Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Why College Isn't Always Fun And Games

It's a very common idea that college is the place where you'll discover yourself and grow into the person that you are supposed to be. Now, this would be ideal, but it doesn't always plan out the way you might want it to. Sometimes things get in the way and distract you from the experience you were hoping for. Here are some examples, along with how you can manage the issues.

Believe it or not, but it's not actually the exam itself that is what's scary - it's the build up. Students take on so much pressure from this, by teachers, parents, and other students - even if it's not their intention, that's just what happens. No matter how hard you study and cram in sessions at stupid o'clock at night, you will probably never feel truly prepared, and that's completely normal. - You can find studying techniques on
It's important to remember that you can only do your best, and as long as you're paying attention in class, and doing all the necessary homework, there is no reason you shouldn't pass. And if for any reason you don't - don't beat yourself up, just learn from it. Evaluate the situation and look how you can improve it for next time so you get the outcome that you had hoped for initially.

It can be very hard to manage your finances when you're in school because it can get really expensive. Although your living situation might not be costing you a lot, the actual schooling and supplies do, and that's just not something that you can avoid, unfortunately. But because of this, a lot of students end up in debt, and unable to do anything about it because they can't even afford to buy groceries, let alone pay off monthly amounts to keep themselves from drowning in debt! 
One thing that can really help with this is consolidation, like explains. Consolidating a debt means that you are given another loan, but it's so that you can pay off all of your other outstanding credits. That way, the only thing left to pay is this one final loan. 

Whether they're friendships or romantic ones, you are bound to have a lot of them, and while this is a good thing, they can sometimes be a toxic distraction to what your goals are. College is a time for experiences and playing with the new found freedom you have - that's what makes it so exciting. But that doesn't mean that you should let it lead you away from what you came there to do.
People will argue, fall out, and talk behind your back. It's unfortunate - but it happens. It's your job to not let any of it get to you. Building relationships are awesome, but they're not the only thing that is keeping you going - you're doing that all by yourself. Don't ever think that you need someone else in order to succeed, because you don't. You're smart enough, kind enough and funny enough to make your dreams come true, all by yourself.


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