacher to stay calm and adapt to whatever the situation calls for. Whether that's rain on an outdoor activity, or needing to adjust the curriculum because of a reduction in budget, flexibility is key. 

With creativity, flexibility and a passion for teaching young children, preschool teachers can really excel. Teachers that have these qualities tend to gain a reputation for their ability to work with children and word spreads around. Be sure to ask around to other parents when looking for a great preschool and find one that employs teachers of this caliber.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

My grandson Amo started Nursery school at the Camelean Academy. I know, it seemed just like a few weeks ago that he was still learning to walk and talk, and now he is starting school! Where did all that time go?

Choosing an institution for early childhood education is not an easy task. There is the concern about proximity to the home, the curriculum, safety at school, and tuition fees. Parents also tend to inquire if the school has accreditation from the Department of Education. The Camelean Academy is only 500 meters from our home. Although it is just a small school, I love the security it provides, the presence of "nannies" who take care of helping the little ones with their snacks, wiping their faces, and taking them to the toilet if the need arises. The school's method of teaching is both progressive and traditional. The teachers are very pleasant with the children. Smiles and hugs are the norm. About tuition fees? I think they are reasonable reasonable enough.

For children attending school for the first time, the Camelean Academy requires summer classes for one month prior to the regular school year. It allows children to have a "feel" of how it is to be in school, to stick to a morning schedule, and to allow them to socialize with other kids their age.

I am happy that my daughter and son-in-law chose this school for my grandson. My little Amo is happy and eager to go to school every morning, saying "I want to see Teacher Myla."

Here are some of his photos during his summer class and his first week in regular Nursery school.

Summer class

First day of regular Nursery School
If you live anywhere near the Katipunan area, Blue Ridge, or Project 4, you may consider enrolling your child at the Camelean Academy.

Here's their address and contact information:
The Camelean Academy
10 J. Ocampo Street, Project 4, Quezon City, Metro Manila
+63 2 421 2595

Friday, May 3, 2019

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It may seem like a struggle to come up with money to pay yearly tuition for your child's private school education, but it doesn't have to be. There are luckily ways in which you can ease your family's financial burden while still giving your child the benefits of private education.

Save Early

If it is important for you to send your children to private school, start saving while your children are still very young and not yet attending school. For example, if you live in the King County area of Washington State and want your children to be able to attend Sammamish private schools, look up the tuition cost for the private schools in your area and make it a goal to save a specific amount based on your research before your children are school age. The earlier you start saving, the better, so as soon as you know that you want to save money to put toward your child's education, put a certain amount of your income each month into a savings account to be used only for this purpose.

Research Financial Aid Options

Financial aid for private school tuition is available to qualifying families in many states. Aid is awarded by the state and sometimes even by the specific educational institution itself depending on need and other factors. The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation is one institution that awards financial assistance in the form of grants and scholarships to young students who excel academically or artistically and are in need of aid. If you apply for types of financial aid that your child may qualify for, you may be able to receive assistance that will help you save thousands of dollars every year on tuition for your child's private school education.

By utilizing some planning and resources, you can set aside adequate finances for your child's education as well as save money on tuition. This way, you may be able to pay for private school without breaking the bank.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

This Is the Year to Get Your Driver's Licence

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If you’re legally old enough to drive, but don’t have your own licence, this is the year when you should really focus on getting it. Learning to drive can benefit you in so many different ways! Let’s just take a moment to look at some reasons you should book into lessons and finally get behind that wheel.

Driving Really Isn’t That Difficult or Scary

Of course, getting behind the wheel for the first time is bound to be a relatively daunting experience. You’ll find yourself quickly switching from being in the passenger’s seat to suddenly having control over an entire vehicle. But think about this rationally. Look at the sheer number of people who drive on public roads every day. If most people are capable of something, it really can’t be that difficult or complex. When it comes down to it, driving is a simple combination of being aware of how roads work, understanding how to make a vehicle move in the way you want it to, and combining the two things safely. Besides, you’ll have a professional instructor by your side and you can always reach out to if you do experience any issues on the roads.

Driving Provides You With a Newfound Freedom

One of the main benefits of being able to drive is a newfound sense of freedom. You will be liberating from the timetables and stop locations of public transport. You’ll be able to drive to a wider range of places as and when you please! You can head where you want, when you want, without having to rely on anyone else to get you there.

Driving Can Boost Your Career Potential

It may sound odd, as you’d think that you only need to drive for jobs that require you to drive for a living, such as being a taxi driver. Now, obtaining a licence can open up new career opportunities like that if that’s something you’re interested in. But driving can boost your career potential in other ways too! Nowadays, more and more employers are requesting a full, clean driving licence of applicants. There are various reasons for this. Some may want you to run occasional errands in the company car. Many will simply want to ensure that you can get into work on time without having the excuse of public transport cancellations and delays.

Committing to Something

If you don’t have a hobby, driving lessons encourage you to commit to something productive until you manage to completely master it. You won’t pass your test unless you are fully competent and can be trusted to drive independently on the roads. So, you’re going to have to keep trying again and again if you don’t take your lessons seriously.

So, it’s time to get on it! Check out local driving schools and pick one with good reviews and recommendations. You’ll be steering the wheel of your own car in next to no time!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

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There are a whole wealth of articles out there which shout about the health benefits of walking your kids to school instead of driving. As can be seen from sites like, those benefits include things like maintaining health and building confidence. That’s good news all around, don’t you agree?

Sadly, a look outside any school gates reveals that the benefits mentioned above aren’t enough for many. We all want our kids to be healthy, of course, but we assume they achieve this through play and physical education. If we’re walking kids purely for health, then, it doesn’t always seem worth our while.

But, what if we were to tell you that it isn’t only health benefits you’ll experience from a change like this. There are practical reasons to get your walking boots on instead of reaching for your keys. If nothing’s won you around thus far, then, the following pointers could be the things to do it. Read on, and you may find you start walking in no time. 

An increased chance of being on time

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Your kids may be able to get physical exercise elsewhere, but they only get one chance to arrive at class on time. The chances are that you already know how difficult it can be to achieve that simple goal when you come by car. Congestion, accidents, and weather all play a part in determining when you arrive. And, let’s be frank; nothing makes you feel worse than making your children late through no fault of their own. By comparison, walking to school removes many of these variables. You won’t need to worry about how busy the roads are, or whether the weather makes visibility difficult. You’ll be able to walk on those clear pathways come rain or shine. And, guess what; your kids will probably be on time as a result.

Removing the risks of the road

The delays mentioned above aren’t the only risks of the road, either. Busy roads and frustrated drivers can also result in accidents. Rates of road-based crashes often skyrocket around school time, and it’s easy to see why. With many parents choosing large family cars like SUVs, there’s also an increased risk of severe incidents like rollovers. While you could contact lawyers like those found at if this happened to you, that wouldn’t make up for putting your kids at risk. By comparison, walking is a reasonably safe affair. As long as you stick to crossings and designated walkways, it’s unlikely you’ll stumble into trouble.

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More money for the family

If even the above isn’t enough to convince you, consider that driving to school can also cost a fair amount. Fuel alone can soon add up when you’re crawling along behind a stream of other parents. Not to mention general maintenance costs for your vehicle. That’s worth noting given that keeping costs down always matters when you have a family. By comparison, walking doesn’t cost a penny. With that in mind, which option do you prefer?

Saturday, November 18, 2017

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Moving home is a strange time for everyone. The excitement of starting a new chapter is contrasted by the fear of leaving everything you’ve ever known behind. As a parent, you also need to think about the kids, not least because those emotions are multiplied tenfold.   
Relocation will inevitably alter various aspects of your child’s life, and it may require some adaptation. One area that cannot be ignored, however, is their schooling. For most kids, relocation means finding a new school, which can be a difficult transition. As a parent that teaches your kids at home, you have the luxury of bypassing that issue. In turn, this enables you to get back to normality without any major disruption. 
First and foremost, you’ll need to mentally prepare your child for the big move. Keeping your son or daughter updated throughout the process can make a world of difference to their emotional frame of mind. Meanwhile, you can use promises of days out and bedroom upgrades to get them excited about the new home.   
When moving day arrives, you want the relocation to be as smooth as possible. Services like Bekins Moving Solutions take the stress out of transporting furniture. Moreover, it ensures that your possessions aren’t harmed. In turn, this enables you to get settled into the home far sooner, which can allow you to resume the academic learning ASAP. 

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It will take months to get the new property looking how you like it, but designating a suitable learning space is key. Meanwhile, it’s imperative that you get key services like broadband up and running straight away too. After all, it won’t only impact student life; it’ll influence leisurely activities too. 
Even when you work quickly, it may take a few days to get the home ready for learning. Thankfully, there are plenty of creative activities to provide fun and productivity. These can range from outdoor adventures to arts and crafts. Use this opportunity to familiarize yourselves with the new area while your child still gains academic benefits. You will not regret it. 
After all, school is just one part of your child’s upbringing, and it should link with all other factors. If the home is where they will live, learn, and play, you must set the right boundaries. Once again, it will take months to get things looking and feeling homely. Nonetheless, you must look to get the basic foundations in place at the earliest stage. 

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Your child’s happiness and development will always be the priority. However, it’s important to know that you are preparing them for the future in the best fashion. You should visit A2Z Home School to learn more about the homeschooling requirements of your state. Not only will this promote the right type of learning, but it will point you in the right direction for tests and examinations. 
Children can find it difficult to accept moving home, but they are resilient. Embrace new routines in the most effective fashion. This will encourage happiness and productive learning without any major issues. 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Why College Isn't Always Fun And Games

It's a very common idea that college is the place where you'll discover yourself and grow into the person that you are supposed to be. Now, this would be ideal, but it doesn't always plan out the way you might want it to. Sometimes things get in the way and distract you from the experience you were hoping for. Here are some examples, along with how you can manage the issues.

Believe it or not, but it's not actually the exam itself that is what's scary - it's the build up. Students take on so much pressure from this, by teachers, parents, and other students - even if it's not their intention, that's just what happens. No matter how hard you study and cram in sessions at stupid o'clock at night, you will probably never feel truly prepared, and that's completely normal. - You can find studying techniques on
It's important to remember that you can only do your best, and as long as you're paying attention in class, and doing all the necessary homework, there is no reason you shouldn't pass. And if for any reason you don't - don't beat yourself up, just learn from it. Evaluate the situation and look how you can improve it for next time so you get the outcome that you had hoped for initially.

It can be very hard to manage your finances when you're in school because it can get really expensive. Although your living situation might not be costing you a lot, the actual schooling and supplies do, and that's just not something that you can avoid, unfortunately. But because of this, a lot of students end up in debt, and unable to do anything about it because they can't even afford to buy groceries, let alone pay off monthly amounts to keep themselves from drowning in debt! 
One thing that can really help with this is consolidation, like explains. Consolidating a debt means that you are given another loan, but it's so that you can pay off all of your other outstanding credits. That way, the only thing left to pay is this one final loan. 

Whether they're friendships or romantic ones, you are bound to have a lot of them, and while this is a good thing, they can sometimes be a toxic distraction to what your goals are. College is a time for experiences and playing with the new found freedom you have - that's what makes it so exciting. But that doesn't mean that you should let it lead you away from what you came there to do.
People will argue, fall out, and talk behind your back. It's unfortunate - but it happens. It's your job to not let any of it get to you. Building relationships are awesome, but they're not the only thing that is keeping you going - you're doing that all by yourself. Don't ever think that you need someone else in order to succeed, because you don't. You're smart enough, kind enough and funny enough to make your dreams come true, all by yourself.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

"Learning" ~ My Word For The Year 2016

Learning is a continuous process. There are new things to discover everyday! From simple tasks to trivia, learning is so much fun.

I have been working in the corporate world for as long as I can remember, and mind you, doing a full time job, raising kids and running a household is no easy task. However, as tight as my schedule is, I always make time to improve a skill through online training.

There are numerous websites offering free courses, however, based on my experience, they do not offer much information and are sometimes not user friendly.


Great news is I have a found a great website, Career Academy. They offer a unique Online Learning Membership for a low annual fee of only $29! Once you become a member, you will be getting unlimited access to over 1,100+ online courses for Information Technology, Project Management, Cyber Security and Business Skills. I have browsed the website and there are a lot of courses that I would be taking advantage of. I'd start with courses for Business Skills and follow through with Project Management!

This would also be a big help for my son who is in college majoring in Information Technology. There is a ton of knowledge he can get from Career Academy's expert trainers! More importantly, he may be able to earn 257 Professional Development Units (PDUs) and 30 college units that he can use to earn his Bachelor's degree! For $29! Awesome! Great savings right there!

One more thing that makes Career Academy better than the rest is that they offer a Member Referral Program. For every friend you refer and successfully completes the sign up process, you get to earn $10! There is no limit to the opportunities to earn through their referral program! You can even earn an additional $50 if you get 10 successful referrals in a month. That's an easy $150 in your pocket! 

What could be more amazing than having unlimited access to online courses and earning at the same time? Make 2016 the year to improve ourselves through learning! Remember, learning knows no age, no race, and no limits! 

Let Career Academy fuel your efforts to achieve success. Make that small investment towards a better, brighter future for you and your family! Make "Learning" your word for the year too!

Note: This is a sponsored post for Career Academy powered by Sponsored Reviews. I have been compensated for my time. All opinions contained in this article are 100% my own.