Friday, February 21, 2014

There are amazing things about the human body that are worthy of the "Wow! I didn't know that!" reaction. Here are some of the few:

1. Your forearm and your foot are the same length. Try measuring the length of your forearm (from the crook of your elbow to your wrist) and compare it with the length of your foot. You'll be surprised that they are the same length.

2. Our eyes see images upside down. The physics of light refraction causes the upside down impression on our retina. However, these sensory images travel through the optic nerve into the brain and flip the image to its actual upright position. The first time I learned about this, I had this crazy idea that the world is really upside down.

3. Dimples are anatomical defects.These facial depressions, visible when a person smiles, adds to a person's attractiveness. However, dimples are actually an anatomical defect, caused by shortened facial muscles that cause the depression ("dimple") when a person smiles.

4. We have our own unique tongue prints. Just like fingerprints, we have our own unique tongue print. From now on, I would refrain from sticking my tongue out to protect my identity.

5. Our wingspan is more or less equal to our height. More often than not, the length of our wingspan is equal to our height. There may be an inch or two difference but this is still an amazing discovery.

6. Babies see clearly at 8 months. Babies have poor vision at birth because their sense of sight is still in its developmental stage. At six months, they have clear vision at a distance of 12 inches. Their visual acuity reaches 20/20 at eight months.

7. We were born with about 300 bones in our body, and as we grow into adults, we will only have 206. We have more bones at birth than we have during our adult years. When we are born the bones in our head are not yet fused to enable us to traverse the birth canal. The bones in our wrists and ankles are the same. Complete fusion of the bones in the head are achieved at age 2, while the bones in the wrists and ankles are stable and completely fused at age 17. 

8. Our body is made up of 65% water. 
We need to maintain this amount of hydration for our bodies to function properly down to the cellular level. Once we lose 1% of our total body water, we start to have the sensation of thirstiness.

9. Of the 5 senses, the only one that does not totally dim out during sleep is the sense of hearing. Our ears continue to receive sound waves during sleep, however, we do not "hear" these sounds because the brain does not process it during certain sleep phases.

10 . In a normal anatomical position, our true waist is on the same transverse line with the crook of our elbow. Waistlines are usually measured around the "narrowest" part of the body. However, this would be difficult for individuals who do not have an hour-glass figure. A better way is to use this method.
Are there any other body facts you can add to this list? Share in the comments below.


  1. These are really amazing facts that I learned just now. Thanks for sharing sis.

  2. This is the most educational articles ever, i know some facts but this is the most things i need to learn about our body, thanks for sharing.

  3. After my son read this post, he said "Mama, you forgot two more things!" Here are his contributions:
    1. The length of your thumb is equal to the length of your nose.
    2. The length of your forefinger is equal to the width of your mouth.

  4. Naaliw ako about # 1. I had to check it for myself and binggo! Saktong -sakto. My size 10 feet is as long as my forearm hihi. So, I have an anatomical deformity, grabe ang lalim :-)

    On number 1 above (your son's contributions) sakto din but sadly, number 2 isn't. I would have been so happy if my mouth is as wide as my forefinger.

  5. oh wow, now, I would have to hide my forearm so that people can't guess by big sized feet, hahahaha! I measured it, and it's SO TRUE! haha, did not know about that before.

  6. If dimple is a defect, I want one lol. I love dimples!

    1. I'm with you! I'm the only one in my family without any:(

  7. Thank you for sharing the information Sis. These are very educational. I love the dimple 'coz I have one :-)

  8. I've already knew of the three items, but the rest are new to me. Thank you for sharing, it adds to my knowledge.

  9. About the forearm and your foot, I taught my husband about that and he didn't believe at first until he tried it hahaha!

  10. This is interesting and I'm quite surprised by the info that our forearm is the same size as our feet. I even tried it. ;)

  11. The arm and foot lengths is just fascinating.

  12. WOW! This is such an entertaining read! truly amazing body facts!

  13. From middle finger to middle arms spread out is how tall you are. You can check it yourself by using a wall.

  14. A unique tongue print. Cool.

  15. i never physically try trousers on i do up the button wrap around neck and that's how comfortably they fit around waste love these fats it's amazing all the different shapes and sizes of us all yet some definitions do not alter great read!

  16. This is quite an interesting article.


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