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Tuesday, March 19, 2024

How Remote Work Unlocks Opportunities for Women

Remote work has not only made it possible for people to work virtually anywhere—it also broke down countless barriers for many women.

Online jobs are transforming how women take part in traditional work environments, allowing them to overcome challenges that used to hold them back.

Remote work is empowering women and here’s exactly how:

The Capacity to Earn Your Own Income

Remote work allows women to finally earn a substantial income.

Sure, women in the past worked all the time but their hard labor went uncompensated for the most part.

Things have changed a lot since then.

Career-focused women can now climb the same corporate ladder as their male colleagues.

Even stay-at-home moms (SAHMs) can financially contribute to the household if they have a remote job.

With inflation at record-high levels in the Philippines, a one-income household may no longer be sufficient for a comfortable lifestyle.

If women are earning their own money, they don’t have to solely rely on their partners or even family members to support them.

This enables women to pursue whatever they want—whether to further their studies, advance their careers, or spoil their children.

A Healthier Work-Life Balance

Remote work offers flexibility that lets SAHMs care for their children (along with their partners) and run a household—without putting their careers on hold.

Traditional office jobs usually involve rigid work schedules, but with a remote job, SAHMs can shape their working schedules around their caregiving responsibilities instead of the other way around.

This is why a lot of SAHMs can work the night shift for US clients—when their children are asleep and there’s less noise all around, allowing them to focus on their tasks.

As for single women, the lack of commute results in a better work-life balance. They now have more time for themselves, their hobbies, and for their family and friends.

Location Flexibility

Not too long ago, a woman’s location dictated the work options available to her. 

Gender roles also come into play because men traditionally took on the roles of providers and would leave the country (and their families) to earn a good living.

Thanks to remote work, women can earn their own money—and they don’t even have to work abroad to earn it.

Because of technological advancements, women can land clients outside of the country and earn dollars, all in the comfort of their homes.

They don’t have to leave their families and children to support them financially.

Plus, in some staffing agencies—like Remote Staff—women are never alone in their remote working journey. Remote Staff will even assign a Client Relations Executive (CRE) to each one, who can assist with any work issues they might encounter.

Overcoming Gender Bias

Sure, the Philippines is touted as one of the more “gender equal” places in the world but the reality is, women are still paid less compared to their male counterparts.

In remote work, however, women get more opportunities to demonstrate their capabilities without having to worry about gender stereotypes getting in the way.

After all, what matters most to clients is that a task is completed on time and with great quality—and most women deliver just that.

Further, because of remote work, women can now have careers in more male-centric fields like technology, science, engineering, and more—while earning the same as their male counterparts thanks to the increasing transparency with rates.

Remote Work Empowers Women

Remote work is a game changer for many women.

It brought to light some of the difficulties women face in a traditional office job, in contrast to the flexibility within the remote workplace.

Remote work also lets women play a role in industries that were once largely closed off to them—even challenging societal norms in more ways than one.

How about you? How does remote work empower you?

Let us know in the comments!

About Rica Jankulovski

As the CEO of Remote Staff, Rica Jankulovski has been helping small-to-medium sized companies grow sustainably and steadily by matching them with hard-working, English-speaking Filipino remote talent.