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Thursday, March 20, 2014

My OOTD: XX Years Ago

It is always fun looking at old photographs. In my youth, cameras used film and we had to wait a week or so to have them "developed" into pictures. I had my very first Kodak Instamatic camera when I was in 6th grade and I guarded it with my life! My aunt's big professional camera had a stern "Do Not Touch" warning, while my dad's Polaroid was only for special occasions.

One of my favorite childhood pictures was taken at home. It was a big family dinner after my very first piano recital. My OOTD was a white dress, white socks and shoes. I had a white ribbon to keep my hair in place. For accessories, I had a watch, a bracelet and earrings and a necklace.

Children's parties during my youth were a big thing. There were no McDonald's, Jollibee, KFC, Shakeys. We had home cooked food that children really loved. Spaghetti, hotdogs, cake, lots of ice cream and candy. We had parlor games, balloons, loot bags for our guests. We got to invite all our classmates and more. It was a fun time. The following is a picture taken during my cousin's birthday party. My OOTD for that day was a shirt with a butterfly design, a red belt, and tangerine pants. Did you find me? Haha.

I loved growing up in the time that I did. I skinned my knees, I broke some bones, I had my share of my butt being whipped, kneeling in front of the altar with my arms outstretched as punishment for misbehaving. I learned a lot from experience.

I had my cousins as my very first best friends, the outdoors as my playground, my family as my rock.

My childhood was the best and I would not wish to have grown up in any other era as the one I grew up in.