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Sunday, August 13, 2023

πŸ’— Episode 1 πŸ’—


  • He Ren travels to Xiaozhou village to look for Xiao Han. She finally meets him for the second time.
  • A woman appears. She came from the upstairs of Xiao Han's home. He Ren is disheartened, thinking that she may be Xiao Han's girlfriend or wife. 

Memorable lines:

He Ran: "There are many kinds of first encounters in this world. Beautiful ones, unforgettable ones, glimpses, but none of them are as good as the one I felt when I first met Xiao Han."

πŸ’— Episode 2 πŸ’—


  • He Ren goes to Central Lake to look for Xiao Han and finds him there working.
  • He Ren finally convinces Xiao Han to be their model for her drawing class. It is the first time Xiao Han addresses He Ren by her name. 

Memorable lines:

He Ren: "I'll help you. You go do your work, I'll stand beside you."


Xiao Han: "See you tomorrow..... (long pause) He Ren."

πŸ’— Episode 3 πŸ’—


  • Xiao Han leaves for Chuanxi, his hometown.. A "For Rent" sign has been put up in his house in Xiaozhou village . He Ren was saddened when she discovered this. She kept coming back everyday in the hope she'd see Xiao Han. Finally, after several days, she finds Xiao Han back. They go inside the house and He Ren notices a painting mounted on a shabby frame hanging on the wall. Xiao Han said he bought the painting randomly a long time ago. 
  • He Ren pushes Xiao Han on to a chair and starts to confess her love for him. 

Memorable lines:

He Ren: "Is this painting important to you?"
Xiao Han: "I bought it randomly a long time ago." 
He Ren: "Do you like African daisy?"
Xiao Han: (silence)
He Ren: "I know the person who painted it. Do you know the meaning behind this flower? Defying the odds to pursue the life you want."


He Ren: "What do you think of me?"
Xiao Han: (meek smile)
He Ren: "You smiled, so it means you are not rejecting. I actually like you a lot. Why don't we start dating?"
He Ren kisses Xiao Han
He Ren: "I missed it. Why don't you do it instead?"
Xiao Han pulls He Ren close
Xiao Han: "Is this your first time?"
He Ren: "No way, are you kidding me?"
Xiao Han: "You're blushing"
He Ren: "I'm not!"
Xiao Han: "Your ears are red"
He Ren:  "Mm-mm-my ears are not red."
Xiao Han: "I found out early on that you get nervous when I touch your ear."
He Ren: "I'm not nervous."
Xiao Han: "I'll send you home."
He Ren: "I'll come back tomorrow. You don't need to send me home today. I'll go back myself."

πŸ’— Episode 4 πŸ’—


  • Xiao Han discovers He Ren's real age. 
  • He Ren had a bout of dizziness and Xiao Han helped her to get her balance back. He asks if she is having anemia.
  • He Ren and Xiao Han get caught in a downpour and they ran home. He Ren asks if she could take a shower in Xiao Han's house. After she was done, Xiao Han went into the bathroom for his turn.

Memorable lines:

He Ren: "What's wrong?"
Xiao Han: "Today I met your student on the road."
He Ren: "So?"
Xiao Han: "They told me their teacher is great. She just graduated and is already teaching there."
He Ren: (silence)
Xiao Han "She said their teacher is only 20 years old. Is that true?"
He Ren: (silence)
Xiao Han: "Why did you lie to me? Just forget about what we said yesterday. That's it."


He Ren: "Are you taking a shower?"
Xiao Han: "Uhm."
He Ren: "Do you need help with clothes?"
Xiao Han: "No. Blow your hair dry."
He Ren: "What about your clothes?" 
Xiao Han: "I will come out and wear them."
He Ren: "Aren't you afraid that I'd take it away?"
(Xiao Han gets out of the shower shirtless)
He Ren stares at his naked chest.
Xiao Han: "Then? What then?"
He Ren: (silence)
Xiao Han: "He Ren, If I say yes to you easily, the person who will get hurt is you."
He Ren: "I'm not afraid. I like you. I just want to be with you."
Xiao Han: "I hope you are not just being impulsive. It's because I need to be responsible as soon as I accept your love. If you are not sure about this, don't come look for me anymore."

πŸ’— Episode 5 πŸ’—


  • The little girl that He Ren "rescued" was actually Xiao Han's niece. At first she was surprised when the little called Xiao Han "Papa." She asked Xiao Han if he would allow her to teach Quanquan how to draw.
  • Quanquan is a little troublemaker who keeps insisting that Han Yu is He Ren's boyfriend. 
  • He Ren gets bit by mosquitos while watching Xiao Han work in his greenhouse.
  • He Ren gets dizzy and almost fell but Xiao Han was quick to catch her.

Memorable lines:

He Ren: "Why is the mosquito not biting you? It only bites me alone?" 
Xiao Han: "Maybe it prefers people who are not pure."
He Ren: "Which one are you talking about? Is it the mosquito or you?"
Xiao Han: "The mosquito."
He Ren: "What about you?"
Xiao Han: "I didn't bite you."
He Ren: "I'm asking you. Do you like people that are not pure?"
Xiao Han: "This question...(Xiao Han moves close and whispers in her ear) why don't you... take a guess?"

πŸ’— Episode 6 πŸ’—


  • Han Yu finds Quanquan wandering in the street and takes her home. He meets Xiao Han. He Ren thought she lost Quanquan and went to Xiao Han's house to apologize. To her surprise, she finds Quanquan there.
  • Quanquan said it was Han Yu who brought her home. Xiao Han was obviously upset. Quanquan said she misunderstood and that Han Yu is not He Ren's boyfriend. 
  • Xiao Han is jealous of Han Yu
  • He Ren gets some valuable advice from Man on how to handle a relationship with Xiao Han.
  • Han Yu brings He Ren's Letter of Acceptance to a university in Xijing. He Ren does not want to leave.
  • He Ren's mother, Qiu Jia Rong hires a professional to take care of their garden. To He Ren's surprise, it was no one else but Xiao Han. 

Memorable lines:

Xiao Han: "What are you hiding? What else are you hiding besides your age? It is time for you to go back." 
He Ren: "Why did you ask me that question? Starting to get curious about me? Why should I tell you? On what basis do you expect me to answer it? Besides, aren't you hiding anything? Your past, your story. The whole Xiaozhou village doesn't know anything about you. Listen, I will only tell my boyfriend my secrets. Are you now trying to..
(Xiao Han grabs He Ren and props her up on the railing)
Xiao Han: "What's on my mind?"
He Ren: "You know exactly what is on your mind." (In He Ren's mind, she thinks Xiao Han is jealous)
He Ren turns her back and leaves.
Xiao Han: ("He Ren, you underestimate me.")

πŸ’— Episode 7 πŸ’—


  • He Ren finds out that the gardener that her mother hired was no other than Xiao Han.
  • She pretends to be the new home tutor that teaches kids to draw.
  • Xiao Han is invited to an afternoon tea with Qiu Jia Rong and the Han family. When Qiu Jia Rong mentioned about her daughter's painting "Queen of the Night" Xiao Han looked at her with surprise and disbelief
  • He Ren sends a message to Xiao Han inviting him to meet up at Fatty's for a meal. Xiao Han agrees.
  • Qiu Jia Rong instructs the nanny to discard the clothes He Ren bought. Xiao Han sees the clothes that the nanny dumped in the garbage are the ones belonging to He Ren.
  • He heads home and hurt and confused. He did not show up at Fatty's place. He burned the easel and paint brushes that he made which he was planning to give to He Ren. 
  • Qiu Jia Rong gets drunk. She turns her anger on her husband's stuff. She wants the nanny to throw all his stuff away.

Memorable lines:

He Ren: (text message) "I have been waiting. Are you coming?"
Xiao Han: (turns phone off)

πŸ’— Episode 8 πŸ’—


  • He Ren and her mom get into an argument because He Ren put her father's stuff back where they belong. She gets slapped by her mother. He Ren runs away.
  • He Ren goes to Xiao Han's place but finds it locked. She sits on his doorstep, drenched in the rain. 
  • Xiao Han appears and takes her in.

Memorable lines:

He Ren: "Is the epiphyllum still here?"
Xiao Han: "Uhm"
He Ren: "Has it bloomed?"
Xiao Han: "No"
He Ren: "Xiao Han, lets make a bet, shall we?"
Xiao Han: "Bet on what?"
He Ren: "Let's bet on whether it will blossom tonight."
Xiao Han: "It is almost dawn and the night will soon be over."
He Ren: "Its okay. Just bet on tonight."
Xiao Han: "Bet on what?"
He Ren: "If it blooms, we will be together."
Xiao Han: "If it doesn't, will you give up?"
He Ren: "If the epiphyllum does not bloom tonight, I will give up. I will never come to you again."
Xiao Han: "Okay."

πŸ’— Episode 9 πŸ’—


  • Zhang Ayi, He Ren's nanny, is desperate in trying to locate He Ren. She approaches Han Yu. Han Yu says he does not know where He Ren is.
  • Xiao Han needs to run some errands outside of town. He Ren pleads to take her with him but Xiao Han says no.
  • He Ren finds a way for her to go with Xiao Han to the countryside. She asks Fatty to give her Xiao Han's car keys and leads him on to a treasure hunt to find her and the car keys. Both of them eventually travel together to the countryside.

Memorable lines:

He Ren: "Actually, I just want to stay with you for a while."
Xiao Han: (looks at He Ren)
He Ren: "Look, it's a meteor. Make a wish!"
Xiao Han: (Looks up at the sky)
He Ren: "Are you stupid? You believe everything I say. There won't be meteors in this weather."
Xiao Han: "Do you have any wishes?"
He Ren: "My wish is to live longer."
Xiao Han: "All girls nowadays are so rebellious that they talk about life and death so easily."
He Ren: "I'm not a rebel. Actually, I do have a less rebellious wish. Would you like to hear it?
Xiao Han: "Uhm."
He Ren: (teases Xiao Han by gently running her fingers down his arm to his palm.)
Xiao Han: (Leans close enough to kiss He Ren but pulls away)
He Ren: "Xiao Han, you are such a nice person."
Xiao Han: "I'm not a good person. Because I have bad intentions too."

 πŸ’— Episode 10 πŸ’—


  • He Ren wakes up with a toothache and a fever
  • He Ren finally turns her phone on after many days. She sees so many messages from her mother and Zhang Ayi. Her phone rings and it is her mother. She picks up the call and says "Tomorrow."
  • He Ren tells her mother she agrees to go to Xijing and that she will study well, on one condition - that her mother will stop checking on her.
  • Mr. Han visits Xiao Han in his home. He notices the painting of the African daisy.
  • At Han Yu's farewell party, Mr. Han tells He Ren that her mother hired someone to investigate Xiao Han. He Ren pleads Mr. Han to help her and not allow her mother to disturb Xiao Han's life. 

Memorable lines:

He Ren: (Speaking her thoughts) "Toothache and high fever. I have a bad feeling in my heart. I am starting to be afraid. I am afraid that my sickness will relapse. I am afraid that I will be like this goldfish. I can't save it. I can't save myself either. I love Xiao Han. I don't want to leave him. I can't imagine how sad he'll be if he knows I am sick. Perhaps I should leave."


He Ren: "Xiao Han, I'm going home tomorrow."
Xiao Han: "Uhm"
He Ren: "I'll be going to Xijing."
Xiao Han: (silence)
He Ren: "Then I will not be looking for you anymore. You know what I mean, right?"
Xiao Han: (does not say a word)
He Ren: "Remember to miss me."

πŸ’— Episode 11 πŸ’—


  • He Ren leaves for Xijing
  • She meets the Zhang Yuanqi, the president of the art club and becomes her friend.
  • Han Yun continues to pester He Ren
  • He Ren spends time in Xijiang but shows a gloomy attitude towards her room mates and other people who want to get to know her.
  • He Ren agrees to donate some of her paintings to an art charity but her room mate made a mistake and gave the art students a painting that He Ren values so much.

Memorable lines:

Zhang Yuanqi: "What happened yesterday was our mistake. I apologize on their behalf."
He Ren: "Its okay."
Zhang Yuanqi: "A friend at the gallery told me that this painting was picked up on the day of the exhibition. Are you willing to sell it?
He Ren: "No."
Zhang Yuanqi: "If you are up to it, he is willing to pay more."
(He Ren unveils the painting. It is a portrait of Xiao Han in the middle of gerberas/african daisies in Central Lake)
He Ren: "It is priceless in my heart."
Zhang Yuanqi: "Did you paint Xiaozhou village?"
He Ren: "How do you know Xiaozhou village?"
Zhang Yuanqi: "If I am not mistaken, I believe the place in this painting is the garden in Central Lake."
He Ren: "Yes. You got it right. (long silence) His name is Xiao Han."
Zhang Yuanqi: "Why gerberas?"
He Ren: "Because gerberas mean defying the odds and pursuing the life you want. He is telling me to go for what I want in life. Isn't he? (long pause) I will do as you wish.

πŸ’— Episode 12 πŸ’—


  • He Ren is back in Qiongzhou.
  • Zhang Yuanqi tells He Ren that someone will be thinking of her on the Lunar New Year
  • He Ren looks for her old phone and turns in on. She receives a text message from Xiao Han greeting her Happy New Year.
  • He Ren flies to Chuanxi to be with Xiao Han.

Memorable lines:

He Ren: "Xiao Han, there is no signal in the village. So how come you picked up the phone right away when I called you on Lunar New Year's Eve?"
Xiao Han: "I happened to be strolling at the top of the hill."
He Ren: "You got nothing better to do than to go for a walk in the middle of winter. It can be over 10 degrees below zero at night. And lots of mosquitos here."
Xiao Han: "No mosquitos in winter."
He Ren: "That's not the point. The point is how did you know I would call you? Was it because you texted me?"
Xiao Han: (nods head)
He Ren: "I stopped using that number a long time ago. How long would you have waited here if I hadn't read that message? One hour? One night? One day? Or longer?"
Xiao Han: "I'll be waiting."
He Ren: "Silly."
(Both are quiet)
He Ren: "A meteor! We can really see a meteor here."
Xiao Han: "He Ren, in the future if you have any wishes, just tell me."
He Ren: "I'd like to ask you a question... Why gerberas? Shouldn't you be growing roses?"
Xiao Han: "Its because of the blooming season. Gerberas bloom late. When they bloom, the other flowers fade. "
He Ren: "I know. You are trying to say that..."
Xiao Han: "You are my last woman."

πŸ’— Episode 13 πŸ’—


  • He Ren asks Tongtong about Xiao Han's past girlfriend.
  • He Ren decides to stay with Xiao Han. They then travel back to Xiaozhou village together.
  • Mr. Han is travelling in Xiaozhou village when he chances upon He Ren and Xiao Han kissing.
  • He Ren rummages through Xiao Han's stuff trying to look for photos of Xiao Han's ex girlfriend. What she finds however is a picture of the epiphyllum flower dated on the same day that they both stayed up waiting for it to bloom. 
  • He Ren is back home in Qiongzhou.
  • Mr. Han talks with He Ren. He approves of her relationship with Xiao Han.
  • Zhang Yuanqi works for Qiu Jia Rong's company.
  • Qiu Jia Rong owns a company that makes ready to eat healthy meals. She makes sure that she makes everyone around her believe about maintaining good health and avoiding junk food. However, Zhang Yuanqi discovers her secret - that when anxiety attacks, she stuffs herself with fried chicken and whiskey. He witnesses this when he sees Qiu Jia Rong in the office's utility room.

Memorable lines:

He Ren: "You kept your word."

πŸ’— Episode 14 πŸ’—


  • He Ren asks Xiao Han if he would agree to be her model. Xiao Han disagrees, so He Ren used his body as her canvas instead. 
  • Zhang Yuanqi witnesses Qiu Jia Rong drinking whiskey again in the Utility Room.
  • Zhang Yuanqi is smitten by Qiu Jia Rong's beauty even if he knows she is way older than him.
  • One instance Qiu Jia Rong discovers Zhang Yuanqi in the utility room. She tells him to keep his mouth shut.
  • Qiu Jia Rong gives Zhang Yuanqi a difficult time at work, she is fearful that he will reveal her secret.

Memorable lines:

Qiu Jia Rong: "Who are you? What are you doing here?"

πŸ’— Episode 15 πŸ’—


  • Zhang Yuanqi is thinking of resigning from his job. His family is arguing about him not being able to hold down a job despite being a university graduate
  • He Ren and Xiao Han are driving to somewhere. He Ren does not seem to be well, she fell asleep during the trip and dreamed of being in the hospital. 
  • Qin Zao appears. She is the younger sister of Xiao Han's ex girlfriend.
  • Xiao Han and He Ren make love in the art studio.

Memorable lines:

He Ren: "How many women have you had before?"
Xiao Han: "Only a few."

πŸ’— Episode 16 πŸ’—


  • Xiao Han and He Ren are sitting together enjoying sweet moments when Zhang Yuanqi sees them. He Ren introduces Xiao Han to Zhang Yuanqi as her boyfriend.
  • Qin Zao and He Ren meet up in a cafe. He Ren wants to know why Qin Zao is back.
  • Qiu Jia Rong and Zhang Yuanqi are in the office elevator. They exchange cryptic words, like they were flirting with each other in a subtle way.
  • Qin Zao visits the grave of her sister. As she leaves the cemetery, she is met my men in black suits asking her to go with them. She does not resist.
  • Xiao Han takes He Ren on a trip to a farm. 

Memorable lines:

Xiao Han: "Look! A Rainbow. You are like a rainbow."
He Ren: "I am glad to have met you."

πŸ’— Episode 17 πŸ’—


  • Zhang Yuanqi and Qiu Jia Rong are still in the office late at night. They meet at the storeroom. Zhang Yuanqi invites Qiu Jia Rong to watch a movie.
  • Xiao Han and He Ren spend the night at the farm.
  • He Ren wakes up after having a bad dream about them moving away from each other.
  • Qiu Jia Rong and Zhang Yuanqi are falling for each other. They meet up at a garden in Xiaozhou village.
  • Qin Zao appears again, this time with her face messed up. She wanted to stay at Xiao Han's but He Ren sent her to Xiaoyeli's hotel instead.
  • He Ren borrows one million RMB from Han Yu. She gives the money to Qin Zao so that she would just leave.

Memorable lines:

Xiao Han: "Why are you awake? Why are you not wearing shoes?"
He Ren: "Don't move. Just stay there and don't move."
Xiao Han: (looks at He Ren)
He Ren: (walks towards Xiao Han) "Xiao Han, have I said this to you? I love you. I said, I love you. I love you so much. Although I've never loved anyone like this, now I know. I know I love you. I love you so much. Then...what about you?"
Xiao Han: (nods, gives He Ren a tight hug and tears flow down his face.)

πŸ’— Episode 18 πŸ’—


  • He Ren arrives home exhausted. She feels weak from the fever she had earlier
  • Zhang Ayi calls He Ren informing her that she is leaving to get married.
  • Zhang Yuanqi and Mrs. Qiu are falling deeper into each other. 
  • Qin Zao takes pictures of the painting hanging on the wall of Xiao Han's house. She calls someone and asks to check on the photo of the painting. Before she leaves, she hands Xiao Han the ATM card that He Ren gave her. She asks Xiao Han to give it back to He Ren.
  • Xiao Han goes to He Ren's house that night. He arrives there drenched in the rain.
  • Xiao Han spend the night in bed with He Ren. Xiao Han wakes up and finds out that He Ren was burning with fever. He takes her to the hospital. He Ren refuses the blood test. 

Memorable lines:

He Ren: "Xiao Han, I want to sleep for a while. Can you hold me tight?"
Xiao Han: "He Ren, don't scare me."

πŸ’— Episode 19 πŸ’—


  • Qin Zao goes back to Xiao Han's place and steals the painting but Fatty arrived and she was not able to get the painting.
  • He Ren looks for Xiao Han but he's not home. She spends some time with Fatty and they talk about Xiao Han. He Ren drinks alcohol and gets drunk. She heads back to Xiao Han's house and sees Qin Zao inside. 
  • He Ren faints and is brought to a hospital.
  • Qin Zao was able to steal the painting and brought it to the buyer, who turned out to be Mr. Han. He says the painting is fake and that he will not buy it. Qin Zao returns the painting to Xiao Han's house.
  • In the hospital hallway, Qin Zao asks He Ren if Xiao Han knows if she has leukemia. He Ren says no, and that she does not want him to know. 
  • Qiu Jia Rong reviews the CCTV footage in her home and discovers a footage of He Ren and Xiao Han together.
  • He Ren wanted to leave the hospital to meet Xiao Han but she faints and loses consciousness.

Memorable lines:

Qiu Jia Rong: "I know you're not asleep. Stop pretending. I don't want to say too much. Break up with him"
He Ren: "I love him."
Qiu Jia Rong: "Does he know you're sick? Tell me. Does he know you're sick? Tell me! How long have you been sneaking out of the house? How long are you going to keep this from me? Do you even care about your life after what you've done to your body?"
He Ren: "I really love him."
Qiu Jia Rong: "You love him? Is love more important than life? Is your love more important than life?" 
He Ren: "I don't know mother. I don't know. I don't know if I can live without him."
Qiu Jia Rong: "What about me?"

πŸ’— Episode 20 πŸ’—


  • He Ren tells her mom that she promises to get treatment in Xijing.
  • He Ren sees a doctor in Xijing. Her leucocytes are high so she needs to undergo treatment.
  • He Ren rejects Xiao Han's calls. It breaks her heart to do so, but she needs to get well.
  • The caretaker answers He Ren's phone. It is Xiao Han.
  • Xiao Han moves out of Xiaozhou village. He tells Fatty that Mr. Han will be taking care of the greenhouse.

Memorable lines:

(phone call)
He Ren: "Hello?"
Xiao Han: "Why didn't you answer the phone?
He Ren: (silence)
Xiao Han: "You never wanted to commit to this relationship in the first place, did you? So your identity is fake, and your feelings are fake. Everything is fake. Am I right?"
He Ren: "No."
Xiao Han: "Let's break up."
He Ren: "No... no.."

πŸ’— Episode 21 πŸ’—


  • He Ren moves back into the campus dorm. Her condition has improved.
  • Zhang Yuanqi could not control his emotions any longer. He grabs asks Qiu Jia Rong if she would accept his feelings for her.
  • He Ren's dorm mate, Ding Xiaoran said that she found the love of her life - A very handsome man who owns a flower shop.
  • Zhang Yuangqi takes Qiu Jia Rong out for a date and then takes her to his house. It did not work well for them.

Memorable lines:

Qiu Jia Rong: "I'm happy. I'm really happy. I feel young again."

πŸ’— Episode 22 πŸ’—


  • Ding Xiaoran has been stalking this man who she said she fell in love with. However, she said its a shame that she does not know his name. 
  • Ding Xiaoran takes pictures of Xiao Han. She shows it to He Ren. He Ren says his name is Xiao Han and asks Ding Xiaoran where this flower shop is.
  • Xiao Han and He Ren meet again after a long time. They get into an argument. He Ren leaves the shop crying. She had another of her dizzy spells. She dropped her pill bottle. Xiao Han sees the bottle and picks it up. 
  • Xiaoli is at her brother's university to attend his graduation ceremony
  • She meets He Ren there. Zhang Yuanqi is surprised that He Ren and Xiaoli know each other.
  • Xiaoli speaks to Fatty on the phone telling him to prepare a place for her brother's graduation dinner.

Memorable lines:

He Ren: "Let's talk."
Xiao Han: "Talk about what?"
He Ren: "Why did you come to Xijing?"
Xiao Han: "I have the right to choose which city to live in, right?"
He Ren: "Let me rephrase my question. You know that I'm in Xijing. What are you doing in Xijing?"
Xiao Han: "Its a coincidence."
He Ren: "Xiao Han, do you think I'll believe you?"
Xiao Han: "Did I look for you?"
He Ren: "How long have you been here?"
Xiao Han: "I don't know. It's not important."
He Ren: "You know that I'd look for you, right?"
Xiao Han: "I'll take this encounter as a coincidence. You don't have to be troubled by it."
He Ren: "Ding Xiaoran was working part time in the coffee shop for a reason. Otherwise, she didn't have the excuse to go near the flower shop. Also, she doesn't even like flowers. She's not even a member of the society, but she fought for the graduation ceremony decoration job. She did these all for you. She did that for you. Can't you tell?"
Xiao Han: "Just like what you did last time? You came into my life quietly and you left without saying goodbye. Is that what you are saying? If there is nothing else, please leave."
He Ren: "I don't want to hear your name from another woman's mouth. I know I'm terrible and I'm sorry, but.. but I just don't want to hear your name from another woman's mouth!"
Xiao Han: "Stop fooling around. Go back early."
He Ren: "No."
(Store helper appears and asks if they need assistance)
Xiao Han: "Give her an adhesive bandage. Her hand is hurt."
He Ren: "No. I don't need your concern."

πŸ’— Episode 23 πŸ’—


  • Xiao Han and He Ren meet again at the graduation dinner of Zhang Yuanqi.
  • Ding Xiaoran puts some food on Xiao Han's plate. This annoys He Ren. She manages to make Xiao Han's chopsticks drop to the floor. She holds Xiao Han's hand tightly. Xiao Han asks her to free his hand from her grip. He Ren does not do it
  • Xiao Han and He Ren spend the night together. He Ren gets a nosebleed when she wakes up in the morning. She noticed significant hair fall. She leaves without waking up Xiao Han. 
  • Xiao Han wakes up and looks for He Ren. He is worried when he finds chunks of He Ren's hair on the bed. 
  • He Ren goes back to the dorm. 
  • Qiu Jia Rong calls He Ren to asks how she is doing. 
  • Xiao Han meets up with Mr. Han. He wants to know about He Ren's health condition
  • Xiao Han calls Qiu Jia Rong. He asks her permission to allow him to take care of He Ren.

Memorable lines:

Xiao Han: "I met a girl in the lift. He asked the guy she was with why he gave her chrysanthemum (gerberas). Doesn't everyone give roses? A girl asked a guy the same question on the mountaintop of Chuanxi. He said it is because its blooming time is late. Every other flower has to wither while my favorite flower is blooming. He said, 'You're my last woman.' He said, no matter how many times you want to leave him, its fine. No matter where you go, even though its the end of the world, its fine. He's willing to wait for you to come back. It doesn't matter how long he has to wait. One year. Two years. Three years. Ten years. Its okay."


(phone call)
He Ren: "Hello Ma."
Qiu Jia Rong: "How are lately? Did you take your medicine on time?"
He Ren: "I'm fine. I took my medicine on time. Don't worry."
Qiu Jia Rong: "I'm not worried now. Are you used to staying in the campus?"
He Ren: "I'm used to it. My roommates have so much to talk about. Its lively"
Qiu Jia Rong: "Really? Are you okay with that?"
He Ren: "Yes. When they're gossiping, I'd listen to them. It's interesting.
Qiu Jia Rong: "What are you gossiping about? Share with me."
He Ren: "Do you really want to hear that?"
Qiu Jia Rong: "I've managed to find an expert for you in America. Listening to your gossip would be interesting."
He Ren: "Ma, why have you lost yourself? There shouldn't be just two cancer patients in your life. There should be others."
Qiu Jia Rong: "He Ren, You are all I need."
He Ren: "No way. No way. This is not enough. Ma, you're not just a mother. You're also a woman. You should look for a man who loves you. You should have a life for yourself." 
Qiu Jia Rong: "Okay. I'll listen to you. When you're recovered, I will live my own life. That's it."
He Ren: "Okay. I'm hanging up."
Qiu Jia Rong: "Take care of yourself."

    πŸ’— Episode 24 - The Final Episode πŸ’—


    • Xiao Han visits He Ren at her dormitory. They go to Xiaozhou village and to many other places.
    • Xiao Han takes He Ren to the chapel in garden at Central Lake. He proposes and He Ren agrees to marry him
    • He Ren meets up with Han Yu at the airport before she leaves for Chuanxi to marry Xiao Han.
    • Xiao Han gives He Ren a lavish, traditional Qiang wedding ceremony. 
    • Xiao Han and He Ren travel to the snowy mountainside. He Ren was assuring Xiao Han that she is not leaving. 
    • Zhang Yuanqi and Qiu Jia Rong meet again in a restaurant after a long time.

      Memorable lines:

      Xiao Han: "He Ren, look."
      He Ren: "Wow. There are so many stars! It's beautiful."
      Xiao Han: "We can hardly see stars in the city. Because there are many neon lighting and street lights at night. Man mad lighting has made the night sky bright. In a certain extent it has covered up the brightness of the dimmer stars."
      He Ren: "So, you've brought me here for stargazing?"
      Xiao Han: "You haven't seen the brighter ones."
      He Ren: "It is bright enough. I am contented to seeing such bright stars."
      Xiao Han: "No."
      He Ren: "Yes."
      Xiao Han: "No." 
      He Ren: "Yes."
      Xiao Han: (kisses He Ran's hand) "This is it." (Xiao Han puts a ring on He Ren's finger and goes down on one knee) "You are the brightest star." 
      He Ren: (smiles sweetly)
      Xiao Han: "Dear Miss He Ren, will you marry Mr. Xiao Han? For richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, that you'll hold his hands to live this life with him?" 
      He Ren: "I will."
      Xiao Han: "Let me give you a wedding."
      He Ren: (smiles and nods her head.)


      Han Yu: "What's his name?"
      He Ren: "Xiao Han."
      Han Yu: "Why him?"
      He Ren: "There's no why. I just love him. I've decided when I first met him."
      Han Yu: "What do I lack in comparison to him? We knew each other since we were young. I've been by your side. We've known each other for more than ten years. And a random guy you found outside has defeated me?"
      He Ren: "Han Yu, you don't like me. You don't love me either. Its just because we grew up together and we're just used to being around each other."
      Han Yu: "No. I love you. Mine is love." 
      He Ren: "Have you heard of this? When you meet someone as bright as a rainbow, everyone else will become clouds. That's love." 
      Han Yu: "Is Xiao Han your rainbow?"
      He Ren: "No. Xiao Han is my life. I am blessed enough to have met him. Even if I die right now, its worth it. 
      Han Yu: "I envy you a lot. Even though you're sick, you have everything. I have nothing. I envy you a lot for being able to meet him."
      He Ren: "Okay. I need to go now."
      Han Yu: "Can I hold you for one last time?" 
      He Ren: (turns her back to leave)
      Han Yu: "He Ren, you must live well. I don't want you to die."
      He Ren: "Han Yu, you've finally grown up." 
      Han Yu: "Shut up. Even if you compliment me, you won't choose me." 
      He Ren: "I promise you. I will live well."


      He Ren: "I'm not leaving, okay? I am not leaving.
      Xiao Han: "Be good."
      He Ren: "Xiao Han, If...I'm not coming back, you mustn't look for another woman. You promised me, You said I'm your last woman."
      Xiao Han: (nods head)
      He Ren: "Will you wait for me?"
      Xiao Han: (nods head, holding back tears)
      He Ren: "How long will you wait for me?"
      Xiao Han: "Until you're back."
      He Ren: "If I don't come back, you mustn't cry."
      Xiao Han: (looks away and holds back his tears)
      He Ren: "Go get a fish by then and give it a nice name."
      Xiao Han: "I'll get two. I will wait for you to come back to name them."


      He Ren: "Xiao Han. You've done all the things that you've promised me."
      Xiao Han: "I haven't told you that I love you yet. I love you so much
      He Ren: "I love you too. I've loved you since I first met you."
      Xiao Han: "Me too."
      He Ren: "Xiao Han, I'm a bit tired. I want to sleep for a while."
      Xiao Han: "Let me sleep with you."


      My review

      I am a huge Jerry Yan fan, so I will try my best to be unbiased.

      Jerry Yan did a great job in portraying the character of Xiao Han. His character here is so different from the usual rich, spoiled brat he portrayed in his other dramas. I like that he is "evolving" into more mature roles and as always, he never disappoints.

      Xu Ruo Han was excellent. She did justice to the character of He Ren. The giddy, girly antics were so cute. Even during times when the plot was supposed to be sad, she was able to let real tears flow. Mark of a good actress!

      I love the onscreen chemistry of Jerry Yan and Xu Ruo Han. Honestly, I did not even think about the age gap - in both the drama and in real life. The difference in age is not an issue when it comes to love, right? Some people reacted negatively to this age gap thing. It was the same when Jerry Yan partnered with Shen Yue in the series Count Your Lucky Stars. They also had a 20 year age gap then. 

      Another thing that sets this series apart from the other Jerry Yan series I have watched is the musical scoring. Perfect choice of songs to use to enhance the scenes. My favorite of all the songs in this drama is Wo de ni (My You) by Kathy Wang. Beautiful melody! Check out the OST here

      The cinematography is perfect! I searched online to find out where this was filmed and I learned that most scenes where filmed in Hainan, hence the tropical scenery. Xiao Han's hometown (Chuanxi) was probably filmed in Sichuan, where the Qiang people live. (Feel free to correct me if I am wrong) I read about the Qiang people and there was one interesting fact about them - there is a hearth in the house with a metal tripod over it and that the fire in the hearth is never extinguished. That same thing was in the series. How realistic can you get?

      The famous Dao Ming Si line was also used in this series - "If apologies are accepted, why do we need the police?" If I am not mistaken, this line has been present in most of Jerry Yan's dramas. I guess I should expect this line in his future drama series. 

      My Questions

      I have questions about some scenes in the series. Feel free to leave a comment if you know the answer. 

      1. Jerry Yan had different hairstyles in what was supposed to be one day in the story. He'd have straight tousled hair in one scene and short curly hair in the next. Was he in the process of filming an advert or something at the same time this series was being shot?

      2. In Episode 18,  Xiao Han appears in He Ren's front door. How did he get in if the gate to He Ren's house is password protected?

      3. The painting of African daisies (or Gerberas) in Xiao Han's house. How did he acquire it? In the series he said he bought it a long time ago. Was it a replica or the real thing? In Episode 8, He Ren opened the safe containing her father's paintings. She takes out the painting, the original work of her father, just like the one hanging on the wall in Xiao Han's house. Succeeding episodes would show Qin Zao stealing the painting in Xiao Han's house and attempting to sell it to Mr. Han. Mr. Han's assistant takes the painting to be "authenticated by an expert" and then returns saying Qin Zao only has a replica of the original. Was it at this time that the swap happened?  In the final episode, a man asks Xiao Han if he would be interested in selling the painting. So the original painting was the one that Qin Zao actually returned in Xiao Han's house? In that scene, Mr. Han's assistant was hiding behind some trees watching Qin Zao return the painting. He calls Mr. Han and says, "It is done."

      4. Why wasn't Xiao Han wearing the traditional Qiang costume during his wedding to He Ren? 

      5. I noticed that there were different terms used for the flower in the paintings. African daisies, Gerberas, Chrysanthemums. Which one is which? I did some research and I found out that Gerberas and African daisies refer to the same flower and are native to South Africa. Chrysanthemums are in the same family (Asteraceae) as Gerberas, but they are native to East Asia. Maybe it is just a lapse in translation. But anyway, one nice thing that came out of my research is that generally, Gerberas symbolize innocence, purity, cheerfulness and loyal love. 

      6. The Epiphyllum flower is commonly called "Queen of the Night" because it only blooms at night and wilts before dawn. In Episode 24, why did the epiphyllum bloom during the daytime?

      My take on the ending

      So now I will discuss about the ending. 

      This series has an open ending. It leaves the viewers to interpret for themselves how the story ended. The clues can be found in previous episodes.

      Version 1:

      At the 28th minute mark in Episode 24, He Ren's hand goes limp and she says, "Xiao Han, I'm a bit tired. I want to sleep for a while," to which Xiao Han's reply was "Let me sleep with you." Both characters where laying on a snow field and it starts snowing heavily. Did both of them die? Maybe yes, maybe not.

      Version 2: 

      Next scene was supposed to happen one year later. Zhang Yuanqi and Qiu Jia Rong accidentally meet in a restaurant. Qiu Jia Rong was eating fried chicken. She does that when she is stressed. When Zhang Yuanqi asked when she got back, she said, "I came back last week." Why did she not say "we" instead of "I" if she came back with He Ren? But she seemed happy to have met Zhang Yuanqi again. She asks Zhang Yuanqi if what he said in the studio still count. Zhang Yuanqi said, "I've been waiting for you." If you remember in episode 23,  He Ren told her mom to find a man who loves her so she can be a woman again? And Qiu Jia Rong said, "Okay. I'll listen to you. When you're recovered, I will live my own life. That's it."  Was He Ren's treatment in the United States successful? Maybe yes, maybe not. 

      Version 3:

      At the 37th minute mark of Episode 24, the epiphyllum bloomed. If you would recall, in Episode 8, He Ren and Xiao Han made a bet, that if the epiphyllum bloomed, they'd be together. The following morning, Xiao Han leaves the house to work in the garden in Central Lake. All the gerberas are in bloom. He Ren's voice calls his name and the credits roll. But keep on watching because at the 42nd minute mark, Xiao Han turns around to see who called his name and it was He Ren walking towards him. Is it a dream? Just like the lyrics in one of the songs in the series, "Are you just a fantasy or a reality?"  Is He Ren alive? Is she back? Maybe yes, maybe not.

      I am leaning towards the Version 3 ending. The clues are there. He Ren is healed and she is back in Xiao Han's arms.

      I watched this series on WeTV. Click here if you want to watch it too. There are other platforms where you can watch it too, but I prefer WeTV because it gives you the opportunity to watch it in hi def.

      My Rating 

      On a scale of 0 to 5 stars, I give this series a..... (I can't help it! 😍)

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      1. Loving, Never Forgetting (series review)
      2. My Best Ex-Boyfriend (series review)
      3. Meteor Garden Season 3 (5 Part Fan Fiction Series)

      Saturday, January 2, 2021


      Dinner time. Xiao Tang was full of questions.

      "Papa, how come Nai nai  is rich and you're not? I heard that you and Mama were hiding from her. Why is that? And why were you so angry when you saw her? Did she do something wrong?"

      Dao Ming Si and San Cai looked at each other. 

      San Cai spoke. "Dao Ming Si, I think you and Xiao Tang should have a little father and son talk after dinner."

      Dao Ming Si nodded and said, "Xiao Tang, after dinner, Papa will go to your bedroom. There are things we need to tell you. Finish your dinner first then wash up afterwards, okay?"

      "Okay, Pa."

      That evening, Dao Ming Si told his son everything. He did not sugar coat the facts, he spoke to his son like he was speaking with an adult and not a 5 year old. He knew he understood. This way, there will be no more secrets, Dao Ming Si told himself. After he had tucked Xiao Tang in bed, he gave him a kiss and wished him good night. As he closed the door, Dao Ming Si had a feeling of relief. No more emotional baggage. This is what family is supposed to be.

      San Cai was listening outside Xiao Tang's bedroom, listening to the father and son conversation. When Dao Ming Si came out, San Cai hugged him tight. "Thank you Dao Ming Si. Now that everything is out in the open, we can have peace of mind. No more running, no more hiding. You are the best husband and father any woman can ever have."

      "I need to claim my reward then." Dao Ming Si had a naughty smile on his face.

      "Reward? What reward?" San Cai had a puzzled look on her face.

      "My reward for being the best husband!" Dao Ming Si says.

      "Oh. Do you want me to cook something for you?" San Cai replied.

      "Nope. I will claim my reward in the bedroom!" Dao Ming Si lifts San Cai up on his shoulder and carries her into their bedroom.

      "Dao Ming Si!!!" 

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

      "Hua Ze Lei? Did you get to speak with Meizuo?" Ximen was on the phone with Lei.

      "Yes, I did. He called me. That was wonderful news. I knew that in time, they'd patch up. We should give each other a pat on the back. It just seemed like the stars were all aligned we won heaven's favor. Happy to know Ah-Si has come to his senses." Lei said.

      "When are you flying back home, Lei? We are all invited to Dao Ming Feng's birthday celebration next month. It would be nice if we would all be complete again." Ximen asked.

      "I can book a flight next week. There is not much work to do at the office right now so I am sure my father would let me go on a vacation." Lei said.

      "Great. Meizuo is staying here. It was only his mother who flew back to Los Angeles. His fiancee will  flying in from California a few days from today, so he stayed. So I guess we will complete. I am so excited to be with you guys again!" Ximen was smiling ear to ear. 

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

      Dao Ming Si and San Cai have decided to travel to Taipei to visit San Cai's parents. 

      "My parents will be so surprised. I am excited to see them!"

      "See who, Mama?"

      "My Ma and Pa, Xiao Tang. You will get to meet your Wai po and Wai gong." San Cai replied.

      "Wow. Before it was just you, and me and Papa. Now I have a Nai nai, a Wai po and a Wai gong!" Xiao Tang was jumping with excitement. "When are we going to see them?"

      "Next weekend we will go to Taipei to meet them." Dao Ming Si said. He then whispers to San Cai, "I hope they will be happy to see me too. I know they think I stole their daughter from them. Please protect me from your mother's frying pan."

      San Cai jabbed her elbow into Dao Ming Si's side and laughed. "Haha. I don't think my Ma would hit you with her frying pan, but if she would ever attempt to, I will protect you."

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

      Dao Ming Si,Xiao Tang and San Cai stand outside the gate of her parents house. She rings the doorbell.

      "Who is it?" San Cai hears her mother's voice. She keeps quiet. Rings the bell again.

      "I'm coming, I'm coming! Stop ringing the doorbell! Electricity is not cheap!" Oh, that familiar high pitched voice that I miss so much, San Cai says to herself.

      The door opens. Dong Mama is stunned to see San Cai, Dao Ming Si and Xiao Tang standing there. She drops to her knees and cries.

      San Cai helps her mother up. "Ma... I'm home."

      "Is it really you? Am I dreaming? San Cai? 6 years!"

      "It is me, Ma. You are not dreaming. Come here, Dao Ming Si. Don't be scared of my mother. You know she adores you."

      "Master Dao Ming Si..."

      "No more titles, Dong Mama. I am just Dao Ming Si now. Oh, by the way, meet your grandson, Xiao Tang."

      "Hello, Wai po. Xiao Tang greets his grandmother with a shy smile.

      "My grandson? Lao gong! Your daughter is back! Come here and meet your son in law and your grandson! Lao gong!!! You pig head! Come here!"

      Dao Ming Si and San Cai smiled. Just like the old times. 

      The family had a lovely time catching up on each other's lives. San Cai told her mother about everything that happened and most especially about the recent incident of meeting Dao Ming Feng, the reconciliation, and all that. San Cai's parents were happy that all turned out well, even if it took years. Dong Papa's happiness was so evident in the way he played with his grandson. Even with a bad back, he willingly let Xiao Tang ride piggy back on him. 

      The family stayed there for a night. The next morning, they were set on visiting Dao Ming Feng. San Cai gave her parents a big hug. She gave them her address and phone number in Hsinchu. 

      "Ma, Pa. You can visit or call us anytime you want. It would be a nice break for you guys to do some travel once in a while. We'll have to go now. Dao Ming Si promised his mother a visit too." San Cai said.

      "I will miss you Wai po and Wai gong. When you visit me in Hsinchu, I will show you my trains. We can play the whole day." Xiao Tang said as he embraced his grandparents.

      "Oh, I will miss you too, Xiao Tang." Dong Mama kisses Xiao Tang. "Be a good boy to your parents always."

      "Yes, Wai po."

      Dong Papa pulls Dao Ming Si aside and says, "You better take good care of my daughter. You hear me?"

      "I will treasure her with my life." Dao Ming Si says with all sincerity.

      The three leave after saying their goodbyes.

      Meanwhile, at the mansion, Dao Ming Feng was busy ordering the butler and the maids to be prepared for Dao Ming Si and his family's visit.

      "Are my grandson's toys in his room? Did you get everything a little 5 year old boy would like? The food? Is it ready? They will be here soon."

      Dao Ming Si and his family alight from a taxi. They got off a block from the mansion and walked towards the gate.

      "Pa, where is your Mama's house? Is it still far to walk?" Xiao Tang asked.

      "No, my son. Just a few meters more and we will be at the gate." Dao Ming Si replied.

      "Here we are!" Dao Ming Si pushes open the gate. Two men in suits greeted him respectfully and bowed.

      "Young Master Dao Ming Si. You're back!" One of the men said.

      "Young master? You are Young master Dao Ming Si? Papa?" Xiao Tang looked puzzled. "You must have been really rich."

      "Hush, my son. Just keep walking. Your Nai nai is waiting for you." San Cai said.

      When they reached the foyer, Xiao Tang could not control himself and said, "This is Nai nai's house? It is as big as the earth!"

      "Xiao Tang!" Dao Ming Feng calls out to her grandson

      He runs to her side and hugs her. "Nai nai, Papa said you were rich but I did not know you were THIS rich!"

      Dao Ming Feng smiled. "In time, Xiao Tang, you will have all this."

      "Ma..." Dao Ming Si said. "We have already talked about this."

      "I'm sorry. San Cai, come inside. The food is waiting. I asked the chef to make a sumptuous dinner for us all."

      The family enjoyed a good meal and a lively conversation. This was something new to Dao Ming Si, because his mother rarely talked to him during their meals. It felt wonderful. And to think his mother was actually having a nice conversation with San Cai. Perfect. Just the way I want it to be. Dao Ming Si said to himself.

      Dao Ming Feng calls for the nannies to help Xiao Tang upstairs to his room. "I got toys for you in your room, Xiao Tang. I hope you will like them." Dao Ming Feng said.

      "Thank you Nai nai!," and he runs upstairs with the nannies.

      "San Cai," said Dao Ming Feng, "Don't forget to invite your parents to come on my birthday. I want all of you to celebrate with me. This is going to be a very special birthday for me."

      "I will let them know, Madam, I mean, Ma." 

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

      The family goes back to Hsinchu after spending the weekend at San Cai and Dao Ming Si's families. Xiao Tang enjoyed his little vacation and was eager to go back to Taipei to see his grandparents. 

      Meanwhile, Dao Ming Si went back to his work at the restaurant and San Cai busied herself with taking care of her family. On the 28th of the following month would be a special day for everyone. This reunion would mark the start of emotional healing, and that both Dao Ming Si and San Cai never expected that this would happen this soon.

      A day before their trip to Taipei, San Cai was looking at the clothes she had in her closet.

      "What should I wear, Dao Ming Si? I am scared your mother would not approve of a casual attire. You know all her big wig business friends would be there too." San Cai said.

      Dao Ming Si hands her a present. "Here, sweetheart. Take this. I saved some money out of my pay check last week and I got you a pretty dress. I hope you like it."

      San Cai opened the box. Her eyes widened at the sight of what was inside. It was a satin gown in the prettiest shade of lilac. "Thank you, Dao Ming Si. I love it. But you shouldn't have spent so much for this dress. But still, thank you! But what about you? What are you going to wear?"

      "A coat and tie of course. I got one for Xiao Tang too." Dao Ming Si smiled at his wife who was still marveling at the beautiful dress.

      "We better get to bed early. Mama called. She said she will have a driver pick us up tomorrow at 8 am, so we don't have to take the train. She's going to have someone pick up your parents too. Please let them know tonight so they will be ready."

      "I will. Thank you so much for this dress." San Cai kisses Dao Ming Si on the lips.

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

      The big day finally arrives.

      The Dao Ming mansion is all decked with tables for the guests, complete with very expensive tablescapes. The entire garden has been lined with flower bouquets - tulips and chrysanthemums imported from the Netherlands.

      Guest started arriving and Dao Ming Feng greeted them all with a smile on her face. Yu Tian made an announcement asking everyone to take a seat. Dao Ming Feng then spoke to the crowd.

      "My friends, today is a very special day. It is my birthday but other than that, today I celebrate the homecoming of my son, Dao Ming Si. You may have heard rumors about our family issues, but its all in the past. Please let me introduce him to you once more. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my son, Dao Ming Si, his wife San Cai and my beloved grandson, Xiao Tang."

      Everyone stood up and applauded. San Cai had her head bowed. She was not used to this kind of attention. "Look up at the crowd and smile, sweetheart." Dao Ming Si said.

      "Do I look okay? Is my hair okay?" San Cai whispered.

      "You are the most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes on." Dao Ming Si looks into her eyes and smiles.

      San Cai blushed.

      "San Cai! Mama is here!" Dong Mama was waving at her daughter, telling everyone around her that she is the mother of Dao Ming Si's wife. 

      "Thank you everyone for your warm welcome for my son and his family and your heartfelt birthday greetings. Please sit back and enjoy the day. Wine will be served right now and the meal will follow shortly after. Again, thank you." Dao Ming Feng said to the crowd.

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

      Hua Ze Lei, Meizuo and  Ximen and his wife Xiao You arrived. Dao Ming Si run to greet them.

      "You made it! I am so happy that we get to have this chance to be together! Come in, come in!" Dao Ming Si had his arms around his friends.

      San Cai greeted them soon as she saw them. "Lei, Ximen, Meizuo... thank you for coming. It seems like it has been forever since we were together like this."

      "You look beautiful, San Cai. So elegant in that dress." Hua Ze Lei could not keep his eyes off San Cai.

      Dao Ming Si puts his arm around San Cai's waist and says, "She sure is beautiful. I am the luckiest man alive."

      Yes you are, Ah-Si. You are very lucky to have San Cai as your wife. She would have ended up with me, but I could never replace you in her heart. You are the one she loves, not me. I am just her good friend, and I vow to protect her forever from any harm and hurt. You can count on that Ah-Si. Lei said to himself.

      "San Cai, you and Xiao You go ahead and enjoy. I am going to do some catching up with these three monkeys. Haha!" Dao Ming Si laughed.

      "Okay," San Cai said, and then took Xiao You by the hand and led her to the gazebo which was quite a distance away from the crowd. Then they heard a familiar voice.. 

      "San Cai! San Cai!" And they saw Qing He running towards them.

      "Qing He!" San Cai gives him a hug. "How are you? I did not know you were here too."

      "My father's company was chosen by Dao Ming Feng to build her new hotel in Keelung. I am glad that she did. This would be a big boost for my father's company."

      "Come here and sit with us, Qing He. It has been years since we last had a good conversation." Xiao You said.

      San Cai looked around to check on Xiao Tang. Her son was busy riding the electric toy car that Dao Ming Feng bought for him. San Cai had to chuckle watching the three nannies chase after her son.

      This is such a wonderful day. San Cai smiled.

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

      In the meantime, Dao Ming Si, Hua Ze Lei, Ximen and Meizuo were engaged in a lively conversation. They were reminiscing about their younger years, their college days, the red tags, and their spoiled brat moments. All of a sudden, Dao Ming Si turned serious.

      "I can never thank you guys enough. really. I still don't want this kind of lifestyle for my son. Too complicated, too stressful for a young boy. I'd rather want him to have a normal life, to mingle with kids his age, to be want he wants to be. But I am happy now that my mother and I have finally understood each other. It seems like a huge weight has been taken off my chest." 

      Dao Ming Si then asks Ximen a question. "Ximen, you know that San Cai and Xiao you are the best of friends. Maybe you can let Xiao You visit San Cai once in a while. I know it will make both of them happy. Can you do that?" 

      "Sure, why not?" Ximen replies.

      Dao Ming Si then turns his attention to Meizuo.

      "Meizuo, will you please hurry up and marry that girl? We are not getting any younger. Do it now while your knees can still hold you up! Hahaha."

      "No rush, brother. I will marry her when the time is right. For now, let's just drink and have fun!" Meizuo raises his glass for a toast.

      Lastly, Dao Ming Si speaks with Hua Ze Lei.

      "Lei, my brother. I know we have had so many misunderstandings in the past but you were always there, supporting me, helping me. You have been my wife's crying shoulder and I really appreciate all those things you did to help her through her troubles - even if most of  her heartaches were because of me and my mother. I wish you find a wife who will care for you. Someone like San Cai. Honestly, if fate had it that me and San Cai did not end up together, I really wished she'd end up with you because I know you would treasure her like I do."

      "Ah-Si. There is no one else like San Cai. I have been and will forever be her best friend, you know that. I will protect her and not allow anyone to give her heartaches again. That is a promise I will make to you, today, tomorrow and even beyond this earthly life. Promise me you will cherish my good friend and much as I treasure her friendship."  Hua Ze Lei said.

      "I will, Lei. Promise you that."

      "These two guys must be drunk! Cut out the drama, you too! Today is a happy day! Let's celebrate!" Meizuo said, laughing.

      "I raising a glass to celebrate your homecoming, Ah-Si. Welcome back! Cheers!" Ximen said.

      "Cheers!" All four friends raised their glasses, drank their wine and smiled.

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

      Suddenly they heard a commotion. Dao Ming Feng's security personnel were running. Dao Ming Si stood up and tried to find out what was happening. He looked towards the gazebo where San Cai was. He saw her running towards Xiao Tang and grabbed him. Dao Ming Si started running towards his wife and son. Hua Ze Lei, Ximen and Meizuo followed suit.

      What they saw stopped them in their tracks.

      President Shui had a gun pointed at Dao Ming Feng's head. He was furious.

      "Listen everyone. This woman here promised me the building contract. Then all of a sudden, she gives it to Chen Builders Corporation. Dao Ming Feng, do you know how much money I lost? I have sealed contracts with suppliers and hired workers then you would just drop me like a hot potato? You will have to pay!"

      Dao Ming Feng answers back, "I never promised you anything. I gave every bidder a fair chance. It was your mistake, not mine!"

      President Shui slaps Dao Ming Feng.

      "Shut up, you bitch! Today is the day you will burn in hell." He cocks his pistol. The security personnel move in an attempt to disarm President Shui.

      "Stand back or I will blow her head up right now."

      Dao Ming Si flung himself towards the gunman. He wrestles with him trying to free the gun from his hand.

      "You will do no harm to my mother!" Dao Ming Si shouts.

      "Dao Ming Si!!!!" San Cai was now crying hysterically. "Dao Ming Si!!!"

      "Papa!!!" Xiao Tang cried

      President Shui was strong. He managed to kick Dao Ming Si in the abdomen. Dao Ming Si fell on his back in pain. President Shui pointed the gun at Dao Ming Si. 

      "You will join your mother in hell today."

      Bang. The sound of a gunshot.

      President Shui drops his gun. He could not believe he could shoot someone out of anger... because of money.

      Security personnel wrestle him to the ground and cuff him.

      Dao Ming Si was shocked to see Hua Ze Lei beside him on the ground, bleeding from a wound on his chest.

      "Lei! Lei! Why did you do that?" Dao Ming Si was frantic. 

      Lei spoke while gasping for breath. "I do not want her to get hurt anymore. Remember I told you just now that I will protect her? She cannot lose you Ah-Si. That will break her heart.  Do not feel bad if I took the bullet for you."

      "Hua Ze Lei!!!" Dao Ming Si was crying. He shouted at the crowd. "Someone please call an ambulance! Please!!!"

      "I am fine, Ah-Si. It will only be my body that you won't see. But I will be with you guys forever in spirit. Promise me you will have a good life. Take good care of her."

      "Hua Ze Lei! San Cai was beside him now. Don't do this!"

      "San Cai. My best friend. I love you. I have always loved you...Please take care of yourself. I will see your guys in the next life."

      Hua Ze Lei died in Dao Ming Si's arms. 

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

      Several years passed.

      A teenager lays flowers and a toy train on a tomb marker.

      "Hello, Uncle Lei. I am a big boy now. I am doing as I promised you. Mama is fine. She reminds me of you everyday. She tells me stories of how good a friend you are. I hope to find a friend like you someday. Papa is learning about the Dao Ming business. Nai nai is not forcing him to do it. It was Papa's decision. Nai nai is old now and Papa wants to make sure he knows what to do when the time comes that Nai nai cannot do her job anymore. We still live in Hsinchu. It is a nice place to grow up. I love my school, and I am working hard to get a scholarship too. I am going to make you proud of me, Uncle Lei. But most of all, I want to thank you for everything that you did for us. Please continue to watch over us, Uncle Lei. I love you, and yes... See you in the next life."

      The End.

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

      © Eileen L. Layno 01/02/2021

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