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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Rain and Daydreams

It is raining. Can't go for a walk.

The very first tropical storm of the year in our part of the world.

So I sit here, browse around, wishing the power won't go off. Then I started to daydream. I thought of things I could never ever EVER own in my lifetime. Even if I work 24 hours a day, it would still be impossible, unless of course, I would win the lotto. Fat chance.

Its free to dream, right? Join me on my daydreaming journey!

I have always wanted a nice, big, country style house built on a large sprawling property. Surrounded by lots and lots of fresh air and greenery. I have lived all my life in the city and there is nothing more I would love to do than to live in the country.

Here's my dream house:
Photo credit
I love earth tones and this is the perfect house for me. Large windows, with a rock, brick and stucco facade. Wood accents and a well maintained front lawn. Perfect!

I have always wanted to have a pool. I love the water and would jump at any chance to go to the beach or take a dip in a pool. If I had my own, I want it to look like this:

Photo credit
Of course if I had a pool, I would also need to have a patio, with the option of having a hot tub too. It would be nice to have weekend barbeques with the family while enjoying a cool and relaxing time at the pool. My patio should be made of wood, furnished with nice chairs and plush cushions. I can only imagine sitting there at night watching the stars!

Photo credit
Being Asian, I need to have something unique to my culture. Yes. I want a Zen garden and Koi pond. Sitting beside it, listening to the trickling of the water droplets and watching these beautiful fish swim ever so gracefully is truly relaxing. I can sit there and write a novel! 

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When I was a little girl, I always dreamed of having a tree house. My cousin and I would climb trees and pretend we had a tree house. If I had the ways and means, I would have a tree house built on my dream property. A cute little one with a bridge (instead of a ladder) which connects to the main house. I could use it as a studio where I can take lots of pictures of the views outside, or maybe learn to paint and create masterpieces in there. It could be my own little quiet place. This dream of having a tree house was intensified by watching that TV show, Tree Masters.

Photo credit
Now that I am done with the exterior, I am starting to complete my dream with the inside of the house. I close my eyes and imagine the perfect living room. 

Photo credit
My living room has to have large windows offering a great view of the outdoors. I love natural lighting and to have plush furniture off-white color is just perfect. The circular design of the living room set makes for good conversation moments with family and friends. Love the marble flooring and the fixtures that give subdued lighting at night. Dream on!

Then I move on to my most visited place in the house - the kitchen. I would love to have my appliances built in, to avoid clutter and to make everything look more organized. Have I told you how much I love wood? How I wish I could have a kitchen like this!

Photo credit
Lately, I have seen unique designs for family rooms. I love those sunken couch designs, however, with my husband's balance and mobility issues, I don't think that would work for him. Now, if I owned a house, of course, I'd love to have a media and entertainment room. I'd most probably have it in the basement. This is where me and my family will enjoy countless hours of movie nights with lots and lots of popcorn. My husband and my boys can also enjoy watching their favorite sports on a huge TV. I'd make sure there are surround speakers for a more realistic and pleasurable experience. No movies or sports games to watch? No problem. I'll just sit there and listen to my favorite music.

Photo credit
My husband and I are both bookworms so we have to have a place in the house where we can sit in comfort with a good book in hand. I'll have a library! As long as the dream is alive, I'll keeping dreaming!

Photo credit
Isn't this lovely? Wood parquet floors, wooden bookshelves. brick wall, cozy couch, and scented candles! Truly a book lover's paradise. 

What if we had to babysit for the grandchildren? We would need a place in the house where they can do as they please - play with toys, draw, paint, read books or watch cartoons. A kids' playroom would be nice to have. Something just like this:

Photo credit
I'd throw in a daybed or some bean bags. Kids need to rest too!

So now comes the time in my dream that I have to rest. What would our master's bedroom look like? I hope I do not sound too redundant, but of course, my preferences would be natural light, large windows, earth tones, and wood. A large bed, chairs, a desk, and walk in closets too! 

Photo credit
Of course, there would be two other bedrooms, one for each of our sons. There will also be two spacious bedrooms, for my two daughters who are now married and have families of their own. I know they'd love to come and visit and they are more than welcome every time. I'll have two more spare bedrooms for relatives or guests who would want to stay overnight.

Oh my goodness! In my dream, I am the owner of a huge 7 bedroom house with a pool, patio, tree house, zen garden and koi pond! I have a huge properly surrounded by evergreens and fruit bearing trees. I have a well maintained front lawn and a three car garage where my dream vehicle is parked. My very very own Ford F150 Raptor 2016 Edition!

Photo credit

I know there is no chance for me to have any of these, however, it just felt nice to be able to imagine how it is to live a life of luxury. 

Now the rain has stopped. Maybe now I can go for a walk and get back to reality. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

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There are times when I start day dreaming of things I should have done but did not do; of goals that I can confidently say will never reach fruition; and of what ifs and why nots.

Last week, one lucky bettor won the Philippine Grand Lotto prize of 249 million pesos. My God! What would I do if I won that much money?!!

Obviously, I was NOT the one who won. However, if I did, this would be my game plan. 

Forecasted total expenditure: 100 Million
Balance Remaining: 149 Million in bank deposits.

Step # 1. I will try not to scream for joy or lose consciousness upon learning I won the lotto. I would never cease thanking the Lord God for the huge blessing. 

Step # 2. I will claim my prize after two weeks or so, after all the hype has died down.

Step # 3. I will be as discrete as possible and move out of the apartment we are living in right now. We'd choose a temporary lodging where no one knows who I am. This is to ensure my family's safety. I would be extremely paranoid of being a victim of the kidnap for ransom crime ring.

Step # 4. I would purchase a modest house (with a pool and garden) in a nice quiet subdivision. I don't want gigantic houses. That would take me forever to clean! 

Step # 5. I would give my mom a handsome amount of money so she won't have to worry about paying her doctor's bills and purchasing her meds. I want my mom to live a more comfortable life. I would probably hire a maid to clean and cook for Mama.

Step # 6. I would share my blessings with my siblings. I have always been the "poorest" and they have been my go-to guys when I fall short of cash. Its about time I return the favor. They don't have to pay me back. 

Step # 7. I will set aside a trust fund for each of my children. When the time comes that they start their own families, they can use the money as a capital for business or to purchase a house of their own.

Step # 8. I will invest. I dream of owning a row of apartments or a mid-rise condominium. This would ensure that I would have a steady amount of cash flowing in every month. 

Step # 9. I will go to places on my bucket list. Starting with Batanes, then Pagudpud, Sagada, Siargao, Cebu! Then I'd go to the US, Greece, Italy, London. Of course, my family will be with me all the time. I'd take my hubby to be with his daughter and granddaughter in the United States!

Step # 10. I will pay if forward. I would put the street children in school and provide for their needs. Education is a gift that cannot be pawned or stolen. One college graduate in a poor family will guarantee an escape from poverty. I will put up Medical-Dental Missions in the depressed areas. I will also sponsor Catechism outreach programs to bring God back in the lives of the desperate. 


My timer alarm goes off. Dinner is ready. I snap out of my day dream and get back to reality. I did NOT win the lotto. I am NOT a multi-millionaire. I am me, the ordinary BPO employee, housewife, mother of three.

I throw a short prayer of thanks to God for all I have right now. My little joys, my little victories, my oh-not-so-perfect life. A roof over my head, a bed to sleep in, food on the table, a job, a loving family. These are all I have and my source of happiness and strength.

I may still win the lotto. Who knows? For now, I will be content with my writing, earning a few dollars here and there, a few hundred pesos at a time. I can still pay it forward. Its time I look for another hungry child to feed.

Sending you blessings of peace and contentment in life. Have a good evening everyone.

I know a place
Where no one ever goes
There's peace and quiet
Beauty and repose

Its hidden in a valley
Beside a mountain stream
And everytime I think of it
I find that I can dream

Only of things
Of beauty to the eyes
Snow peaked mountains
Rising to the skies

Now I know 
That God has made this world
For me.

(Lyrics of a song we sang in grade school)

Monday, December 30, 2013

Beach Fun

Here I am, on the second to the last day of the year 2013. Spending a quiet time on the beach. Getting some sun in December. Oh the joys of living in the tropics! Sunshine throughout most of the year.

I walk along the shore, feeling the small waves tenderly lapping at my feet. My husband walking alongside with me, hand in hand. I lovingly look up at him and he kisses me ever so tenderly. The children start teasing us, "Ewww! PDA! (Public Display of Attention)," "So mushy!" I wave to them in an effort to let them mind their own business. They seem to understand and the boys paddle away on their surfboards. The daughters are having a good time themselves, the eldest minding her husband and our sweet little granddaughter, and the other, playing cards with her soft spoken boyfriend.

A dream vacation, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, no smog, no noise, no stress.

Night came quickly and we gathered together in front of the bonfire. A few beers, hotdogs and marshmallows, and a lot of stories and laughter. It is close to midnight. We put out the fire and gathered our stuff. We get inside our rented cottage and gave each other the warmest exchanges of "Good night, I love you."

I fall asleep, happy and content.


My alarm goes off. What the..?!!! 

REALITY! I wake up and I was back in our house, my alarm still buzzing. Its time for me to get ready for work.