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Monday, February 2, 2015

I just got a light bulb moment while having my morning cup of coffee. I just wanted to know about which country consumes the most of everyday beverages. I collated the information and I had such a fun time so I am sharing it with you. The figures below are usually described as "per capita," meaning "the average consumption of the total population," therefore, it is an average count of the people who consume it and those who don't.

The Top 5 Countries That Consume The Most Coffee
Before I searched for the information, I thought it was hands-down the United States. I thought the Philippines would be second (with all the night shift workers trying to stay awake). I guessed it wrong! The United States is not even in the Top 10, and the Philippines is not even on the list! Based on the per capita consumption of the dry weight of coffee, the top 5 are:

1. Finland - 9.6 kg per capita
2. Norway - 7.2 kg per capita
3. Netherlands - 6.7 kg per capita
4. Slovenia - 6.1 kg per capita
5. Austria - 5.5 kg per capita

The Top 5 Countries That Consume The Most Milk
Again, my top guess was the United States. Wrong again. The United States ranked 16th in a study conducted in 2008. The four of the Top 5 countries that consume the most milk (liquid and dry) are in Northern  Europe, and the country holding the 5th rank is in the Mediterranean. Without much ado, here are the Top 5 milk consuming countries:

1. Finland - 361.19 kg per capita
2. Sweden - 355.86 kg per capita
3. Netherlands - 320.15 kg per capita
4. Switzerland - 315.78 kg per capita
5. Greece - 314.79 kg per capita

The Top 5 Countries That Consume The Most Tea
Now this will be a difficult list. The manner  by which tea is consumed are different in every country in the world. Some may drink tea as part of a ceremony, others may drink tea because of it healing properties. There are still others who have tea as a regular after-meal beverage, while others drink tea as their source of caffeine. Therefore creating a list of the top consumers of tea would vary. Let us make do with a generalized list for tea consumption. So, who do you think landed the top spot? Let me take a guess. The top spot should be some country from Asia. China? Japan? India? Let's find out!

1. Turkey
2. Morocco
3. Ireland
4. Mauritania
5. United Kingdom

The Top 5 Countries That Consume The Most Beer 
Now we come to a favorite of mine... Beer! It is always something I look forward to having on the weekends. I love strong beer, Red Horse beer, particularly. Beer is the drink of friendship, of little glories and family time. Bottled beer, homemade beer, dark beer, beer in cans, draft beer, any beer! Which country would you think consumes the most beer? My wild guess was Germany, because of the Oktoberfest. Another guess would be the United States, because of all the sporting events they have, and beer is always part of each and every game. I was amazed to find out who the Top 5 really were.

1. France
2. Austria
3. Estonia
4. Germany
5. Ireland

I raise my mug, cup, glass, or bottle and greet everyone a Happy First Monday of February!