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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Shop Globally with Uskoop

The holidays are fast approaching and I am close to panic mode trying to figure out what to get for my loved ones. I don't have much to spend, but I do want to get them something useful that they will love.

Two years ago, I got my husband a Kindle Fire HD from a merchant who purchases stuff from the United States. I did not have to wait a long time to get my Kindle Fire HD because they had it in stock. However, it was a different story when I tried to order a Graco Pack N' Play Playard for my grandson. I was quoted for an outrageous price and a 7-week wait time. I tried to find other ways to purchase the Graco Playard from Amazon and have it shipped here. Oh my goodness. The shipping fee was almost 4 times the actual cost of the item. No way, Jose! The only reason I wanted to get it from Amazon is because I wanted to be sure that it was an authentic Graco, and not an imitation product. The safety of my grandson was my utmost priority. Left with no other choice, I found myself purchasing it locally in a department store.

This year, I discovered Uskoop. This company serves as your gateway to purchase items from US stores and delivers them right to your doorstep. I am loving this Uskoop thing! They take care of everything for you and price quotes are instant! The process is simple, straightforward, and fast. Wait time is only 10-15 business days! Awesome. One more thing I like about Uskoop is that you don't have to pay any membership fee to avail of their service. In other words, it is FREE. Wonderful.

Why should we choose Uskoop over others? Uskoop does not only provide competitive pricing, you also get a lot of benefits from using their service.

Having been convinced and loving everything I read on their website, I have chosen 5 items that I wish to purchase from US merchants through Uskoop's service. Of course, I have chosen one for each member of the family. Here's my wishlist video:

I also checked on the price for one item from my list from a local online shopping site. Guess what? I am going to save Php 1,807.00 when I order from Uskoop! Totally awesome.

Here's proof:

We all love getting the best deal for our purchases, right? However, for others who are still unsure of whether shopping online is a good idea, Uskoop will provide their customers security and peace of mind that their items will be handled with care and delivered in a timely manner!

This is the best thing that has happened to online shopping. We can now get authentic items from big name merchants in the United States at very reasonable prices. Payment for your purchases is hassle-free, because they offer several payment options, namely, Citbank's C2P, Mastercard, Visa, and Dragon Pay. Go ahead and pick your dream item from any of these US merchants!

Don't just take my word for it. Check it out for yourself. Click HERE to start shopping with Uskoop. Follow them on Instagram ( and Facebook ( to get updates on new merchants.

Wait, I'm not done yet! Here's something for you...

Get a 10% discount off your shipping and handling fee by using the code USKOOPTEN% at checkout.


Sunday, June 5, 2016

A trip to a museum always guarantees a great time. It gives us the opportunity to travel back in time or marvel at the creative genius of the artists.

In Quezon City, Philippines, there is a museum that is a fun place to visit. The place is called Art In Island, a 3D museum that houses 50 murals created by Korean artists. These murals show depth when photographed at certain angles, and visitors can have a great time using these murals as backdrops for their selfie photos. It would seem like you are actually in the mural itself.

Art In Island is different from other museums because it is interactive and touching/photographing the murals are allowed and even encouraged by the museum staff. 

My sister and her daughter, together with some friends visited this unique museum recently. I wished I was able to go with them. It would have been so much fun!

Anyway, I am sharing some of the photos they took while they were there. 

My sister Rochelle and her mommy friends

So cool!

My 10 year old niece Tyra

She's naturally shy, but not today! Hahaha.

Amazing backdrops = Awesome photos!

Art in Island Museum is located at 175 15th Avenue, Baranggay Socorro, Quezon City. They are open Tuesdays to Sundays, and Holidays, from 9:30 am to 9:30 pm. Entrance fees are Php 500 (US$ 10.81) for adults, and Php 400 (US$ 8.65) for students. Children below 3 feet tall get free entrance. They also offer special discounts for senior citizens and persons with disabilities. 

If you are anywhere near the area, make sure to drop by for a one of a kind experience!

Check out their Facebook page too - and feel free to upload your photos!

Friday, December 26, 2014

The Philippines probably has the longest holiday season in the world. We usually feel the Christmas spirit in September and it carries on until a week after the New Year. Filipinos love the revelry of the New Year and despite being deeply religious, we still believe in traditions deeply rooted in pre-colonization tribal practices; in Chinese, Indian, and Spanish culture; and local folklore. Modern times have debunked most of these beliefs; however, some still take it to heart especially during New Year celebrations. I am guilty of some; I guess it won't hurt to follow the customs and traditions that have been handed down from generations. Most may seem silly, and you may have to experience a typical Filipino family New Year celebration to believe it. 

1. As a child, I was "forced" to wear a shirt or a dress with a polka-dot design. It is believed to bring wealth and good luck for the coming year. This may be attributed to the Chinese' love for round things which signify infinity. When I asked my grandparents for the reason why I had to wear a polka-dot shirt, my grandparents would say that it symbolizes money. The dots were supposed to be coins. So then, the next year, I stopped wearing anything with polka-dots. I did not want coins, I wanted paper money! That is when I started wearing striped shirts.

2. New Year's Eve attires did not end with wearing polka-dots. It was also required that our New Year's Eve attire should be predominantly red. It was believed that the color red is for good luck. Again, another trait we have imbibed from the Chinese whose custom is to hand out little red envelopes or "hong pao" during New Year. When I was young, I didn't care much about what my parents or grandparents made me wear on New Year's Eve. I just hated the fact that our family pictures made us look like the Von Trapp Family Singers - all wearing the same design of clothes - red with polka dots.

3. It is strictly forbidden to spend on the first day of the New Year. We should get everything we need for the house or for personal use before the New Year. It is believed that spending on New Year's Day would mean losing money for the whole of the coming year. Do not be surprised to see Filipinos raiding the grocery store or the wet market. It is our time to "legally" hoard goods.

4. We have to make sure that once midnight strikes on New Year's Eve, we have money in our pockets. This is believed to ensure that we will have money all year round. There was a time that I knew I slipped a 500 peso bill in my pocket, only to find out that I lost it as I joined in the revelry of welcoming the New Year. For the years after that incident, I only kept coins in my pocket. After all, there were no set rules about how much you should carry in your pocket. 

5. To ensure that you would not go hungry in the coming year, it is a practice to fill the rice bin to the brim. Same goes with the salt and sugar containers. If you have a water reservoir, fill it too. Keep it full until after the first day of the New Year.

6. A fruit tray should be filled in 12 different kinds of fruit and placed in the center of the dinner table. This symbolizes 12 months of bountiful food for the family. My mother religiously abides by this practice. Come the second day of January, we would be "forced-fed" with the fruits that she bought. 

7. The family's New Year's Eve feast, called "Media Noche" (Midnight) is composed of dishes that are specially made, the result of hours and hours of labor in the kitchen. There are some requirements, though. There should always be something made out of sticky rice, to symbolize family togetherness. There should be fish, another custom inherited from the Chinese. Fish in Mandarin in called "yu" which also means "surplus" or "excess." Therefore, having fish on the dinner table on New Year would guarantee the family that they would have "more than enough." We are not supposed to have chicken or any winged animal. I have no idea where this tradition came from. It is believed that having chicken or turkey for New Year is bad luck because the family's finances or livelihood would just "fly away." Noodles are also a staple. This symbolizes long life.

8. Small clusters of grapes are hung on every window and door of the house. This is believed to welcome in good luck. When I was little, this was my grandmother's task. My cousin and I had the time of our lives standing on stools and grabbing a grape or two when grandma was not looking. Grapes are expensive in my side of the world and New Years was the time for us to indulge. 

9. One of the things I also looked forward to when I was a child was the "money shower." My grandparents, great aunts, and uncles would have bags of coins with them and say "Happy New Year!" while throwing a handful of coins for us little children to grab and keep for ourselves. They believed that doing this would mean money will continuously flow into the house. (Just like the Christian virtue of giving and sharing) These coins were considered "lucky" and were not to be spent. Good luck with that! Those coins were soon to be money for candy and chocolate bars.

10. All doors and windows must be kept open at midnight. This is believed to make the good luck come in. In a gated community, this would work, but not in areas where robbery is rampant. 

11. At the stroke of midnight, all children are supposed to jump up and down. We were told to take extra effort to jump as high as we can. The reason for this is that it is supposed to make us grow taller. I did believe in this and made sure I jumped like crazy on New Year's Eve. Did I grow tall? Nope. After all those years of jumping when I was a kid, I only grew to be 5 feet 1 1/2 inches. I wonder... if I didn't jump on New Year's eve when I was a kid, would I have been a dwarf?

12. Lastly, it is a rule that no one must be asleep at the stroke of midnight. In my family, even babies are lifted out of their cribs to join in the festivities. The reason for this is supposedly so that no one would be left out in receiving blessings of good luck and good fortune. 

Christmas and New Year's are two big Filipino family celebrations. It is the time to bond with family members we rarely see. It is the season to feast on sumptuous food and share stories about life. It is giving, sharing and togetherness. It is all about smiles, laughter, and cheer.. even if I have to wear polka dots. 

Have a Blessed New Year everyone! Don't forget to say a prayer of thanks to God for the graces we received for the past year and for giving us the blessing of another New Year!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Its almost lunchtime and I am hungry. And because my motivation to write came from my belly, I am writing about the Top Ten Foodies I can eat for the rest of my life.

Filipino readers can very well relate to my Top Ten choices. If you happen to be anything else other than Filipino, I have added links for the recipes. I suggest you try them.

Here's my list:

1. Kare-kare and bagoong

Who wouldn't fall for this? The choice of meat would depend on the person cooking it. I prefer beef for my kare-kare. Chunks of beef simmered to perfect tenderness, the thick creamy ground rice and peanut sauce with eggplants, sitaw (a variant of string beans), and bok choy. Best served with bagoong alamang (Salted shrimp fry paste) and hot steamed rice. My mom makes the best kare-kare ever and I run over to her house every time she makes this. 

2. Lechon Kawali

This is a large slab of pork belly deep fried to perfection! The outer crunchiness of the pork skin combined with the tenderness of the meat is pure heaven! I love having lechon kawali with a dip made of soy sauce, calamansi (Philippine lemons) and chilis. Others would prefer a dip called "Mang Tomas" which can be bought in grocery stores nationwide. 

3. Ginataang Tulingan

There are many ways to cook Tulingan (Mackarel). Tracing my roots back to my ancestors who were born and raised in Batangas, the Tulingan is a staple. The most common way of cooking the fish is to to arrange it in a clay pot, seasoned only with salt and kamias (a sour fruit) and set to cook over a low flame for hours. Batangueños call this dish "Sinaing na tulingan." I prefer the other way they cook it - immersed in coconut cream and simmered over low flame. Batangueños add small pieces of turmeric adding more flavor to the sauce. The creaminess and spicy kick from the chilis are to die for!

4. Sisig

Love this exciting dish! It is a wonderful mixture of flavors and textures and would definitely would not be for the faint of heart. The original recipe is chopped portions of (just read the recipe). When I make my own, I usually get pork shoulder, boil the meat till tender and grill it for flavor before I start chopping it into little pieces. Sprinkled with a mixture of soy sauce, calamansi and chilis then topped with a fried egg. Goes very well with lots of rice. Perfect with beer too!

5. Steamed seafood (Shrimps, Crabs, Fish, Mussels, Oysters, Clams and Squid)

I have no recipe for this, and I could not find any on the web. Maybe because it is just that simple. Get your steamer ready, rub the seafood with salt and arrange them on the steamer. That's it! Others would prefer to grill it but I prefer them steamed. They come out more tender and yummy. You can eat them when they're done or toss them in a salad for more drama. The dip of choice for this would be spicy vinegar with a little fish sauce or salt. 

6. Pasta

I love pasta! Spaghetti and Meatballs, Mac and Cheese, Pasta Alfredo, Pasta Bolognese, whatever! However, I do not like the Filipino style meat sauce which is sweet and has sliced hotdogs in it. I want real authentic Italian pasta. When I make my pasta sauce, I usually place the ground beef in a skillet over low heat to render the fat. Then I chop onions and garlic (lots of it), toss it together with the beef in a crock pot, pour in a large can of Hunts' Italian Style Spaghetti sauce and let it simmer for 4-6 hours. Pour it over our pasta of choice for the day, top with parmesan and voila! I'm in Belly Heaven!  

7. Potato Chips

I can never get enough of potato chips! I have no preference for brands or flavors. I just love them, period. It is the perfect companion for long work hours, movie marathons at home, blogging or simply relaxing with a good book.  With the vast choices out in the market today, I get to try a different flavor to satisfy my craving. Mojos and french fries are also likeable variations, but I still long for the crunch and flavor brought to me by no other than my favorite potato chips! 

8. Pizza

Pizza is heaven in a box! I know many people will disagree with me, but my favorite pizza toppings are shrimps, anchovies and extra mozzarella. I get my pizza only from one local chain - Shakey's. Their Friday special is my favorite, of course because of the shrimps and anchovies. I love their prompt delivery service! I have purchased a Shakey's Pizzanatic SuperCard which gives me a free pepperoni or cheese pizza of the same size with your order, plus a big bottle of Coke Zero. I pay only for one party size pizza and I get one more party size pepperoni pizza free! Great deal. Oh, did I mention that this pizza chain also gives you a free pizza on your birthday? Happiness! 

9. Cakes and Pies

A diabetic with an insatiable craving for cakes? Yes, that's me! I love cakes and pies- Black Forest, Tiramisu, Devil's Food Cake, Blueberry Cheesecake, Apple pies, down to the simple homemade sponge cake with lemon butter icing. To feel that velvety texture on your tongue and palate is satisfaction with the capital S. I know it is forbidden to indulge in such things and I am proud to say that I still have control over my sinful desires. I indulge in a slice once in a while and that's it. I wish I never had this disease. If I could only make it disappear for one day, I would run to the nearest Red Ribbon Bakeshop and fill myself up with as much cake as my belly can hold! 

10. Ice Cream

Another sinful treat for me. I love ice cream all year round. I love having it in the summer, in the cooler months of  January and I even love having it during the rainy season! There are so many new flavors that have hit the market and I am eager to try them all. Selecta's Mrs. Field's Chocolate Chip Ice Cream is my current #1 favorite. Closely followed by their Hershey's Kisses Ice Cream. Magnolia Nestle has this delicious Speculoos Cookie Butter Flavor, currently my 3rd favorite. I have yet to try their Pistachios and Cashew variant. Before I do run to the grocery store for a tub of ice cream, I would make sure that I have my medications. I will be fine because indulgence for me is only 3 tablespoons max. 

I apologize to leave you drooling after reading my post. Would you share with me your Top Ten and make me drool too? Haha. I'd love to hear from you.  

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Last year, my eldest son, Irvin Jason, (fondly called "Aton" by family and friends) was handpicked by UST's Tomasinoweb to be the lead in a short indie film, with the purpose of instilling hope in students who are experiencing family problems and relationship issues. 

This film won "Most Inspiring Video" out of 10 entries. 

Aton is currently the Vice President of the UST Yellow Jackets and is working hard to earn his Marketing degree on a full scholarship.

Praise and Glory to the Holy Triune God!

(My apologies to my English speaking readers because the clip is in Filipino)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mapalad pa din ako

Eksena sa jeep pauwi galing trabaho:Dalawang gusgusing bata ang sumakay sa jeep at namigay ng mga puting sobre.
Lahat naman kaming sakay ng jeep ay nagbigay ng konting barya.
Habang nakasakay, binilang ng mga bata ang kanilang napaglimusan.
Sabi ng isa: "San mo gusto kumain? McDo? Jollibee? Gusto mo ng spaghetti o manok?"
Sagot ng isa: "Sige, manok! Gusto ko ng manok!"
Sagot ng una: "Ayos. Baba na tayo dun sa may Issswood (Eastwood). Maaga maglabas ng basura dun. Makakakuha tayo ng may laman-laman pa."
Ngumiti na si bunso. 
Tanaw tanaw ko ang dalawang bata ng makababa sa jeep at kumaripas ng takbo papasok sa may Eastwood.

Hindi ko na napigilang mapaluha ng bahagya. Mapalad pa din ako.
Salamat, Panginoon.