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There’s a big difference between long term and short term investments. Long-term investments are assets that you plan to hold for more than three years. Short term, are those you want to keep for a few weeks or months. 

While short term investments can yield tremendous returns, there are good scientific reasons for choosing more protracted time horizons. Here’s why.

The Market Is Volatile

Over the decades, the market always seems to yield returns. That’s a historical rule, and it looks like it will continue so long as there are new companies, technologies, and markets. In the short-term, however, things can be choppy. There’s a lot of noise in the system that it can be hard to tell whether your investments are paying off or not.

This volatility is something that makes short-term trading so much more difficult. It is not enough to understand the underlying fundamentals of the assets you buy. In essence, you need to wrap your head around investor psychology too. A perfectly good stock can spend years in the doldrums before investors discover that it has potential. Just look at what happened to Intel rival, AMD. Five years ago, the company’s stock was nowhere. Now it’s riding high. 

The Market Is Cyclical

Experienced investors, like Ray Dalio, believe that the stock market is cyclical. Central bank policy and natural uncertainty conspire to create undulations in the market.  The ups and downs are different each time, but the underlying forces driving them are the same. 

Interestingly, the market always recovers from these episodes. Even after the Great Depression, when stock prices plummeted 87 per cent from peak to trough, people still made all their money back and more. All they had to do was stay in the market and ride it out. 

It Is A Safer Investment Option

Finally, long-term investing tends to be a safer option. Historical trends, if carried forward, suggest that eventually, you’ll make money. Yes - it might take a long time - more than ten years, but ultimately, it’ll happen. 

Why Invest Short Term? 

So, if there are all these benefits for long-term investing, why do people participate in the short term market. 

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It all comes down to the risk-return tradeoff. If you buy an asset to hold for just a couple of months, you automatically accept a higher level of risk. In exchange, you’re compensated by a higher return. That’s why so many people use a forex broker. They stand a much better chance of making double-digit gains to their portfolio every year than merely leaving it passively in stocks for the long-term. 

So which should you choose? 

It all depends on your immediate goals and risk tolerance. If you’re saving for something important, like your child’s college fund, then you probably want to stick with a long-term strategy. You don’t want them to get to age eighteen, only to find there is no money in the kitty. 

If, however, you’re young, free, and don’t have any financial commitments, you might want to take more risks. Prepare yourself, though, for losses. There’s no guarantee you’ll time the market. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Quick Tips to Lose Weight

Trying to improve your health can be an admirable goal, whether you switch from cigarettes to e-cigarettes from a shop like or are trying to lose weight. However, trying to reach your goals may feel challenging at times, especially if you are experiencing a plateau or are struggling to get started. If you ever find yourself hitting a bump in the road when it comes to weight loss or improving health, here are a few tips to try. 

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Eat the Right Diet

Many know that diet can play an important role in health and weight loss, but what they may not know is that not all diets are created equal. While some diets may be effective for one person, that doesn't always mean that they will be effective for another person. Because of this, it can be a good idea to test out a diet to see how it impacts you before you choose to commit to it. Also, if you are unsure where to start when it comes to eating well, reducing your intake of sugar while increasing your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables can often be a good place to begin. 

Get the Right Amount Exercise

Working out can help blast fat, but what some may not know that working out too much can almost be as bad for you as not exercising enough. This is in part because a workout that is too strenuous can put undue stress on the body. This extra stress can lead to an increase in stress hormones in your system, such as cortisol, which can lead to both weight retention and gain. 

Make Sleep a Priority

While it may not be a secret that getting enough sleep is important, some may not realize that it can have a direct impact on the size of your waistline. When you sleep, your body undergoes many healing and restorative processes, some of which are related to digestion and weight loss. If you do not get enough sleep, your body may not be able to undergo these processes, which can sabotage your weight loss efforts and prevent you from dropping pounds, even if you eat well and exercise regularly. 

The Bottom Line

Improving your health and losing weight are both worthwhile goals, however, they may not always feel easy to achieve. This can be especially true if you have hit a weight loss plateau, or are struggling to get started. That doesn't mean, though, that you necessarily need to feel discouraged. With a little effort and some lifestyle tweaks, it can be possible to see the changes you're looking for. 

Family Garden Safety Essentials For 2020

Glorious gardens are a wonderful space in which to spend family time. However, for you to enjoy them to the full, you must ensure they are as safe as possible. A topic which you can read all about in the post below. 

Poisoning & toxic chemicals 

One of the most significant risks in the garden is that of poisoning. In fact, there are two primary sources from which this arises. The first is that gardens are often home to potent and toxic chemicals such as fertilizers and weed killers. Substances that you certainly do not want to allow your family unrestricted access. 

In fact, even applying them to your garden can cause an issue. If the family sits on the grass or eats vegetables that haven't been sufficiently washed off, that is. 

With that in mind storing any chemicals in a secure location, preferably with a lock is the best idea. It is also vital that you read and adhere to the instructions of each different chemical you use carefully. Particularly concerning how long a time should be left before you allow your family and pets to use areas that have been treated. 

The second instance where poisoning can become an issue in the garden is with the flowers and the plants themselves. In fact, many of the most beautiful looking fauna may be hazardous to life, if not suitably protected against. In particular, look out for varieties such as the deadly rosary pea, doll's eye, and hemlock


A water feature can enhance many outdoor spaces. Whether it's a pond, reflecting pool, stream, or even a fountain. In fact, the relaxing trickle of water is much prized for its calming and cooling effects. 

Sadly, there is another side to garden water features that you need to be aware of, and it's the risk they can pose to your family and pets. In fact, any body of water, no matter how small, can be a drowning risk. 

What that means is you must take measures to make any water feature as safe as possible. The good news is that there are several options to consider here, depending on the type of water feature that you have. 

For example, a pond may be made safer by the use of a metal grate that sits level with the waterline. Something that can be painted to ensure it is suitable fits in with its surroundings. The idea being that if anyone does accidentally stumble into its area, their weight will be supported and so they will remain perfectly safe. Similarly, for larger pools and swimming pools, rigid covers can be bought for when they are not in use. 

Alternatively, you may wish to choose a more advanced option and go for a fountain that is powered by solar energy. In fact, such foundations can be placed anywhere and do not require an independent source of water. That is, they just recycle around a jug full that you have to poor yourself. Something that means there is no pool created, and therefore much less risk. 

Additionally, remember if you do choose to have a water feature in your garden, you must have a way of circulating and cleaning the water. After all, standing water can attract all sorts of bacteria and insects that would be a threat to those looking to enjoy the garden, if they got too close. 

Insects and pests 

Talking of insects, and of pests in general, here lies another potential risk for garden users. In fact, pests can be problematic in several ways. The first of these is the tendency to bite, something primarily associated with insects such as mosquitoes. 

Unfortunately, depending on the whereabouts in the world you live, a note from a mosquito can be much more severe than an itchy red lump. In fact, some of these pests are associated with very serious and life-threatening diseases such as Zika Virus and Malaria. With that in mind, finding a professional Mosquito Control provider in your location is vital. If your design is to enjoy your outdoor space, without risk to the safety of your family. 

Of course, mosquitos are not the only pests that can be found in the garden. Rodents such as mice and rats can also be problematic. Especially if you live in either an urban area or a rural one where their preferred food sources are plentiful. Sadly, such rodents are often the bearers of disease and are indiscriminate of where they leave their droppings. Something that means both your garden and home can be at risk of becoming unsafe. 

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Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to minimize the risk of rodent infestation in your garden. One is to ensure that you store your trash well away from the house and that it is covered over as well. Additionally, promptly picking up any garden waste such as fallen fruits is also advisable. The reason being that they could provide such rodents a hearty meal and encourage their presence.  

Also is using traps to reduce the numbers you need to deal with can be helpful. There are even humane versions if you don't want to kill the rodents. 

Dangerous tools and equipment 

From chainsaws to lawnmowers, there certainly are a lot of potentially dangerous machines and equipment located in the vicinity of the garden. In fact, even a simple rake can cause a great deal of damage if left on its back and hidden in tall grass.

That is why it is so crucial that you and your family have a healthy respect for garden tools. Something that means you do not just leave them lying about. In fact, setting up a secure, lockable garden cupboard in the key here. While also instituting a policy of always returning them to their place as soon as you have finished using them is a smart idea. 

Additionally, making sure that you understand how to safely use and maintain the tool you have for the upkeep of your garden is vital as well. Although, for the latter task, recruiting the help of a specialist is often helpful. Indeed, it will also ensure that you get as long a life from such equipment as well. 

Contamination risks  

Finally, as well as the risk mentioned above, there are others that you need to be aware of. These broadly fall into the category of contamination risks. That is harmful things that are common in the outdoors that could negatively impact the health and wellbeing of your family.

One of these is the contamination risk that pet feces can cause. After all, many people allow their pets into the garden to do their business, yet use the same space for leisure, entertainment, and fun.

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To that end, setting aside a particular spot in the garden in which your pets can toilet is the best idea. In fact, if you can fenace this in, it's even better. The reason being that this will help to prevent contamination from occurring as much. While also being easier to regularly clean and keep on top of.  

Additionally, in most gardens, there are all sorts of bugs and creepy crawlies, that while a vital part of the ecosystem can also be hazardous to human health. 

For example, the common slug often hosts a parasite called lungworm. A creature that can be very harmful to both humans and domestic animals if accidentally consumed.  Of course, one way to deal with this is to use slug prevention measures such as pellets and copper tape. Although educating kids and checking and supervising your pets while outside can also help to reduce this kind of risk. 

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Why Gardening Is The Perfect New Hobby For You

There are many hobbies for us to chose from and a world of opportunities at our feet, all we need to do is have a little look online at the type of hobbies that people take up, and you will find something that suits you. Even if you aren’t sure what you would like to do, trying out these different hobbies can be enriching, and good for your health. Both mental and physical health. But gardening is one of those things that we usually leave to grandparents and elderly people, and well it’s true this is something that many people finding retirement age, we are all lucky to have a garden space that we can appreciate. So looking after our garden area, making sure you have top-quality mulch from Edrich Lumber using the space we have, is wonderful for us, and here are some reasons why. 

Photo by Gabriel Jimenez on Unsplash

We all know they get exercise is one of the best things we can do for ourselves, everybody in mind thanks us for taking care of our fitness levels. Gardening may not seem like a strenuous activity, but just trying out for a couple of hours on a weekend will quickly help you realize that lifting and digging, weeding and propagating, all add up to using your muscles over and over again for a period of time. And the best thing is we don’t even know that we are exercising why we do it, when we focus on the task in hand, we quickly forget about the exercise element. There are health boards and professionals who will happily take a 30-minute gardening activity as part of your recommended exercise allowance for a day.


Gardening doesn’t just have to be about The flowers and how pretty you can make it, your garden can be a very productive space and produce plenty of fruit and veg for your family. One of the easiest ones to start with is lettuce, and before long you will have a crop of carrots and potatoes to choose from as well. There is plenty of advice online, and even YouTube videos to follow where people have set up their own mini-farms in the garden, and have no trouble with gaining plenty of food from the land.

Fresh air

Get an outdoors and see you in a change of scenery can be something that many of us are craving at the moment, being outside in your garden can bring you a dose of fresh air that will brighten up your day, and improve your mental health. Been able to sit in your garden with a drink in your hand, and hopefully, the Sun shining down on you is one of life simple pleasures that we don’t always take seriously. We take for granted this time and space that we are allowed, and gardening helps us with this luxury.

So dig out your shovel, visiting the local garden center, and buying a nice tight table and chairs to spend the time in your garden once you have finished your efforts, are all wonderful ideas.

Friday, March 20, 2020

Adapting Your Home for an Elderly Relative

There can come a point in your life when you consider whether having your parents or other elderly relatives come to live in your home. It can be the best solution when someone might need some extra support or even if they just need to save some money. While it's not always an easy decision to make, it's often the one that people decide is best. If you're going to have an older relative come and live with you, you might want to consider the needs that they have. Although they might not have any particular needs now, it's worth thinking about how things might change in the future too. Making adaptations to your home can help to make them more welcome.

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Address Steps and Stairs

Struggling to get up steps and stairs is common for older people who might have issues with mobility. The first thing you can think about doing is addressing any steps or stairs you might have in your home. Steps at entrance ways could be replaced with ramps, but it's also possible to install a rail that your relative can hold onto when they go up and down. The same thing can be done for any small sets of steps you might have in split levels inside. When it comes to stairs, a stairlift is often the solution that works best.

Choose Adapted Furniture

Being comfortable when sitting and lying down are two things that everyone wants in their own home. Getting up and down can be difficult with limited mobility, but there are solutions that you can choose. One option to consider is lift chairs, which help people sit down and stand up, and are especially useful for those with back problems. Adapted beds are available too, and can be moved into different positions. Another thing to consider is an adapted bathtub, which can have a door on the side, or a shower cubicle with a seat.

Install Rails and Bars

Another solution that can be useful for your loved one is to install things for them to hold onto. These can be useful around the house but are particularly helpful when installed in the bathroom. Rails and bars can be used to hold onto when getting up and down, standing somewhere less stable (such as a slippery floor) or when transferring from one place to another, such as from a bed to a wheelchair. Think carefully about where these might be most useful.

Consider Sight or Hearing Problems

People with limited sight or hearing might also need some extra adaptations. People who are deaf or hard of hearing can benefit from tools such as doorbells with lights so that they know when someone is at the door without having to hear the bell. People with sight problems will benefit from having a neatly laid out home that they can memorize. Removing problems like loose carpet or clutter will mean there are fewer trip hazards.

When you adapt your home for an elderly relative, be sure to keep them involved. They should get a say in the changes that you make.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Some of the Things We Love About France

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Whether you've been lucky enough to have lived or traveled there, or you find yourself drawn to anything French, there are many things to love about France. From the French living room furniture to the cool French girl style, everybody has their favorite. Indulge your inner Francophile and compare the following list to your favorites.


How can you say enough about the food? Rich, delicious and perfectly prepared dishes at restaurants. Fresh baguettes and creamy fromage make a tasty meal when paired with fruit and wine. Fois gras is a decadent indulgence and escargot, green with herbs is the stuff of dreams. 


If you are from the United States, chances are your love affair with wine started with the big, bold flavors of California Cabernets. While delicious, they can easily overpower a meal and leave you too full for the food. Try a Cote du Rhone for a lighter touch that is perfect when paired with food, or treat yourself to a Chateauneuf du Pape. If you are into white wines, you can't go wrong with a Chablis or a Sancerre.


Why does everything sound more exotic with a French accent? Maybe it's the allure of the subtle difference in sounds that don't exist in the English language. Whatever the reason, the French accent is lovely and melodic. 


There is no shortage of stunning museums in Paris alone. The iconic Louvre with its I.M.Pei designed glass pyramid hosts the Three Graces, Cupid and Psyche, and Napolean's apartments, among thousands of other antiquities. The Musee d'Orsay amazes visitors with the ornate ballroom. The Rodin Museum has art, architecture and sweeping landscaped gardens to soothe the soul. Sit under the trees on a bench or make a picnic by the fountains on a beautiful day.

The list could go on forever. However, these are just a sampling of all the wonderful French things to be enjoyed. Have fun finding your favorites. 

Tips for Protecting Your Septic System

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Your septic system is like a private sewage plant, carrying away the waste from your household. Those who don’t have access to a municipal sewer line rely on these systems that are out of sight and generally odorless. If you can smell your sewage, there is a problem with the system. With the proper maintenance, you shouldn’t have any issues with your septic system. However, it is recommended that you call the septic cleaning Danbury CT area professional for a cleanout every one to three years. In the meantime, you can follow these rules to reduce damage or malfunction.

Inspect and Record

Make sure you are inspecting your system several times a year. You can just do a visual inspection, documenting anything that looks out of place and how you resolved the issue.

Pump Out Regularly

The general rule of thumb is to pump out your septic tank at least once every three years. This helps to make certain that the solids in the tank are fully broken down and won’t clog the drain field. Having the system routinely pumped can extend the life of the system and prevent failure.

Conserve and Monitor

Watch how much water you use at one time, as an overload can cause a backup. Septic systems have sizes that correspond to the design of the house, and too much pressure on the system causes malfunction.

Avoid Excessive Chemicals

It is okay to use normal amounts of household cleaners and detergent, as conservative amounts don’t destroy the bacteria keeping the septic tank working. Dumping too many chemicals or thick liquids down the drain (such as oil, paint, cooking fats, or coffee grounds) can easily clog the systems and create a backup.

Many people know the dangers of flushing paper towels, diapers, and other non-decomposable materials into the septic tank. However, these other areas are less commonly recognized as harmful to a septic system.

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Find Your Forever Home

Your forever home might seem like so far away for you at the minute. A forever home is a home that you feel you can settle down in for the rest of your life. But often people don't feel like they have found their forever home. Instead they're left battling through a home that they just can't vibe with. A home that doesn't exactly look how they want it to, and a home that never really feels stable. Talk about picking out faults every single day to be wound up about! Does this sound like your reality? Well, then it's time to think about finding your forever home. Life is going to be so much easier when you feel as though you've got a home that you can actually be happy with. One that at least meets nearly all of your expectations before you even start to make changes to it. So, we're going to show you how you can achieve just that. Keep on reading to find out more.

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Figuring Out Money

Money is definitely something that you need to be able to figure out. It can be so hard to figure out money when you already feel like you're spending so much. But, we have such a good solution for you that we think will work. You could remortgage your house and use the money for a deposit on another one. You could then rent your old home out and keep making money on it year after year. It's an easy way to get a quick deposit. You also need to consider making cut backs until the move is done. You can then have a little bit more in the way of savings until the move is done. If you're doing this with a combined income of that and your partner this will be a whole lot easier. 

Finding A Dream Location

Then it's on to think about the part of moving that dominates everyone's thoughts, the location and the house. We think location is truly everything. If you live near a really good town or city it makes the experience so much better. You're always surrounded by good things to do and the value of your house will go up and up as the years go on. People don't want to live in the city anymore they just want to live close by. Wyndham Ridge is just one example of a great development plan you could consider checking out. As long as your finances can handle it and you're in an area you love, you can then think about the features of the home that you want to consider. 

All Of The Features To Consider 

There are so many things to think about. Do you want an open plan kitchen or not? Do you want a garden facing the sun or not? How many bedrooms? How many bathrooms? The list could go on and we'd definitely recommend that you do write a list so you know everything that you're going to want and need. 

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There are all kinds of ways to earn money from home these days, but you have to be careful. Many ‘opportunities’ that present themselves are no more than scams, or use unsavoury methods to get you on board. In the case of things like network marketing, many people that start it up never actually earn a penny, meaning it’s a total waste of time. But don’t be put off, as there really are ways you can earn an extra income without leaving your home- here are some examples. 

Create content

Creating content is a fun way to spend your time, and once you’ve built up a following you’ll get plenty of opportunities for paid work. You could start a blog, a Youtube channel or an Instagram account and create visual or written content for others to enjoy. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme, it can take a lot of hard work and effort to reach the stage where advertisers want to work with you. But it makes a good hobby to begin with, and later down the line you can look into turning it into a reliable stream of income. 

Start your own home business

Do you have a passion in a certain area? Maybe it’s fashion, beauty or interior design. Perhaps you have a skill like baking or crafting that you can use to make products to sell. Starting a business from home can usually be done without a lot of money to get up and running, and because there’s no travel time to factor in it can be something you easily work around a full time job, parenting or other commitments. As it will be something based on your skills and interests, chances are it will be fun and rewarding to do, too. 

Become a freelancer

Freelancing is great as you don’t need lots of time and effort to build up a venture. You sign up to a freelancing site, take a short quiz to test your skills and can get right to work. You can bid on the projects you’d like to do, meaning it’s all within your control. Each piece will have a deadline, but you’re in control of how many pieces you take on. You could be writing articles, designing logos, building apps- whatever it is that suits your skill set. 

Get into trading

Finally, it can feel a little daunting to get into trading if you’re new to it, but there’s lots of help and support out there. Do some research, find out if you want to trade xrp or btc, if you’ll trade stock market shares or commodities like oil or gold. It’s all done online so you wont need to physically store anything. There’s software you can buy to ‘practice’ moving your money around, and if can be really fascinating to do. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

3 Things To Do With Your Best Friends

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Date nights with your partner or spouse are important, but don’t forget to make some time for your best friend. If it’s been too long since you’ve created a new memory together, why not take a trip or try something new? Here are three unique things you can try with your best friend.

Horseback Riding

If the two of you are animal lovers, horseback riding Roachdale IN is the perfect activity to share. There are plenty of farms with experienced instructors that are willing to teach you. Consider booking a trail ride through the woods or learning the different styles of riding.

Rock Climbing

Although rock climbing looks terrifying if you’ve never done it, there are plenty of safety measures in place. Grab your friend and sign up for a lesson to learn how to properly tie into a harness and belay each other, a technique in which one of you will climb and the other will feed the rope through a device attached to their own harness. This is a great hobby that will build trust and let you work together.

Circus Arts

If you’ve ever seen a Cirque du Soleil show and wondered if you have what it takes, then it’s time to talk your best friend into finding out with you. Search for aerial fitness or circus schools near you to find a beginners class. From silks to tightrope walking to pole dancing, there are dozens of possibilities. You and your friend will have lots of laughs and get some great pictures out of this occasion.
After you’ve tried something totally new together, relax with a few mimosas at the local brunch hangout. Why not make it a goal to try something new once a month? Making time for each other is important and will bring you closer. 

Monday, March 16, 2020

Preparing to Create Your Dream Garden

Are you wanting to give your garden an overhaul but don't know where to start? It can be tricky knowing exactly what you want when it comes to designing your own dream garden at home. Things such as space restrictions, budget or expertise in gardening can be overwhelming but when you break it down, it isn't really all that hard, if you know where to start.

Image Credit: Pexels CC0 License
Know What You Want
Simple, you might think. you know how you want your garden to look. But do you know all the small details? Have you planned on all the features, small details, decorations, time scale and so on?

Look at other people's gardens, search online - Pinterest is ideal, read magazines etc. All of this will help you to decide on exactly what you want your garden to look like and what exactly what you need to achieve that look.

Do you want a garden brought to life by a plethora of plants and or even a vegetable patch or are you looking for a more minimalistic look? If you aren't very green-fingered there are many options you can choose that are low maintenance. 

Your dream garden may look full of life, decorated with an abundance of colours but if you can't manage the upkeep of a garden full of plants, you may need to re-evaluate your dream.

Measure Up

So now you know what you want your garden to look like, you can start to measure up the space you have to see how you can make it happen.

If you only have a smaller garden, you may need to rethink your plans, as the last thing you want is for your garden to be cluttered and lose the effect you were going for. This also applies to those with larger gardens, make sure you have accounted for all of the space you have to use to really make sure your garden creates the space you envisioned.

Keep pathways wide enough for people to walk on, pets to navigate or even prams and wheelchairs.
Do You Need Professional Help?

There are certain aspects of garden renovations you may feel like you need professional help with. Contacting professionals such as the Sydney Tree Company can help you when it comes to tree maintenance or paving experts to help you create an outdoor flooring area to really bring your garden to life.

You will need to consider this when looking at your budget and how you need to allocate it. Whilst learning to do it yourself is always a great approach - and cheaper - sometimes you need to bring in experts in certain areas to get you the look you dream of.

Once you have all the above figured out, then all you need to do is to make a start on creating your dream garden. The quicker you finalise plans, the quicker you can enjoy the benefits of your hard work.

How To Make Your Voice heard in Politics

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Being educated about and involved in politics is important. Everyone deserves to have a say in how they are represented in Washington DC, and corresponding with your representatives is one of the best ways to do so. So, here are two tips to effectively contact your representatives.

Online Resources

If you've ever thought, "How do I contact my DC representative?" the quickest and easiest way to do that is by email or another online resource. Most politicians have ways to contact them listed on their official websites, and you can send your exact thoughts in that way. However, there are official websites dedicated to making your voice heard on the issues you care about, such as eVoiceAmerica, which is linked above. If you care about the issues the American people face and you have ideas, don't be afraid to contact your representatives through email.

Know Who Represents You

Every city has its own set of representatives at varying levels, whether at the local, state, or federal level, so it can sometimes be confusing to decide who you're supposed to contact for what reason. The person who most directly represents you at the highest level is the person who represents your district in the federal government. There are online resources where you can input your zip code, and it will tell you who your representative is. This is the person you will want to contact for most of the big, important issues people tend to care about the most. For local representatives, visit your city or county's official website.

Making your voice heard in politics is the duty of a civilian. For your representative to be able to represent your beliefs properly, he or she needs to know what beliefs you hold. The more eloquent and articulate you are about your position, the more likely they are to understand you and represent you properly.

Friday, March 13, 2020

Is Nutrisystem A Good Diet?

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Nutrisystem aims to make weight-loss easier. You don’t need to determine whether or not meals will match your diet plan. You don’t need to count calories or carbohydrates. You don’t need to obsess over appropriate portion sizes. However, needless to say, you also cannot consume whatever you wish to. 

So, why is it so simple? This is because you purchase many of your meals from Nutrisystem. The company sends it to your door. Every day, you consume a Nutrisystem breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. You may also order side products such as fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as snacks.

The downside: You are not advised to eat out, and alcohol is to be avoided on the plan too.

The program is not for women that are pregnant, individuals with long-term kidney illness, or anyone with specific allergies. It’s not for kids under the age of 14, although Nutrisystem does provide packages for teenagers aged 14 to 17.


Nutrisystem is a 28-day regime that provides pre-packaged food.
Morning meal options consist of oatmeal, granola, muffins, and pancakes.

Lunches and dinners consist of options like tacos, chicken and pasta, soup, stew, and chili, as well as pizza. You can find a great crockpot bean soup recipe here if you would like to make your own meals rather than purchasing them readymade.

For desserts and snacks, you may have cookies, cake, or brownies. 

The regime offers a lengthy list of vegetables, fruits, nuts, dairy, and fresh meat, as well as other foods that you can eat together with your Nutrisystem foods.

In general, the foods and diet plans concentrate on:

  • A range of nutrients: About 50% of your energy comes from carbs, 25% from proteins, and 25% from fats.
  • "Smart" carbohydrates: These types of carbs do not increase your blood sugar levels as much as other meals. On the regime, you’ll have to reduce or even stay away from high-GI (high-Glycerin Index) foods (including white rice, white bread, and also certain fruits).
  • Restricted calories: The energy count was designed to enable you to shed a pound or two weekly on this eating plan.
  • Restricted sodium: As outlined by the company, the packages offer around 2,000 milligrams of sodium per day. The food you purchase by yourself might add to the overall.


Purchasing a month’s worth of what you need to eat is easy, and the items are made for you. However, you won’t enjoy your normal level of control over what food you consume. And, you receive get less energy than you are accustomed to.

Limitations: You choose your meals from the options Nutrisystem provides. 

Cooking and shopping: You can purchase a 28-day delivery of foods that the company chooses, or you can select each item yourself.

You barely have to cook, given that the majority of Nutrisystem meals are ready to be eaten or only require warming. However, a few things that you purchase from the food store, like veggies and fish, might involve more preparation.

Exercise: Nutrisystem recommends you have at least around half an hour of physical exercise daily.

5 Tips For Hosting A Successful Dinner Party

Image Credit: Pexels, Free to Use Licence. 
Dinner parties have always been a great way to entertain family and friends, providing the perfect environment to get together, enjoy good food and have a great conversation. But for many people, dinner parties are also quite stressful, with a lot of pressure put on the host to ensure that evening runs smoothly for all attendees. So how can you be sure to throw a successful dinner party? Here are our top five tips. 

1. Plan Plan Plan 

Dinner parties can end up quite complex, especially when you start to increase the number of guests you are catering to. Try to plan dinner parties as far in advance as you can to give everyone plenty of time to book childcare at home and to sort out their own diaries, while you plan the menu and your own home preparations. 

2. Do discuss dietary requirements

There’s nothing worse than pulling together a fantastic menu only to be put on the spot when someone reveals their intolerance to a key ingredient. Regardless of who you’ve invited be sure to ask them if they have any dietary requirements or serious dislikes to any foods so that you can plan a menu that you know your guests will love. 

3. Think outside the box

The food is a big focal point at dinner parties, so give everyone something to talk about by thinking outside of the box and preparing a menu with some exotic flavors that your guests may never have tried before. Why not head to South India with this sambar recipe or take a trip to Morocco with a slow-cooked tagine? Don’t be afraid of bold, new flavors, just find a reputable recipe, and follow it. 

4. Choose a menu that can be prepared in advance

Your guests want you to be present at your own dinner party, so try to avoid recipes that will have you slaving over the stove all evening when you really want to be socializing with your guests. The key to spending minimal time in the kitchen is in creating a menu that can be largely prepared in advance and requires less overall effort. For starters, opt for something cold that you can plate up ahead of time, for main courses consider things such as curries, stews, and tagines that can be slow-cooked during the day and that don’t require any elaborate plating, and for dessert go for something that can easily be reheated or that have already been left to set in the fridge. 

5. Make it as self-serve as possible

Finally, to reduce your workload one further, try to ensure that as many aspects of your dinner party are self-service. For example, set up a drinks table with all the things your guests could need to make themselves their own drinks and when it comes to food, choose big sharing platters and allow people to serve themselves at the table. This more communal and relaxed style of dinner party takes a huge amount of stress off your own plate while giving guests the freedom they want to be able to get a drink when they like and to put as much as they do or don’t want on their own plates.

Simple Ways to Save Your Business Money

Without being able to balance the books and keep your business in the black, your business is likely to fail. Of course, getting more customers and boosting your business in that way is going to be the main aim of the business. However, there are still plenty of things that you can do to cut costs and curb your spending, which can be more immediate and quicker than building up more sales. So as they say, when a penny is saved, a penny is earned. So here are some of the things that you can do to save money in business. 

Set an example: one of the things that can help to save money is for you to be on top of your spending, and setting an example to others when it comes to things like expenses. When you do something and show others what you’re doing, the rest of the team are much more likely as well. 

Hold less meetings: meetings can be something that can hinder productivity for a business, as well as take up a lot of money. How many times have you had a meeting with a client and you buy lunch or put on a spread of food and drinks? How many times have you had to travel to a meeting, all of which have associated costs that add up? Have less people attend meetings, and really limit face-to-face meetings in order to save some money.

Move away from traditional marketing: running things like magazine ads and TV adverts are expensive, and really, you can’t measure the impact that those things will have. But in comparison, more modern ways to market your business can cost less, and can be more effective. So think about how you market your business, and look for the most cost-effective methods.

Change small daily costs: there are a lot of small costs that can occur daily that can be a problem as they do add up to be quite a lot. Think about the credit card payment processing that you currently use, for example. Something that sounds like it is a small fee can add up and actually lead to be quite a lot, especially over time. So something as simple and changing provider can make a difference. You could also think about costs to things like coffee machines and disposable cups in an office; these costs can add up, but aren’t necessary.

Consider remote working: one of the biggest costs that a workforce will experience is the cost of rent on an office space. So think about remote working, if you are in a position to do so. A small team, all working from home, meeting up from time to time, could be what you need to do if you are in a financial bind. 

Buy supplies in bulk: As a rule, things are going to be cheaper when you buy them in bulk. It can be hard to buy in bulk as a cash-strapped startup, but if you are in a position to pay for more things up-front, then it can make a big difference to your cash flow long term.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

4 Unexpected Costs That You might Encounter

Things might be going well for you financially, and then an unexpected cost could come along and take you by surprise. It is many peoples aim to be financially stable, but being financially stable also involves having an emergency fund in case anything goes wrong. Being without an emergency fund, or any backup plan that will help you if things go wrong could lead to more problems in the future. Here are unexpected costs that you should have a fund for:

Home repairs

It is expected that you will have to spend some money every year on repairing and maintaining your home, but sometimes major repairs need doing, that you haven't planned for. These major repairs could include a new boiler, roofing repairs, or electrical repairs. Some advice is to save 1% of your home's worth every year so that you have enough to spend on repairs. 

To cover the cost of damage from adverse weather or any other disaster, it is a good idea to get home insurance. Before you get the insurance, make sure that you look over the policy and check what is included as if you live somewhere that has a risk of flooding or earthquakes, this might be an extra that you have to add to the policy.

Car emergencies
Your car is also something that you expect to spend some money on every year so that you can service it, put it through its MOT, tax and insure it. However, there may end up being more major repairs that you did not account for. It could be a repair that happens through wear or tear, or because you were involved in an accident. To help you with the cost of repairs because of a car accident, you need to make sure that your car is insured, and if the accident wasn't your fault, you might need to get into contact with a local car accident lawyer.

Pet emergencies

Pets can make your home into a happier place, but when they have a medical emergency, it can be very costly. At the moment when something goes wrong, you don't think about how much money it is going to cost; you just want your pet to be better. It is only afterward that you have to deal with the bill. You may be able to organize a payment scheme with your vet so that you don't have to pay the full bill all at once, however, it may be a better idea to get pet insurance. Pet insurance policies may not cover everything, but they may be able to help you with some of the unexpected costs that might occur.

Technology repairs

In this technologically advanced world, there are some pieces of technology that people need on a day to day basis. Your phone is required to keep in contact with people and so that you can answer emails. If you work from home, you might rely on your laptop. If something goes wrong with one of the items, you may need to replace it as soon as possible, and this can come with a big price tag that emergency savings would help with.

Beautiful, Small Ways Of Letting Someone Know You Care

Pexels - CC0 License
We all have special people in our life, and if you haven’t, don’t worry, you likely will soon. People are bound to find those they care about sooner or later, because we are all especially social creatures and enjoy seeing the best in one another, at least in positive environments. Yet we all know that keeping up these relationships and ensuring friendships last is to maintain said relationship through care, attention, and contact.

So how can you let someone know you care without overdoing it? A little note may serve as a pleasant surprise, as may a complimentary text or instant message, but what if we wish to apply ourselves in a more substantial manner? It’s worth asking this question, because it can adjust the approach you take. In the following advice, we hope to help you structure that advice, and potentially come out of the effort with love, care and respect for said person, and for them to appreciate you in turn.

Just remember, only partake in this if you truly do mean it. It will make the result all the more special:

Gifting An Experience

The gift of an experience not only helps you bond with the person you are gifting, but it grants you an expeirence to share that only the two of you may ever be fully in ownership of. For instance, taking your grandmother to the theatre to see a broadway play, or to enjoy an amazing musical can help you bond over said experience, and it can be a lovely way to grow a sense of companionship with someone you may not experience much time with in general. Then, as you reminisce over said experience while you both enjoy a beautiful Turnbuckle pretzel, you can schedule your next adventure together in the best manner.

Include Them Correctly

Including someone in your daily adventures can be a great idea to show them that you care. For instance, you may have to travel to a certain city for a job interview, which may translate into an overnight stay in a hotel and a nice few hours to explore. You might ask your friend to come along with you and have dinner in a beautiful restaurant that night. Impromptu means of including someone in this capacity can really show where your true priorities lie.

Believe In Their Best Self

Sometimes, an encouraging word is enough. While it’s important for us to hold ourselves to account and to keep ourselves motivated, sometimes there’s nothing more effective than a warm word from a friendly and encouraging voice. If we can be that voice for someone else, we let them know that they care, and this gives them the chance to feel even stronger. Just be sure to mean what you say, because undue praise aimed at making the person feel good at any cost can come across as a little insincere.

With this advice, we hope you can let that special person know you care.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Eye Health: Tips on How to Protect Your Vision

It is crucial to protect your eyesight. This is because your vision dictates a significant quality of your life. The major causes of blindness, as well as low vision, are often age-related diseases, including cataracts, glaucoma, as well as diabetic retinopathy. With these conditions, your quality of life will be interfered with. That is why you need helpful tips to help you in maintaining a healthy life by protecting your vision.

Photo by Jan Krnc from Pexels
Eat Well- Investing In the Right Foods

Good eye health depends on the type of food you consume, for example, nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, as well as E, can play a significant role in assisting you to fight age-related diseases such as cataracts. To get them, you should consider filling your plate with the following types of food: 
  • Salmon, 
  • Oily fish
  • Pork
  • Oysters
  • Nuts
  • Eggs
  • Citrus fruits and non meat proteins

Additionally, you need to note that a properly balanced diet can also play a significant role in helping you to maintain a healthy weight, which should lower your chances of gaining abnormal weight and other diseases related to obesity such as type-2 diabetes.

Invest In Protective Eye Wear

Have you already considered investing in protective eyewear? Well, these gadgets will keep your eyes safe from different precarious objects in your surroundings. There are, of course, different eyewear types. Your choice depends on the needs you have. Either way, they all serve the same purpose: to protect your eyes from any harm or damage. Computer glasses should be used as anti glares by those who spend hours working on projects via their computer. On the other hand, sunglasses protect your eyes from UV rays that may compromise your vision, thereby causing cancer.

Consult Your Eye Doctor Often

Visiting an eye doctor is the best strategy to implement if you would like to maintain a clear and proper vision. Usually, eye doctors are not just for individuals who wear glasses. Several common eye issues do not have an early warning sign. For that reason, it is crucial to see a doctor regularly to monitor your eye health.

An eye doctor can regularly check you during an appointment. However, that is not enough to help you in keeping the eyes healthy. You should see the doctor if you notice the following in your eyes;
  • Have a blurry vision
  • You cannot see in focus
  • Your eyes are sore
  • The doctor says the eyes are dilated
  • If you realize that you have crusty eyes

Invest In High-Quality Products for Your Eye

Fact is, rubbing dirty hands carrying infection over your eyes may harm them in several ways. So this about the quality of makeup you are investing in before anything else. Harmful bacteria thriving in the makeup can harm your eyes. That is why you should not keep the same products for over three months.

Looking at the screen all day can damage your eyesight. Over and above, it would help if you make sure that you protect your eyes from any dangerous elements in your surroundings. But you cannot achieve this objective unless you are at the forefront of gaining access to the right tips. Above are some of the essential elements to consider in seeking proper eye health.