I work as a Virtual Assistant for Bloggers, helping them increase their readership by posting their links in blogging network groups and reciprocating on their behalf.

Hiring a virtual assistant allows you more time to come up with creative content, product reviews and delicious recipe ideas or DIY crafts. In addition to that, you get to have more time with the people who matter the most - your family.

If you are interested to avail of my services, here are my daily rates:

Combo Package # 1 - Maximum of 10 threads daily ($10/day)
-Twitter retweets
-Google plus
-Instagram likes
-FB post like

Combo Package # 1 - Maximum of 10 threads daily ($10/day)
-FB like and comment/share (FB reach increase)
-Click throughs/Link Support
-Google Search

Combo Package # 3 Maximum of 2 threads daily ($15/day)
-Comments (I guarantee relevant, meaningful comments)

You can mix and match any of the above Combo Package. Email me at eileen.layno@gmail.com or add me on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/eileen.mendoza.loya) and send a message. I would love to discuss and answer any questions you have for me.

Here is a list of the Facebook Groups I am a member of:
-Awesome Bloggers
-Promote Your Website
-Social Marketing Blogs
-Social Media Network Group
-Twitter Marketing Group
-Blog Big
-We Love Blog Comments
-Alexa Only
-Blogging Opps
-Filipino Bloggers Forum
-BC Bloggers
-Tweeting for Us (#T4US)
-United Bloggers
-Blog Comments Group
-Retweet Promoting

Let me help you to power up your blog. Talk to you soon! :)


  1. I love how you promoted yourself. I love how you laid out your presentation of what you will do, your costs and your limitations. Well done.

  2. I'll be sure to keep you in mind if I need a virtual assistant. I've never used one since I love doing all my work on my own. :)

  3. This is timely. I think I'm going to be contacting you one of these days when I go on a trip.

  4. It looks like you offer some great services. Having a Virtual Assistance can make this a lot easier.

  5. Eileen thanks for sharing! I may be in touch with you soon. I've written down your email address. :)

  6. Thank you for sharing. Great to know if I need one, I will keep it in mind.

  7. Will keep you in mind. It would be nice to take a break now and then.

  8. That's awesome that you're offering this service now. A virtual assistant is pretty much a necessity these days!

  9. I think having a Virtual assistant is a must.. Thanks for sharing your media kit

  10. A neat service to offer! I just realized that some bloggers hire someone else to do their comments/threads for them. I can imagine it would be a super-helpful service.

  11. This is something I need to think of doing. Hiring a VA at some point. I feel bad not doing it all on my own. So maybe at some point! - Jeanine

  12. I had no idea this service existed! Will need your help soon! Thanks!

  13. bookmarking this post in case i will be needing it in the future to help promote my posts + my blog :)

  14. It cool that you're offering these services now. Good luck to you :)

  15. Awesome business you are in! Your day must be so busy! You are in a lot of great groups too!

  16. Cool idea to put this as your page for the thread, smart thinking :)

  17. Thanks for sharing this. It's good to know you're in a lot of groups.

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