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Friday, December 6, 2019

The creation of a motion picture has undergone many developments over the past hundred years or so. From the work of the Lumiere brothers to high-tech computer animation, there have been a lot of exciting developments.

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Auguste and Louis Lumiere were French brothers who patented their cinematograph that produced moving pictures. In fact, their device could record, develop, and project the moving pictures. Their first short films are significant in the history of movie production. While working on their moving pictures, the brothers also worked on developing a photographic process that included colors. Unfortunately, the brothers didn't believe the cinema would stand the test of time and sometimes refused to sell their cameras.


Although the Lumiere's dabbled in film and color, it wasn't until 1916 that the Technicolor Corporation made it possible for moviemakers to record movie images in color. Naturally, there were some difficulties along the way, but eventually, the first two-color technique was replaced by a three-color camera that really cemented color films in the movie production industry. Where would well-known movie producers, such as Heather Parry be without these advancements?


Movie-goers today enjoy top-notch audio systems that surround them with the music, explosions, dialogue, and other sound effects of the show. However, before 1927, silent films dominated the industry. Alan Crosland was the first to premiere a film with sound. This was the result of the development of the Vitaphone. This system was eventually replaced by the Movietone. Since then, movies just haven't been complete without dialogue and a background soundtrack.

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The dramatic changes in the production of live films were paralleled by advancements in animation. Walt Disney is one of the most well-recognized names in the history of animation, if not the most famous. From the basic drawings employed to create classics, such as Steamboat Willie to the fine detailing and the three-dimensional illusion of modern animated films, there's been a lot of development.

Where will the next hundred years take movie production? As the lights go down and the sound comes on, while movie-goers settle into their seats with popcorn and a drink, there are sure to be many exciting changes on the way.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Long Hair, Don't Care

I attended Catholic girls' schools,. which basically boils down to no boy classmates for the entire 12 years from Kindergarten up to High School. Being around nuns and priests for most of my young life, our role models were modest, clean looking, well mannered lay people or teachers. 

In high school, we had an monthly activity dubbed as an "afternoon soiree." A group of students from Catholic boys' schools would be invited to come over to our campus for academic competitions and to participate in social interaction afterwards. I know, most of you would be groaning and feeling sorry for my boring teen age years. 

This has given us the stereotype of what boys should be - studious, timid, behaved, and well groomed. For me, that meant they looked like dorks - pale, frail, shaved, and sported the required hair cut. Living my young years in an almost convent-like environment stirred a little rebellion. Me and my classmates would swoon over the photos of real boys, and we'd spend our allowance buying Tiger Beat and Teen Beat Magazines. I could not imagine myself falling for those sweet, well behaved boys. I was more attracted to men sporting the man-bob, the tousled look, or simply put, men with a two day old stubble and long hair.

Here are my forever crushes. The long haired men I admired from high school, to college, to middle age.

1. Shaun Paul Cassidy

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Yes, Shaun Cassidy, or Joe Hardy of the Hardy Boys TV series. I remember they showed it every Friday at 7:30 pm. I had to make sure my homework was finished, my chores are done, and I have showered and changed in to my pajamas. I loved his layered, shoulder length blonde locks! And of course, he can play the guitar and sing too. Bonus points for that!

2.  Scott Vincent James Baio

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Scott Baio did not have really long hair but he wore the man-bob really well. I loved the movie Zapped! countless times, where he played the lead role as Barney Springboro. I followed him through his other TV series, Happy Days, Joanie Loves Chachi and Charles in Charge.

3. Robert John Downey, Jr.

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Robert Downey Jr. looks good with long hair or short cropped hair. I first noticed him in the 1994 romantic comedy movie "Only You" with Marisa Tomei. I have watched and followed his movies since then. His Iron Man movies are so good I could watch them over and over (and over) again.

4. William Bradley Pitt

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I first noticed Brad Pitt and his long blonde hair in the movie Legends of the Fall where he played the role of Tristan Ludlow. I loved the movie, not only because Brad Pitt looked absolutely sexy with his long hair and perfect physique, but because of the story itself.  A poignant film about three brothers falling in love with one woman, and the tragedy that befell the Ludlow family. I loved his other movies where he sported long hair, namely, World War Z, Troy, and The Devil's Own. I also loved his other movies even without his long hair!

5. Yan Cheng Xu (Jerry Yan)

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Yan Cheng Xu, (English name: Jerry Yan) is a Taiwanese actor and member of the boy band JVKV (formerly called F4). He started out as a model for fashion magazines, and his career skyrocketed when he got the lead role of Dau Ming Xi in the television soap, "Meteor Garden." The story line was the usual "rich boy falls in love with poor girl," nevertheless it gained a huge following and was broadcast in almost every Asian nation. Still single at 41, Jerry is dubbed as the most eligible bachelor in Taiwanese show business. Jerry, as shown in the photo above, in his recent role as a surgeon in the TV series, "The Hospital." If my doctor was this cute, I wouldn't mind being in the hospital for a long time.

These five guys with gorgeous locks are now in their 50s (except Jerry who's 41) and are still head-turners - with our without long hair!

Who do you think looks cute even after all these years?