Wednesday, February 13, 2019
Delving into the world of investing can be quite scary for most beginner investors. That’s because there are a fair few risks involved - sure, you could make some big returns on your money, but there is also the risk that you could lose some of your cash too. In fact, it is entirely possible that your investment’s value could be wiped out completely. Thankfully, though, you shouldn’t have too much to worry about if you research all of your investment opportunities carefully and are careful with where you place your money.

There are also a few goals that you should have in mind for your first-time investments as well. These can help you maximize your returns and increase the profits made on your money. As well as that, they should also help you stay away from most of the potential risks as well. Read on to find out more!
Think About The Short And Long Term

When you start thinking about your investments, you will need to consider some goals and targets for the short and long term. Once you come up with some goals for each time frame, you will then have a much better idea of how to invest your money. For instance, if one of your short-term goals is to just save up enough money to be able to afford a vacation, then you should start putting away some money into a high-interest bank account every month. However, you will need some long-term investments for long-term goals, including retirement and leaving a financial legacy for your family. In this case, the best way to invest your cash would be in safe investments like property and a pension.

Create An Emergency Fund

It’s also essential to set up an emergency fund for you once you do start to gather together some savings. This should be placed in an easy access high-interest account so that it can accrue as much interest as possible. It should also be kept separate from your other savings so that you don’t end up mixing them. The money in your emergency fund should be used for just that - emergencies! You’ll be able to dip into it whenever you need to make any repairs in your home or if you have to pay for any unexpected medical bills. Having an emergency fund such as this will prevent you ever slipping into the red because of an unexpected emergency.
Start Off With Some Tracker Funds

When you are looking for some investments for your money, a good place to start off with is tracker funds. These types of funds are usually very affordable, so it’s easy for people with just a small amount to invest to get started with them. The funds are called “tracker” as they track the indices of major stock markets, like the FTSE 100. As there are fund managers who look after the funds on your behalf, these are considered to be a passive investment. You simply hand your investment over and can then sit back while the managers do their job and look after your money. So, as you can see, they are also very easy to manage as you will have little to do. You simply pay your money and then alert the investment platform when you are ready to withdraw your money.
Diversify Your Portfolio

When you do start to look for a few more investment opportunities, it is necessary that you try to diversify your portfolio as much as possible. One of the main reasons why diversification is the key to a successful portfolio is that it means splitting up your money into different investments. This can greatly protect your money. That’s because you won’t lose everything if just one investment loses value. Hopefully, all of the investments that are doing well will help to prop up your overall investment, so you shouldn’t have to be too worried about the one or two investments that aren’t doing that great. In order to diversify your investments, you just need to put your money in different types. So, you might want to invest in property as well as stocks and funds. It’s also important that you find investments that are in different industries and international markets. 

Consider Branching Out Into Cryptocurrencies

When you are thinking about diversifying your portfolio, you should think carefully about whether or not to put your money into cryptocurrencies. This is a new modern investment opportunity that has opened up just a few years ago. If you want to find out more about the development of these new currencies, you should check out for more information. One thing that you need to remember when thinking about throwing yourself into this new world of cryptocurrencies is that they can be very volatile. Sure, you could stand to greatly increase your investment, but there is also a very real risk that you could end up losing a large chunk of your investment as well.
Make Your Investments Tax Efficient

Don’t forget that you will need to ensure that your investments are tax efficient. If you do very well and end up making quite a bit of money with your investments, you might have to start paying tax on the profits. Thankfully, there are a few ways you can get around this. For starters, it could be worth hiring an accountant such as one of the ones listed on They will be able to give you lots of great advice on how to shelter your investment profits from the tax man.

Find Yourself A Financial Adviser

If you enjoy investing your money and want to take it even further, it could be worth hiring a financial adviser. They will assess your financial situation and figure out the best kinds of investments for you. Most advisers will also manage your investments too, so you don’t have to worry about continually checking on them.

So, are you tempted to start investing now?

Friday, February 8, 2019

Anxiety is a mental illness that affects over 40 million people in the US alone and it can completely change the way a person sees life and even worse, how they live their life. The problem with anxiety is that because it’s a mental illness, it’s hard to portray to friends, family, and medical professionals how you’re feeling. It’s important to seek medical help if you’re suffering with anxiety as your first port of call. However, there are a plethora of different things you could be doing at home that could help you fight anxiety and restore some normality into your life.
First of all, how do you know that you’ve got anxiety? Here are some common symptoms that people experience:
  • The feeling of panic, uneasiness, and even fear. Sometimes these feelings can come on without any sort of logical explanation.
  • Problems sleeping which include falling asleep, staying asleep, or even oversleeping.
  • Heart palpitations that take your breath away
  • Shortness of breath
  • Feeling sick, gagging, or even vomiting without a reason such as the stomach flu.
  • Changes in behaviour and speech such as talking too fast, talking slower than normal, or even a stutter developing.
  • Feeling the need to get out of situations that you’d usually be fine with. Often this involves being around a large group of people.
  • Dizziness without any other explanation.
  • Feeling tense and being unable to relax properly.
There are, of course, other symptoms that could lead back to anxiety but these are the most common symptoms to show in someone that’s experiencing feelings of anxiety.

So what can I do to combat anxiety?

As mentioned earlier, your first port of call should always be seeking medical help. Your GP will be able to offer you many courses of treatment such as medication and therapy. However, sometimes you may not feel like this is the right course of treatment for you, or perhaps even the waiting list for cognitive behavioral therapy is rather long and you want to try and help yourself in the meantime. Whatever your reasons are, there are things you could be doing at home too.

Promote a healthier sleeping pattern
Getting enough sleep is essential to promoting a healthy lifestyle, and it plays a huge role in how much anxiety you’re experiencing. A well rested mind will be able to deal with situations that could cause anxiety much easier than one that’s not. However, we understand that getting a good night of sleep is easier said than done, so check out these tips on how to promote a healthier sleeping pattern:
  • Go to bed at the same time every night
  • Write down your worries before bed - it really does help!
  • Avoid alcohol right before bed as it can prevent you from falling asleep. It’s important to also not use alcohol to make yourself fall asleep because it’s not a restful sleep.
  • Consider using himalayan salt lamps in your bedroom. Not only are they proven to help calm anxiety, but they provide a soothing light that may help you fall asleep.
  • Change your mattress! 
  • Use a weighted blanket to help provide a feeling of security. Parenting pod believe that in both adults and children, using a weighted blanket can help promote better sleep. They comment that if people are suffering with anxiety they should try “the best weighted blankets according to our psychologist”. It’s definitely worth a shot if it helps you get a better night of sleep.
  • Try sleep hypnosis to help fall into a more natural sleep. It works by helping you relax every muscle in your body including your mind!
Getting a more fulfilled night of sleep can and will affect the way you experience your anxiety.

Change your eating habits

When you’re feeling anxious, you may feel inclined to reach for the treats and junk food - and that’s understandable! It’s a normal human behaviour to find something that makes them feel good when they are feeling out of sorts. However, the food you’re eating will dramatically affect your anxiety and it might be worth trying to change your eating habits to improve your symptoms. Did you know that junk food can cause a chemical imbalance in your brain which, in turn, will bring on the feelings of anxiety, depression, and can also accelerate the feelings of stress too?

Try eliminating as much junk food and processed sugars out of your diet as possible. Not only will you notice that your anxiety is improving, but so will your general health, self confidence, and quality of life (which by the way, could be a cause of your anxiety!).
Shout it out

It’s not unusual to experience feelings of frustration in everyday life, never mind when you’re feeling anxious. One of the greatest ways of reducing your anxiety is by letting these feelings out! Why not try:
  • Finding a secluded space and literally screaming your frustration out. It might seem a little over the top but trust us, it works!
  • Cry it out. There’s nothing wrong with a good cry every now and then, so if you’re feeling a lot of pent up frustration - have a good cry! Remember though, that if you’re crying on a regular basis and you’re not in control of your emotions that you may be experiencing something other than anxiety, and you should speak to a medical professional about these emotions.
  • Talk to someone you love and trust. We know it’s hard to talk about your anxiety but you’ll be surprised at how understanding your loved ones can be. This could be a family member, friend, or even a work colleague!
Letting emotions out before they take over can help prevent long term mental damage and also breakdowns. Let out your anxiety!

Ground yourself

Something you may have heard of is grounding yourself. As you well know, when you feel anxious it’s almost like an out of body experience. You don’t feel like yourself, your head feels funny, you feel sick and you generally want it all to stop. Grounding yourself is super simple and can be done anywhere. Here’s how it works:

Find something that you can-
  • See
  • Smell
  • Touch
  • Taste
  • Feel
Using your five senses will help bring you down from anxiety and can help you regain clarity. This is a great trick to remember if you’re in a particularly stressful situation such as giving a speech or doing a performance. The next time you’re feeling anxious try grounding yourself. It might not make it go away, but it will certainly help put you at ease and bring you back to normality a little.

Distract yourself

This might seem a little obvious, but distracting yourself from the way you’re feeling will help you come down from your anxiety high. Many people don’t like using the distraction method as it doesn’t solve the problem, it simply masks it. However, if you’re no longer feeling anxious isn’t it worth it?

Different distractions work for different people, so it may take some time to find a distraction that works for you and your anxiety. Sometimes simply picking up a book or turning the TV on can help and for others, they need to get moving and go for a walk. Experiment and you’ll soon find the perfect distraction for you.

Eliminate anxiety causes

Sometimes you may not have a clue what’s causing your anxiety, and in other cases you’ll be able to detect what triggered your panic attack. It’s important to eliminate these triggers as much as possible so that you can concentrate on maintaining a healthy mental health attitude. This may mean changing your career, cutting out poisonous people, or simply finding a new hobby, but it will help your anxiety improve.

Ride it out

One of the greatest pieces of advice we can give to any person suffering with anxiety is to ride it out. We understand that this isn’t what you want to hear, but look at it this way:
  1. Your anxiety will go away at some point.
  2. Your anxiety can only get so bad before it begins reducing again.
  3. Riding it out will reduce the length of time you’re anxious in the future.
Remember that what goes up must come down, and this premise is the same for anxiety too. Find a safe space in which you can ride out your anxiety. Practice healthy methods to deal with it such as grounding, deep breathing, and sipping cold water and you’ll soon notice that each anxiety attack is shorter and doesn’t feel as bad as the last time.

Anxiety doesn’t have to take over your life, and if you put these methods of coping into practice, not only will your anxiety attacks not feel as bad as before, but you’ll be taking the right steps into fighting this horrible illness once and for all. You can do this!

Thursday, February 7, 2019
When you first start to work for yourself, you’ll often be grateful for the opportunity. Plus, there’s just so much to do, that you’ll want to get stuck into the work - and this leaves little time for anything else. But, when you’re running a business, or you’re building your career, there is more to do than just the work. And when you want to focus on making more money, you need to get a lot smarter about those ‘extra’ things. From sales to streamlining your processes, you need to be driving this forward. You cannot work on autopilot or just do things the way in which you’ve always done them. You have to proactively aim to take your earning potential to the next level. So let’s look at how.


To start with, one of the best things you can do to grow your business, is to not do everything yourself. When you start to delegate, hire help, and outsource tasks to specialists - especially these extra tasks that take you away from the real money earning work, you free up your time. This then allows you to work on earning more and growing your career.


From here, you then might want to expand. The idea is for you to be able to do what you’re doing now, but on a much larger scale. So do you want to aim to double your sales? If so, you need to look at your marketing plan to see HOW you’re going to do that.

Working On Your Skills

Another thing that might work in your favor here, is increasing your skill set. They say if you’re not growing, you’re stagnating. So it’s in your interest to always be learning. So look to your field and find the next level up. Whether it’s a masters in special education or a PhD in communications, take a look at your options. It may even be that you choose to grow your skills by moving into a new field that has more earning potential for you.

Working On Your Pitching

However, you may need to do more that just hone in on your skills. If there’s one thing that will push you to the next level here, it’s pitching. And having the confidence to pitch. And making sure that you consistently pitch and put your name out there. So make sure that you have an elevator pitch that you can turn to in an instant. Remember, practice makes perfect. Sure, pitching and selling yourself is daunting, but the more you do it, the successful you will become.


Finally, you should find that networking is going to help you to grow your earning potential too. So put yourself out there. Connect with other professionals. Attend events. The more people you meet and can connect with, the more people that you can help. So keep this in mind. And then, you should find that you’re able to drive more sales on a month on month basis, or get more commissions. And this will always allow you to grow your income.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

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Your bank account is something that can cause you the highest amount of stress in life, or it can ease any worry that arises in your mind. There are some good ways to transition from the stress-based way of living with your finances to the confidence of someone with healthy numbers in their account. Here we are going to take a look at some of the things you might want to consider when it comes to looking after your money


The first area of finances that we are going to look at is the way you can save money. Contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t mean that you have to cut out the things you enjoy in life or settle for subpar services. No, there are ways that you can save money while still getting what you want out of your expenditure.

To do this, you should address one of the elephants in the room of any household, utility bills and costs of subscriptions. If you haven’t been using comparison websites to help reduce expenses already, then the time has come for you to load up one of these sites and get comparing deals to bring down your outgoings. You might think that you can’t make that much of a saving, and you would be wrong. Utility companies and internet providers are clamoring for your business and will offer all sorts of discounts to new customers. And one of the great tricks is taking your new offer to your current provider to see if they will match or beat it - customer retention is a big target for most businesses in this day and age of mass competition so it is worth your time challenging their prices. 

You will quickly find that once your bills start to come down, you will have excess cash leftover at the end of the month. 

Photo by mohamed_hassan from Pixabay

Now if that is how you can save money, how about making more? Getting involved in the investing world is a good way to start increasing your savings from being sat in a bank account to being something you can build a future with. The problem for a lot of people when it comes to investing is they don’t know where to start and need help. Well for those of you who want to get involved in investing your hard earned and saved cash then consider automated trading to get you going. 

There are many types of investing that are open to you and finding the right one is all about doing your research and settling on where you feel comfortable. For example, someone who is in touch with current affairs around the world might find that investing in foreign currency markets is the best place for them. Whereas someone who isn’t confident on being able to track fluctuations in exchange rates might prefer to look into dividend investing where you buy stock in companies that historically pay out a good dividend each quarter. 

Don’t be deterred from investing just because your knowledge of the industry isn’t particularly high. You can learn with small investments and build your portfolio up over time. 

Friday, January 25, 2019

If you have a close friend or a family member who is recovering from an illness or injury, it’s natural to want to do everything possible to help and support them, but how do you make sure that you do and say the right things? It can be challenging to find the right balance between taking over and being too intrusive and ensuring that your friend knows you’re there whenever they need you. Here are some tips you may find helpful. 

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Offer an ear

Often, when you have to deal with the aftermath of an injury, or you’re struggling to cope with a long-term illness, it can affect both your mental and physical health. Sometimes, people find it easy to talk, but in other cases, opening up is a real challenge. If you have a friend who is recovering after an accident or a relative who has been diagnosed with a chronic mental or physical illness, you can help them out by informing them that you are there if they ever want to talk. This might be the invitation they’ve been looking for to discuss their feelings or emotions, or it may simply give them access to somebody to call upon if they need cheering up or they fancy talking about something that takes their mind off their injuries or symptoms. 

Do some research

If you’ve never been in the same boat as your loved one, it can be difficult to appreciate and understand what they’re going through. If you feel like you’re in the dark, it’s really useful to try and learn more about the condition or the injuries and complications your friend is faced with. If you’re trying to help a friend recovering from an eating disorder, for example, talk to their doctors, read up about the specific disorder on the Internet using reputable, reliable sources, and take an interest if they’re willing to talk to you about their illness and how it affects them on a daily basis. You might be interested to see an anorexia recovery meal plan or to talk to people who have been through the recovery process and emerged the other side. You don’t want to spout facts at somebody or tell them things they already know, but it helps to have an understanding. 

Be positive

When you’re feeling low, and you’re struggling with your health and wellbeing, you need people around you like never before. Try and be a positive influence, and ensure that being around helps your friend. Encourage them if they’re showing signs of progress, build their confidence, and urge them to keep going if they’re getting frustrated by the speed of their recovery. Be a cheerleader and play to your individual strengths. Perhaps you’re not the person who is necessarily the best at giving practical advice, but maybe you can bring a smile to that person’s face every time you see them because they think you’re funny and you take their mind off their recovery. 

Most of us go through periods when we need others to help us out. If you’re eager to support a loved one, hopefully, this guide will benefit both you and your friend. 

5 Ways To Defend Yourself From Online Fraudsters

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Online criminals are constantly finding new ways to steal the personal details of unsuspecting victims. Here’s how you can defend against the most common types of fraud.

Strengthen your passwords

You should firstly ensure that your passwords aren’t easy to hack. You should avoid obvious numbers such as dates of birth and addresses, as well as obvious words such as you child’s name or your pet’s name. Instead, try to keep passwords completely random. Feel free to use real words to keep things memorable – just make sure that these words are totally random and try to add in numbers and different case letters. Something like OrangeZebra23Saturn is completely random and very secure without being particularly complex. Make sure to use multiple passwords and avoid saving passwords so that they’re automatically filled in.

Be wary of suspicious emails

Online frauds may try to pose as your bank or your energy bill provider in order to trick you into giving away personal details. They may even use an email address and template that makes them appear genuine. Try to remember that no official body will ever ask for your details via email – a bank will usually ask you to come into the branch in such a situation.

Use screening software

You may be able to use software to help detect fraudsters in many cases. The likes of Netverify by Jumio can be useful if you’re a business wanting to screen clients – it allows you to use facial recognition technology as a secure option. You may also be able to use a secure email filter such as VadeSecure to check emails for authenticity. There are also tools that can check if sites are genuine to prevent you using a fake site to buy something and giving away your details.

Watch what you post on social media

Fraudsters are now using social media to gain information on people’s personal details. Be careful of broadcasting information such as your address, your date of birth or your mother’s maiden names (there are quizzes that are sometimes set up to obtain these details). Avoid accepting friend request from people you don’t know and make sure that your account is set to private – this will ensure that only people you trust see your information.

Use a credit card for online payments

When it comes to online payments, you’re sometimes better off using a credit card than a debit card. Credit cards tend to be more secure – it’s often easier to get refunds for money that was spent fraudulently. Most payment online platforms such as PayPal allow credit card payments.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

What Should You Do When Your Child Is Sick?

Sick children are something that no parent wants to go through, and yet it is a fact of life that people get sick. There are things that we can do to prevent it, but this isn’t going to stop your child from ever getting poorly. As such, you need to know what to do when your child does eventually have some kind of illness and we are going to help you with this. We are going to talk about some of the things that you need to do when your child is sick.

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Get Some Professional Advice

The first thing that you should do is get some professional advice. If you don’t know what is going on with your child, and you have no idea how to treat it, then you should seek out professional advice as soon as possible. If your child has an issue like eczema but you have never seen it before on your child, there are some sites that you can go on to find the best treatments for eczema. While this is the case, if it is the first time that you are noticing this issue, you should still take your child to get checked out. As the saying goes, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

If the issue isn’t too bad, you can usually wait and get a doctors appointment the next day. However, if your child is having serious symptoms such as loss of consciousness or anything like this, you need to take them to the emergency room.

Keep Them Feeling Cozy

One of the things that everyone likes when they are sick is to feel safe, and cozy. This is the same for adults and children alike so you need to make sure that they feel this way. Wrap them up in blankets, sit them on the couch or in their bed and make sure that they have everything that they need to feel cozy. If they have a soft toy that they love, let them have this with them at all times. You need to be giving them everything that they need to feel better again.

Don’t Leave Them Alone For Too Long

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You shouldn’t be leaving them alone for long periods of time. Not because anything is going to happen, but because they are going to want to be comforted. Giving them your love and attention is going to be crucial at this time. You want to be there for them, so the only time they should be left alone for hours at a time is when they are sleeping at night time. Even if they fall asleep in the day, you should ensure that you are staying with them so they have that comforting feeling.

Even if you have things to do through the day, try to make it so that you can do them around your children. This way your child will know that even though they are ill, they have their parent there with them, and this alone will make them feel a little better.

Keep Them Hydrated

Your child needs to be getting all the fluids necessary to keep their body working. Having them take small sips of water or juice are great ways to do this. As well as this if your child is hot, you can have them sucking on an ice pop. This will not only get them the fluids that they need, but it will also bring their temperature down. It is common for kids not to want to eat or drink when they are poorly, but it is important that they do continue to do so. You need to be replacing all the fluids that they are losing through sweat, and even if they aren’t sweating, keeping their intake of fluids up is vital.

Encourage Them To Play

Finally, you should be encouraging them to play as normal. Sometimes this is not going to be possible, but if your child can, you should be getting them to play with their toys as they normally would. This could help them to feel better, or it could just serve as a distraction to the fact that they are ill.

Hopefully, you have found this article helpful, and now know some of the things that you should do when your child is sick. Keeping them comfortable is one of the most important things here, because while we as adults know that it will pass, kids sometimes don’t realize this and need the comfort of their parents.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Prepare Your Home For Viewings

Now that 2019 is here you may be looking to move on to the next stage of your life and this can often involve you looking to buy a new house for your family. If you fancy buying a new home this year and living somewhere else, you will want to start preparing your home for a sale. There are some super simple ways you can check your home is ready to sell, and today we are going to look at ways to prepare it for viewings. 

Clean Up

The first and most obvious thing you will want to do before people come and look at your home is to look around and clean up. Your house can end up scruffy in your everyday life and of course you don’t want this to be the impression other people have of you and your home. Be sure to clean the house completely and clear away any of your personal items. Make sure to also lock and hogs any valuables to keep you safe. 

Curb Appeal 

The way your home looks from the street outside is actually much more important than you might think. When you want to sell a home fast you will need to make sure that your house is looking good from the street and it is tidy and appealing. Before people go and view houses they will often drive by and take a look. This can be a make or break for your home so make sure that the front looks just as good as the inside. 

Make Repairs 

Cracks in the wall, mold, damp… all of these things will be annoyances to you in your home but they can be make or break for anyone who is looking to buy your house. Be sure that you take the time before viewings to make some simple repairs around the house and this can really make a huge difference to you when they come over to take a look. 

Cook Something Nice 

This is something which is about creating that cozy and homely atmosphere more than making the home look presentable. When people come to view your house they will be trying to imagine themselves living in this house, not you. This is why anything you can do to make the home feel more like a home is amazing. Baking some cookies or having a stew in the cooker when people come around can spread homely scents around the house and this will help people imagine this as their own home. 

Clear The Rooms 

As we said above, when people come to see your home they will want to imagine themselves living here and not you and because of this it is important for you to clear out things such as your photographs and personal items. This will allow people to see past your home and to a clear space which they will be able to fill up with their own furniture and Knick knacks, which will make things much easier and will make them more likely to buy your home. 

Friday, January 18, 2019

The Benefits of Animal Medical Insurance

Healthcare is something that is very necessary for every family in the United States. It protects you from unexpected health events. Just like you would invest in medical insurance for your children, you might want to think about investing in insurance for your animals. Whether you are looking for insurance for your dog, or horse medical insurance for a farm of animals, there are a number of different providers that you can choose from. The policy that you choose should fit your budget, but it should still be able to provide you with the amount of coverage that you need.

What is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance is designed to provide coverage that will cover the cost of a medical procedure. Just one day of attention from a vet could cost you thousands if you aren’t prepared. Something as simple as a urinary tract infection can take time to diagnose and treat. Your insurance provider will help cover the costs that you incur during an appointment with a professional. Depending on the policy that you have chosen, you may also get assistance with routine medical examinations, prescription medication, etc.

Peace of Mind

You can’t predict when one of your animals will require medical attention aside from a routine appointment. The monthly cost is usually very low and typically a large percentage of your expenses will be covered after you reach a certain deductible. In the long run, you’re going to save a lot of money. You’ll also feel better knowing that you have this coverage available.

Pets Living Longer

Unfortunately, many animals are not able to receive the attention that they need because the owner cannot afford immediate medical attention. Insurance will remove this burden and get an animal the care that they need. When you invest in animal medical insurance, you are preparing for a medical emergency that could strike at any time. Seeking medical attention for an animal can be a very expensive situation. Take the time to learn about animal medical insurance and what it provides to you as the owner.

What Are You Trying To Teach Me, My God?

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This is going to be a short post. I just need to write my thoughts and feelings about something that happened to me.

Two days ago, I was worried about our financial state. There are so many medical expenses we need to take care of, then the bills for utilities, even the budget for food was a concern.

I whispered a prayer. "My God, please give me an opportunity to earn a steady income. You know my needs, Lord. Please lead me to the way where I can provide more for my family."

In the afternoon of the same day, I lost a thousand pesos. I was so upset, trying to budget everything and then BANG! I lost my money. Maybe it was because I paid it for my tricycle fare (and never got change back) or misplaced it (impossible for me because I always keep track of expenditures).

My hard earned money that was supposed to go into the food budget for the week is gone. I will have to offset some payments first because food is a priority.

I asked myself, "What is God trying to teach me?" I am confused. I asked Him for an earning opportunity, and yet I lost money instead.

My husband said, "Pray. Ask God to make you understand. Just pray."

I know it is just money and that I can still earn it back somehow. Sadly, I had to accept this unfortunate incident. I am still praying for guidance, for peace in my heart. 

I am putting all my trust in God. He has plans for me. I may not understand it now, but I know everything happens for a reason. 

Come into my heart, O God and dwell in it. Make me understand your Divine Plan for me. 

How To Pay For Emergencies

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Apply for a credit card

Credit cards are a convenient way of borrowing money for emergencies - rather than going through the whole loan application process, you can make purchases with borrowed money with the swipe of a card. It’s worth doing your research when choosing a credit card as there are many different cards out there. 

Many credit cards come with variable interest rates, which you should be wary of. Most also have a spending limit, which is also worth considering.

Having a good credit score will often help you to get better deals on credit cards although there are credit cards for bad credit. You should always aim to pay your credit card bills on time as many credit card providers will offer rewards for good spending.

Open a savings account

If you don’t want to get into debt, you could always set up a rainy day fund. This could include putting money regularly into a savings account. Ideally, you always want to have a couple thousand dollars saved up so that you’ve always got enough money in the event of an emergency.

It’s worth shopping around for savings accounts in order to find one with the best interest rate. This will allow you to naturally grow your savings. Some savings accounts with high interest rates may have restricted access of penalites for taking out money (for example, you may not get any interest for the month if you take money out). You should weigh up whether these restrictions are worthwhile. Online savers also have good interest rates, but withdrawing money from these accounts isn’t as fast as withdrawing from a brick and mortar savings account, making them potentially unsuitable for emergencies. 

Make sure that you only dip into these savings for expenses that are genuine emergencies. Having another savings account set aside for treats such as vacations or a new car is worthwhile.

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Get insured

Insurance is another way to pay for emergencies for those that don’t want to get into debt. There are insurance schemes out there for all kinds of disasters – by agreeing to pay a small amount each month, your insurer will then pay for any emergency costs when they arise.

Health insurance, pet insurance and property insurance are some of the most popular voluntary insurance schemes, although it’s possible to get insured against anything. Obviously, you don’t want to be paying extortionate insurance rates, so you should always shop around for cover.
There are lots of ways to lower your insurance. Investing preventative measures in order to lower the risk of emergencies can often lower your insurance rates (for example, if you live in a high flood risk zone and take out flood insurance, it could also be worth making some physical attempts to flood proof your home such as putting a wall up and damp-proofing the side of your home. Upping your deductible can also lower insurance rates, however this does mean that you have to pay more out of your own pocket in an emergency. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Everyone needs health care. Whether you get health care coverage from your employer, or pay for it yourself, access to health care must be available to everyone.

It is sad that the rising cost of health care drives people to self-medicate, which would later cause a disease to progress and complications to set in. 

No one wants to fall ill, but if we do, we entrust doctors and health care workers to provide the care we need. On the part of the hospitals and medical professionals, they perform their sworn duties to alleviate suffering to the patients who come to them for treatment. However, they have to consider certain factors such as providing quality care while reducing patient costs and possible re-admissions as well as ensuring profitability.

The medical profession operates on ethical standards, so there should be no short-cuts in providing care, and reducing operational costs should not mean compromising quality of treatment offered.

What can be done to achieve both quality health care and business sustainability?

The solution to this is provided by Quartz Clinical.
Quartz Clinical is a program specifically designed to help hospitals deliver high quality care while reducing costs. It is cloud based therefore it provides ease of access to data. A feature of the program is artificial intelligence that can provide forecasts on possible complications and/or readmissions. 

The platform provides in depth analysis of the areas for improvement by handling billions of big data from all aspects of hospital operations - medical care, finance, logistics, etc, all coming together to provide the best strategy that would give patients the same high quality, customized care regardless of demographics, and with a lower cost for both patient and hospital.

This is modern technology meeting health care that was only dreamed of decades ago. Quartz Clinical is bound to change the delivery of health care. It will be more efficient, more customized, more economical and patient centered. This is business intelligence perfected. 

With all that has been said, we are looking forward to a healthier future with Quartz Clinical.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

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Buying a new home is an incredibly exciting process, especially if it’s your first time. Between choosing the perfect area and viewing all of the great houses, it’s easy to get caught up in the fun. However, as enjoyable as this task can be, it’s also very complicated and confusing, which can lead those less experienced to make a number of huge blunders. To save yourself the unnecessary cost and worry when buying property, here are six major mistakes you should avoid.

1. Buying Before You’re Ready
Buying property is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s one of the largest transactions you’ll ever make and has the power to affect the rest of your life. Because of this, you should ensure you’re definitely ready to buy a house before you jump into the process. As frustrating as renting can be at times, it is the best option for those that need a little more flexibility. 

2. Not Getting Pre-Approved
Online mortgage calculators can be of great help when determining how much money you can borrow. However, you shouldn’t just assume you’re going to get approved for that amount. Many loan applications, especially those for an itin loan, are denied each year. To put yourself in the best position for negotiations, you must ensure you get pre-approved before you start to bid. 

3. Shopping Without An Agent
With property sites and online listings at your fingertips, no one would blame you for questioning the use of a real estate agent. That being said, they are incredibly beneficial, saving you time, money, and worry with their knowledge and support. What’s more, it is the seller that pay realtors fees, not the buyer, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have a professional at your side. 

4. Underestimating The Full Cost
Unbeknownst to many first-time buyers, a mortgage loan doesn’t actually cover the entire cost of buying a property. There are a number of expenses you’ll need to pay yourself, including a down payment, loan application fees, mortgage insurance, and more. You must ensure you have enough money saved up to cover these costs, or your plans could fall through. 

5. Skipping The Home Inspection
Home inspections, though often costly, are utterly invaluable in your property buying process. Though there’s the chance you’ll pay out for little to nothing, it’s also possible that an inspection will spot a major issue that could have caused you problems later down the line. This allows you to negotiate a better deal or walk away from a bad one. 

6. Settling Out Of Desperation 
The process of finding and buying a house can go on for months, and sometimes even years. This can cause a great deal of frustration, that causes desperate buyers to settle for a home they’re not entirely happy with. Instead of leaving yourself in debt, and with a house you don’t like, you should take a break for a while and start looking again when you feel up to it. 

Buying a property is a major transaction, so ensure you do it right by avoiding the mistakes listed above. 

Keeping Your Family Safe On The Road

When you take your family out on the road, you need to be confident that you know how to keep them all safe. There are some precautions that you can take to ensure that you have done everything possible to keep them safe, and there are also some things that you can do while you are in the car as well. So, let’s take a look at what some of these are.

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Keep Your Tires Inflated

The first thing that we suggest is to make sure that you are keeping your tires inflated. According to sites similar to underinflated tires could end up causing accidents on the road. We know that this is not something you want, and as such, you should be making sure that your tyres are inflated the correct amount before you set out on your journey. 

If you do this, you will have peace of mind when you are on your journey that you have taken the right precaution by correctly inflating your tires.

Don’t Forget Your Furry Friend

We said keeping your family safe, and your pet is included in this. You need to ensure that you have the measures in place to keep your pet safe while you are traveling. This could be getting a seatbelt clip so that you can strap your dog in safely from their leash. Or it could be putting their bed in the back so that they feel safe on the way, and are not going to move about and hurt themselves. You need to keep your pet in mind here, because you don’t want them to get injured while you are on the road.

Use Child Safety Seats

If your kids are under a certain age, or a certain height, they need to be using child safety seats. These make sure that in the event something does go wrong, your children have an extra layer of protection from harm. You will have to check the specific requirements as they vary from state to state, but making sure that you have one is always going to be a good idea. You might find that your children don’t want to sit in these seats, but it is imperative that they do so that you are not distracted with their safety while you are operating a vehicle. If you are looking for the best child safety seats, then check out this site

Be Vigilant Near Water

Finally, you need to be vigilant while you are near water. This might sound silly but water is unpredictable and could cause you an issue at any moment. Especially if you are driving by the sea, you need to ensure that you are watching out for slippery roads, or large amounts of water coming towards you. To do this, you need to stay calm, and have no distractions in the car. So make sure that everyone has stopped talking until you are passed it, and don’t have anything on the radio either.

We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now know some of the things that you can do to keep your family safe on the road.

This Is the Year to Get Your Driver's Licence

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If you’re legally old enough to drive, but don’t have your own licence, this is the year when you should really focus on getting it. Learning to drive can benefit you in so many different ways! Let’s just take a moment to look at some reasons you should book into lessons and finally get behind that wheel.

Driving Really Isn’t That Difficult or Scary

Of course, getting behind the wheel for the first time is bound to be a relatively daunting experience. You’ll find yourself quickly switching from being in the passenger’s seat to suddenly having control over an entire vehicle. But think about this rationally. Look at the sheer number of people who drive on public roads every day. If most people are capable of something, it really can’t be that difficult or complex. When it comes down to it, driving is a simple combination of being aware of how roads work, understanding how to make a vehicle move in the way you want it to, and combining the two things safely. Besides, you’ll have a professional instructor by your side and you can always reach out to if you do experience any issues on the roads.

Driving Provides You With a Newfound Freedom

One of the main benefits of being able to drive is a newfound sense of freedom. You will be liberating from the timetables and stop locations of public transport. You’ll be able to drive to a wider range of places as and when you please! You can head where you want, when you want, without having to rely on anyone else to get you there.

Driving Can Boost Your Career Potential

It may sound odd, as you’d think that you only need to drive for jobs that require you to drive for a living, such as being a taxi driver. Now, obtaining a licence can open up new career opportunities like that if that’s something you’re interested in. But driving can boost your career potential in other ways too! Nowadays, more and more employers are requesting a full, clean driving licence of applicants. There are various reasons for this. Some may want you to run occasional errands in the company car. Many will simply want to ensure that you can get into work on time without having the excuse of public transport cancellations and delays.

Committing to Something

If you don’t have a hobby, driving lessons encourage you to commit to something productive until you manage to completely master it. You won’t pass your test unless you are fully competent and can be trusted to drive independently on the roads. So, you’re going to have to keep trying again and again if you don’t take your lessons seriously.

So, it’s time to get on it! Check out local driving schools and pick one with good reviews and recommendations. You’ll be steering the wheel of your own car in next to no time!

Friday, January 11, 2019

Buying property should not be taken lightly, and yet many people are entering into this expensive and complicated contract just because they believe it’s the ‘done thing’. Being a property owner can be a great feeling, but not if you struggle to keep up with mortgage payments because you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. Let’s take a look at 6 things you should do before you even consider buying property:

1. Check and Improve Your Credit Score
If your credit score isn’t right, you’ll seem unreliable and nobody will want to loan you money. If you’re not sure what state it’s in right now, this isn’t a good start. You can check it for free with Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. Make sure you fix any mistakes and ensure you’re not being penalised for settled/paid debts, as this can happen sometimes. Ensure there are no mistakes and get your credit score in the best possible condition before moving on.

2. Know Exactly What You Can Afford 
If you’re going to buy a property, you need to know exactly what you can afford. Use a reliable calculator online to help you. However, you should remember; just because you’re being offered a certain loan amount doesn’t mean you have to accept the full loan. If you bite off more than you can chew and you end up not being able to pay off your mortgage, you’ll need someone who can help you with law covering real estate to come up with a solution so you can stay in your home. 

3. Have A Healthy Amount In Your Savings
You shouldn’t be living payday to payday, and if you are, banks will not want to give you a mortgage either. You’re going to need money put aside for home fixes and unexpected costs. You don’t want to have to take out a loan or loan money off family every time something happens - and things will happen, it’s just a matter of time. A healthy amount in your savings will give you peace of mind and keep you out of debt. 

4. Research Renting/Buying In Depth
Now, it’s also important to note that buying isn’t for everyone. You should research both renting and buying in depth to figure out what suits your situation best. For some, renting can even be a permanent solution depending on their life goals. 

5. Know Exactly What You Want Out Of A Property
You should know exactly what you want out of a property before you start looking. Knowing what is non-negotiable for you will help you to narrow down your search. You should also remember that if you’re going to live in it, you’re likely going to want completely different things than if you were to buy it and let it out. If letting out a property, you’ll want to consider your target audience. 

6. Think To The Future 
Could your situation change? Do you want kids, a pet, or are likely to move to a far away place with work? Think of every eventuality to make the best decision! 

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Gifts Suitable for Acquaintances and Co-Workers

There are often people on your gift giving list that you feel obligated to buy for, but you may not know them on a personal level. This could be co-workers that you do a gift exchange with, a neighbor you appreciate, or the kids’ teachers. You don't want to skip over these people, but what do you buy for them. The following are a few general categories that are appreciated by anyone.

Many people that you need a present for are not close friends. You might not know their personal style or interests, but this doesn't mean you have to skip over them. Food is always a safe option. Consider food gift baskets for neighbors or homemade cookies for your coworkers. Candy and chocolates are also a lovely token of appreciation during the holidays. You will find many boxed sweets available in decorative packaging or collector tins that can become a keepsake.

A candle is both functional and beautiful. There are several scents and colors to choose from. You will even find layered candles that offer multiple scents in one candle. If you want something truly unique, consider a battery operated candle. They are safe around pets and children, and many include timers.

Christmas Decor
Give Christmas decor to those hard to buy for people on your list. Stick to items that will fit in with a variety of decorating styles. Fresh greens are perfect. A wreath or swag made from fresh cuttings can be used indoors or outside. They have a wonderful scent that immediately reminds one of the holidays, and they are a luxury one doesn't often buy for themselves.

As long as you pick out gifts within these general categories, you will be sure to be purchasing a present that anyone can appreciate. Food is always welcome, and candles will suit a variety of styles and tastes. If all else fails, Christmas decor is a safe option for anyone on your gift list this year.

Friday, January 4, 2019

Top 3 Ways To Make Extra Cash In 2019
If you are looking to make some extra cash in 2019, here are some great options…

Binary trading - There is only one place to begin, and this is with binary trading. This is a good option for beginners because you maintain a level of control while minimising your risk. A lot of people want to start trading but they feel confused by all of the options. This is why it is wise to sign up to a platform like this whereby you can use trading signals to make more informed decisions.

Matched betting - How to win at betting is something a lot of people ponder, but most seem to come to the conclusion that it is just a matter of luck. They accept that they are simply going to lose some and they are going to win some. However, what if we told you that you could win every time? You stick £100 on a horse! It is the favourite, all pundits have picked it as their tip for the day, and the rest of the field doesn’t seem competitive. What could go wrong? Well, the horse gets boxed in, and there is no room for it to make a run, leaving another horse free to come and take the victory. You are incredibly frustrated, but what could you have done? You just put it down to being unlucky. However, if you had placed a lay bet on a betting exchange, you could have covered all outcomes. What would have been the point in this? You wouldn’t have won or lost anything. Well, if you had used one of the free bet offers that are provided by all bookmakers today, you would have made a profit. This is known as matched betting, and it is a risk-free betting approach that guarantees a profit. This is the only way to make money betting every time. With a bit of time, you can make in excess of a thousand pound. The only trouble is knowing how to source the free bets and what bets to place.

Affiliate marketing - The third and final way to turn a profit this year and make some extra cash is affiliate marketing. This means you will market a product or service on the behalf of another company. Whenever a sale is made through you, you will receive a percentage of the profit. It is wise to choose a product you believe in. This will increase your chances of success because you will be believable. If you already have a blog up and running, this is an excellent platform to help you get exposure to the product and drive sales through your affiliate link.

So there you have it - three great ways to make extra cash in 2019.