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Friday, November 16, 2018

Car covers for indoor and outdoor uses

A car cover is a product made from large sheet of fabric and is used to cover a car to protect it against the surrounding elements. A car cover is needed when the car is not in use for a certain period of time and needs to be kept from dirt and dust. Even if a car is kept in a garage, dust and dirt can still settle on the car surface. If a car is kept outdoor, then it should be covered with a custom car cover to prevent the sun rays, weather elements, and surrounding elements from damaging your car.

An indoor car cover is great for keeping dust and dirt off the car surface. And if you have young children playing in the garage, it could protect from the little hands and fingers, and against scratches or knocks. If you are shopping for indoor car covers, look for custom indoor car covers that are breathable and with good ventilation to allow moisture to escape. If it is not breathable, moisture trapped under the car cover could cause molding and could be damaging to the car.

Even if you are using a custom Chevrolet indoor car cover, it is good to check frequently or uncover the car to prevent any mold or mustiness from forming whenever possible. Before covering your car with an indoor car cover, always make sure that the car surface is clean and dry.

An outdoor car cover will be able to protect a car against paint fading but an improper fitting car cover could cause more damage than protection. A loosely fitted car cover could easily move about and rub against the paint surface to cause fine scratches whenever there is strong wind blowing. Outdoor car covers are designed to be water resistant and the covers could easily trap dirt and moisture if it is not properly fitted. With the outside heat and moisture soaking under the car cover could promote fading of the paint surface.

Some car owners would suggest that a good cleaning, drying and proper waxing of the car before putting on the car cover. A good quality custom fitted car cover that allows ventilation or designed to allow vapour out from under the car cover, can effectively prevent damage to the car. Depending on your preferences, there are car covers to go over only the top of the car to protect the leather inside the car from the strong UV light.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Smart Organizing With TrackR atlas

Everyone of us dreams of keeping out homes and belongings organized. We work at installing wall hooks to hang our keys on; we invest in safe storage boxes; we purchase file folders for our documents. However, there are times when we just simply forget where we placed our things.

It is frustrating to lose precious time looking for something that you need immediately. Stuff like your cellphone, car keys, house keys, your card holder, or important documents like passports, check books and bank books. I have to look for my cellphone almost everyday! We all go through this ordeal at some point in time, don't we?

Well, here's a bit of good news. Today, we no longer have to go through the hassle of finding the stuff we need when we need it. Thanks to a new technology called TrackR atlas.

This works by simply plugging a TrackR atlas device into a wall socket in each room in the house, and attaching a Bluetooth tracking device to each your favorite items. Using your cellphone, download the TrackR app. When you need to find something, use the app and say, "Where is my ________?" The app will tell you exactly where to find it. Cool! No more hassle! No more stress!

The TrackR atlas will detect any belonging that has a Bluetooth tracker attached to it. It can also monitor and send alerts to your cellphone when your things move around the house or even leave the house. Now, we can even track where our dog or cat is!

Go ahead and make your life a little easier. Let TrackR atlas help you create a smart home. Above anything else, it is the peace of mind and security that is the best benefit we can get from this amazing device. 

Monday, April 4, 2016

I would have never imagined to experience such close to real sound quality in film, TV, and video games. It is definitely a science in itself!

It is just mind boggling to think about how these sound effects were created and now I have an idea of the process. Although my understanding of technology is rather vague, I am still at awe with the creative genius of sound engineers, game developers, and film directors. 
With the aid of computer software, musical scoring and sound effects have really given the industry a boost! A must have tool is gravity scoring. It is more than a modern scoring virtual instrument, it is the top choice for sound quality and for its easy to use interface!

Here are just some of its awesome features:
  • Modern scoring virtual instrument
  • 100 complex pads each with 3 distinct layers
  • 48 intricately crafted hits each with 4 distinct parts
  • 450 unique transitional stings to enhance compositions
  • 72 complex, hybrid risers and 45 orchestral string risers
  • All sounds are completely customizable
  • A must-have tool for film, TV and video game compositions

If you are thinking of establishing a rewarding career as a sound engineer, musical scorer or video game developer, this is the tool you need to propel you towards success!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Promotional Printing: An Effective Advertising Tool

When I was a young child, I was thrilled to receive pens and stationery with a company's logo, especially if it was from my favorite cookie and cereal brand. I would beg my mother to buy the same product over and over because I wanted to collect all the pens in different designs and colors.

I believe that promotional merchandise is a great way to advertise. It can be used to bring in more sales to a business; increase awareness for a campaign; or just to make a new company and its product be known to consumers. 

It would also be great to have small personalized tokens to commemorate an occasion, like a college graduation, a quincenara, or a wedding. In addition to that, this election season has flooded the market with campaign give-aways.

These promotional items are usually inexpensive and can come in many forms, such as key chains, pens, coasters, mugs, caps or mouse pads. Wearable items such as shirts, scarves, and totes are also very popular. 

Since promotional items are globally accepted as a form of advertising, there are entrepreneurs who have honed their craft in this industry, and most, if not all are great! However, as consumers, our concerns would always be quality of the product, pricing, and timeliness in delivery. 

Having done my research, I am confident that the promotional printing at PrintGlobe is one of the leaders in the industry. They have a wide selection of products to choose from and the cost of their service is very reasonable. Choose an item, upload your logo and they will work on it ASAP. No logo or design in mind? No problem! They have a great team of graphic designers who will help you with that!

If you are currently working with an advertising agency, or if you are a campaign manager, or if you are simply looking for small personalized give-away items for an upcoming event, consider promotional merchandise. You will be surprised at the power these small items can bring to your brand, company or event.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Betaderm for treatment of infant’s eczema

            Skin changes, which we call children eczema, are characteristic for individual who have atopic constitution characterized by extremely dry, sensitive skin and respiratory mucous membrane. We can easily treat this condition when we buy Betaderm online. Condition usually appears between sixth week and second year of life, it makes parents restless and baby agitated because of its long, persistent symptoms. Even if it fades away at one point, it will probably appear once again in future. Like many other medical conditions, genetics plays the most important role. People who have predisposition for allergies are most likely to have allergic baby.

                Data provided by You! Drugstore claim that there is about 2 to 4 % of European population suffering from this issue while in USA, 10 % of people have this kind of allergy. Besides genetics, our environment and lifestyle are also very important. Air pollution, chemicals, spores, different cosmetic products and fibers can all lead to development of the illness.

                Child, who has atopic constitution, feels itch all day long due to dryness of his skin. But, given that brain cannot constantly work and send this feeling of itchiness, child will in time stop feeling the irritation and continue living normally. Because of the dry skin, infant will lose a lot of liquid during the day making the problem even worse. It is very important to continue drinking a lot of liquid and use products for hydration of skin. At the same time, it is important to reduce sweating because it can only increase itch and with it scratching of the skin. Ultimately, this scratching will lead to irritation. Important advice for parents is not to dress child in too much clothes. Instead, it should be half naked allowing his skin to “breathe”. When days are cold, dress him in multiple layers so that you can take some of them off if it’s too hot in the room.

                Children suffering from this issue should wear cotton clothes. On the other hand, wool is known as one of the most irritating fabrics for skin. Avoid it all cost. Therapy also includes good hydration. Baby will need to be washed with gentle stream of water (around 35 degrees Celsius), by using special soap, never bubble bath. Infant should never get in touch with volatile chemical matters. Nowadays, products for cosmetics can cause various issues. Try natural solutions whenever you can.

                One of the best ways to treat your baby is to use medication. Corticosteroids such as Betaderm are great for skin because they reduce inflammation and with it, all the other symptoms. Besides eczema, this medicine can be used for dermatitis and rash. Make sure to apply it 1 to 3 times per day. Nevertheless, if you condition persists after 2 weeks, contact your doctor. Common side effects that may appear after using Betaderm are: stinging, itching, irritation, redness, dryness, burning. In some cases, child may get stretch marks, acne, extreme hair growth, hair bumps and skin thinning. If any of these issues occur, contact your doctor immediately.

The Legacy Lives On: Bass Guitar for Beginners

My friend's husband was a bass guitar player in a small time local band. He was gifted with the talent and the audience always showed appreciation whenever he plays. I had the chance to watch him once and he was really good!

Sadly, he passed away at such a young age. My friend Annabelle was devastated to be widowed and left with two sons to care for. After a time, she was able to pull through and managed to live comfortably. 

Her youngest son, Kurt, recently showed interest in his father's guitars and asked if they could afford guitar lessons. Annabelle, of course, was more than happy to oblige. Her husband's talent is once again coming alive in her son.

Annabelle opted to get a new bass guitar for Kurt and was ecstatic to find a great selection of beginner bass guitar at thehub. She showed Kurt what a great find these guitars were and she made him choose which one he would be interested in. With some credible advice from her husband's former band mates, I know Annabelle and Kurt will be able to come up with the best decision.

This is going to be a great Christmas for them. I am happy for my friend! Pretty soon, Kurt is also going to be up on that stage, strumming his guitar just like his father did. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The holidays are fast approaching and I know we are all starting to look around for a perfect gift for family and friends. We want that gift to last a long time, to be appreciated and to bring a smile to the recipient's face every time.

Here's one gift idea! Why not purchase a wall garden?

Yes, you read it right. Flowerbox Wall Gardens offers 5 years maintenance and water free wall gardens in a white wooden frame! Guaranteed to give a contemporary look to any home or office.

This stylish wall garden requires no watering, because the flat moss and other plants that fill the frame are totally preserved for 5 years!

Nature Frame Square
Size: 8.7 x 8.7 inches
Preserved plants: Flat Moss, Moss balls, Tree Fern, Cineria, Hedera, Amarante, Mini Calla and Papyrus

Nature Frame Rectangle
Size: 10.6 x 22.4 inches
Preserved plants: Flat Moss, Moss balls, Hedera, Mini Calla, Diosmi and Papyrus

Nature Frame Pano
Size: 7.9 x 31.5 inches
Preserved plants: Flat Moss, Moss balls, Tree Fern, Leather Fern, Hedera, Cineria and Papyrus

I am so excited to get this for my mom. She loves plants and this would make her living room even prettier. I will choose the Nature Frame Pano for her.

What about you? Which one would you choose?  

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Do your kids enjoy playing online games? Do you have a apps on your smartphone that you usually use and wish you can use those apps hands-free?

Look no further!

Introducing Talon. It is the world's first smart ring gaming controller. Yes, you read it right. It IS wearable smart ring that lets you play games and control apps with simple gestures and waves.

Talon is currently being developed by Titanium Falcon, Inc. in San Jose, California. They are a start up company that aims to bridge the gap between wearable technology and online gaming. Their team is composed of experts in various fields, responsible for bringing an advanced hardware project like this to reality in a few months.

I am sure you are excited to own a Talon. I am too! If you want to learn more about the product and how you can help to propel this wonderful device in the market the soonest time, please click HERE.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Know Your Brass Instruments: The Euphonium

Today I write about another brass instrument that produces an extraordinary sound. It is a compensating euphonium.

What is a euphonium?

A euphonium is a valved brass musical instrument resembling a small tuba in appearance, produces a tenor pitch, and played mainly in military and brass bands. There are two kinds of  euphonium - compensating and non-compensating. There are two basic groups of euphoniums: compensating and non-compensating. A compensating euphonium includes extra tubing. This "compensates" for the tendency of the sharp low register. By depressing the fourth valve, air is redirected through an auxiliary set of slides on valves 1 through 3, when they're used. These slides lower the pitch even more, so the lower notes become closer in tune. Non-compensating euphoniums have a fourth valve that operates like any other valve. The pitch is lowered 2-1/2 steps in this case, and the player must make the necessary adjustments to bring the low range in tune.

So now we know that the compensating euphonium is a better choice, next time we are in market for one, it is best that we keep this information in mind.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Dysport for Botox

Today, we are no longer forced to live with wrinkles, folds and other facial imperfections. We are able to alter our appearance with numerous cosmetic procedures thus restoring our confidence and most importantly, our looks. Among many different treatments that are available to us, botox ranks as the most popular procedure in North America. As such, it is regarded as the core services provided by various aesthetic companies.

Given that this industry is constantly on the rise, stiff competition is expected. There are many companies which are offering drugs for botox. Standard choice for most cosmetic doctors is Botox, brand name that launched entire procedure. However, as of late, Botox is starting to fade and it gives room to a new and improved medicine called Dysport.

Like any other drug which is used for this procedure, Dysport has botulinum toxin type A as its main component. It is well known that this toxin is one of the strongest toxins in existence. It can cause various issues to our body and it is the main cause for botulism. Unfortunately, in some cases, patients reported symptoms of this disease after being administered with Dysport. This happens because the drug starts shifting within the skin and this spreading leads to vicious ailment. Before using Dysport or any other similar drug, it is necessary to test yourself and determine whether you are allergic to the drug. As it usually goes with medicines, even though they can help us in various ways, some of their components can be bad for our organism. It comes as a no shock that a drug which is based on strong toxin will possibly produce side effects.

There are some precautionary measures that you need to take before using Dysport. Pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding should not use this drug under any circumstances. It has been reported that Dysport can impact children in different, unforeseen ways. Besides this, people who are above 65 shouldn’t use it as well. Some diseases and conditions can prevent you from using the medicine such as diabetes, asthma, muscle weakness, skin issues, bleeding disorders, heart condition etc. Whatever may be the case, it is always best to consult with your doctor prior to treatment.

Drug is inserted into the skin by using thin needles. Process is painless and easy to recover from. In worst case scenario, if your skin is very sensitive, you will need to put an ice pack. However, you can expect swelling to pass after just a few days. 
Given popularity of this treatment, it is easy to understand how every pharmaceutical and cosmetic company wanted to have piece of the market. Nowadays, there are numerous online pharmacies that are offering this drug. But, have in mind that some drugstores don’t have valid certificates, so you need to be very careful when purchasing the drug online. If you decide to buy Dysport from Medica Depot or similar company, you can be certain that the product which you are receiving is of highest quality.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Diabetes is a chronic disease that requires constant monitoring and careful diet planning. I have had this disease for 14 years and I have to admit, it is difficult.

One of the biggest challenges with diabetes is watching your weight. Ironic as it may seem, diabetics' blood is full of glucose and yet, we are constantly hungry. It is because we cannot absorb the sugar in our bloodstream, giving signals to our brain to eat because we are "essentially" hungry. I used to weigh only 108 pounds in my tiny 5'2" frame. Now, I am up to 130 pounds, placed on 18 units of insulin and 2000 mg of Metformin everyday. There is no other time for me to lose weight than now.

There are many diet preparations all promising the same thing - weight loss. I am so happy to have been chosen to receive a free sample of SLIMQUICK® Pure Protein in French Vanilla flavor. My endocrinologist has no worries about me using the product because it is 100% all natural and provides the necessary protein and fiber I need to help me lose weight. The active all natural ingredients are whey protein, anti-oxidants, calcium, Vitamin D and Bio-Pure Green Tea™.

I got the product in the mail. It was packaged perfectly and was just about the right size. I made myself a glass and was surprised at how delicious it was. I had tried other protein drinks before but most of them had a funny aftertaste. Slimquick® was different. It was refreshing! It addressed my hunger pangs and kept my tummy satisfied for hours.
Slimquick® Pure is the only weight loss supplement designed for us women. We are subjected to daily stress, shuffling between different roles - from career woman, to homemaker, to wife and mother. This may leave us tired and turning to stress-eating to calm us down. However, with Slimquick®, we can get the necessary nutrients we need to boost our metabolism, increase energy, reduce stress, and eliminate excess water in the body.
This might be the diet supplement that would help me get back to my ideal weight.Slimquick®, diet, and exercise are my new buddies. Soon enough, I will be able to fit into my clothes again, keep my blood sugar in check, and feel great about myself!

Note: This is a sponsored post powered by Brandbacker for Slimquick®. I received the products for free in exchange for my honest review.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Our skin naturally gets rid of dead surface cells every day. However, we sometimes have the need to show off healthy glowing skin without waiting for a month. It is known that new, healthy skin cells absorb nutrients better, therefore, to get the best results from moisturizers and anti-aging creams, it would be best to use an exfoliant preparation.
When choosing an exfoliant, we must go for an effective but gentle formulation. OZ Naturals Ancient Orient Rice Enzyme Dermafoliant is the best facial exfoliator available in the market. Formulated through years of research, it contains no harmful chemicals, only essential nutrients that would give you that healthy, glowing skin you have always desired.

OZ Naturals contain all natural ingredients, namely:
  • BAMBOO - used as a natural, gentle scrub to exfoliate and unclog pores
  • ALPHA-LIPOIC ACID - an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant agent that helps prevent skin damage caused by exposure to the sun
  • LACTIC ACID - an alpha hydroxy acid found naturally in food. It enhances the skin exfoliation process to reveal a healthier skin
  • PRO-VITAMIN B5 - helps retain moisture keeping skin supple.
Moreso, this product is safe for all skin types, even for sensitive skin. In addition to that, and is cruelty and paraben free!

I tried it on the day I received it and was very satisfied with the results. It helped get rid of the tiny blackheads on my nose. The skin on my face looked refreshed and felt smoother. The product instructions suggest using it 2-3 times a week for best results. I will definitely do that, especially after seeing positive results after the first use. See those nice little exfoliants? 

I am definitely recommending this product to my friends and family.

Note: This is a sponsored post powered by BrandBacker for OZ Naturals. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Bringing Back The 60s Sound

Taking guitar playing to the next level entails getting a foot pedal. There are different kinds of foot pedals that give different kinds of effects, however, the effect of having a reverb foot pedals is simply stunning.

A reverb foot pedal makes it sound like playing in a large church, stadium or hall. If you feel that this is an essential piece of equipment for you, choosing the right kind of foot pedal is must. We must always go with the best out there and what else would you go for? Nothing else but boss fender reverb pedal. This compact guitar effect pedal gives that timeless tube driven reverb sound that provides that great musical boost for any time of music genre.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Keep The Cash Flowing With Qmee

Everyone wants to earn a little extra spending cash, however, our present lives have us tied down to our full time job, our household tasks and the responsibility of raising kids. That alone makes it close to impossible to find a second job as a source of income.

Luckily, there are other alternative ways to earn cash on the side. Blogging, for one is a great way to go, however, in order for you to drive traffic to your blog will also entail hard work. For me, I have made blogging a source of additional income. Its fun because I earn while doing what I love - writing. I also do paid surveys, and in exchange of my opinion as a consumer, I get to receive vouchers and gift cheques so it is still okay, at least I have grocery shopping money.

For those who do not have the benefit of free time, there is a new way to earn extra cash without putting in so much effort. Have you heard of Qmee?

Qmee is a free browser app that you can easily install into any major browser that gives you cash rewards for clicking results that you would otherwise click anyways for no reward. Now how does that work? Simple. Once you have Qmee installed in your browser and you use your favorite sites to search for something on the web, Qmee will show relevant results on the left side of your screen with cash rewards attached to them. You can opt to click on your original searched item or click on Qmee's results and collect your reward! All your earnings are kept in a "piggy bank" which you can empty out at any time into your paypal account. You can also opt to donate your earnings to charity.

It is a great way to earn and help others as well. Hurry over to Qmee and get started! 

Happy earning!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

DHgate's Daily Deals Is The Real Deal

A month ago, I could hardly contain my excitement upon discovering a great e-commerce website called I was amazed at the numerous categories of goods they offer for sale! The website is so user-friendly. Simply type in the search bar the item you are interested in and it will give you hundreds of options to choose from. caters to both individual and businesses, offering high quality goods at wholesale prices. It does not stop there. Most items offer free shipping, and if you purchase by volume, you'd get even more discounts. I love the fact that they offer per volume purchases, because this would foster small business enterprises. If you however, do not have that business streak in you, can be the go-to-place for shopping with family and friends. Buy in bulk and share with friends and family or re-sell and start you own business. 
One more great feature of is its Daily Deals. Simply hover and click "Daily Deals" in the Navigation bar and it takes you to the page where you can find great discounts on items that you would surely love. You can save up to 90%, however, you have to hurry because these items go really fast!

As a special bonus, offers a special $50 coupon for new customers who will spend $200 or more on their first order, valid through May 31st, 2015. 

At, every body is a winner!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Keeping track of your daily activities and sleep patterns can help us to plan a more effective exercise regimen. Accomplishing this task is no longer difficult with fitness wristbands, specially the new Xiaomi Mi wristbands available at

These wristbands are waterproof and a single charge can last up to 30 days. Great for monitoring activities like walking, jogging or running. It also keeps track of sleep patterns and doubles as a vibrating alarm giving us a more subtle way to wake up.  Its state of the art Bluetooth 4.0 technology and accelerometer allows compatibility with MIUI Android 4.4 and higher. All these great features are contained in a small alloy body measuring only 34x14x9 millimeters!

Another cool feature is that we can purchase different colors of the wristband and slip the small alloy device into the rubber wristband of our choice. Great for people who love color-coordinating their attires.

The Xiaomi Mi wristband is among the thousands of cool products we can find at They offer goods at wholesale prices and usually free shipping too. If you are in search of any item, whether clothes, accessories, electronics, household products, appliances or what-nots, check out their user-friendly website. This is one great online marketplace that you would definitely keep coming back to.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Hub To Have

Having the latest gadgets is such a nice thing, however, it is sometimes we are caught in a situation when our batteries run out. You may notice that the market is full of "power-on-the-go" devices offering such and what nots. With all our data connectivity needs, it gets to be a hassle when you have to carry with you a power bank, a card reader, a data cable, a usb hub, etc.

Thankfully, there is the new Hub+. Made with precision and quality in Germany, the Hub+ blends well with the new MacBook. The Hub+ 7 ports - 2 USB-C ports, 1 SDXC card reader, 1 display port and 3 USB-A ports.

The Hub+ is compact and lightweight, only 3.5 ounces, 4.8 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. It fits securely in your hand or pocket. The new MacBook users can use this product as a hub and connect other devices to it without compromising its effectivity. It is an ideal device for university students, business travelers, and other professionals to have.

Another great feature of the Hub+ is that you never have to worry about charging an external power source for your phone battery. The Hub+ when used as a charging port has a built in lithium ion battery that is always charged up and ready for use. It can provide up to 2 hours battery life for one phone when your battery goes dead.

Beautifully crafted with aluminum alloy, the Hub+ is reasonably priced starting at $79. Take it a notch further and check out the 24K gold plated version. A hub with charging capabilities. All we need to keep us connected while on the go.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Everything A Woman Would Need, You'll Find It Here

Different seasons, different needs.

Women have the need to pamper themselves. It is not vanity, it is just the way women are. We want to feel good about ourselves by taking care of our skin, hair, and overall health. When we feel good about ourselves, we are more effective homemakers, wives, and moms. Raising a family is no easy job and a little pampering here and there is something we always look forward to.

There are times that we tend to go over our budget when buying our essentials. Often it is because we buy products one piece at a time. Thankfully, there is one way to keep within our means. What can be more exciting than to receive a curated box of full size beauty and health products from FabFitFun? These products have been carefully chosen and handpicked by the experts, guaranteed to make you feel fabulous all year round!

In each subscription box, you will find an assortment of products for skin care, cosmetics, hair care, fashion and fitness items. Every product suited for the season. Aside from these, FabFitFun also sells infuser water bottles. It is the new, healthy alternative to plain drinking water. Simply add your fruit or herb of choice into the perforated tube, fill the bottle with drinking water and enjoy!

Great products you can actually use valued at $200 can be yours for only $49.99. Best deal ever! Wouldn't it be great to sign up now and receive your #fabfitfunBI Spring Box shipped to your doorstep. No shipping fees too!

If you want to learn more tips on health and fitness, beauty, love and entertainment, you can also check out their website at

Sunday, May 3, 2015

It is springtime! The weather is starting to warm up and blooms are everywhere. It is time to store the warm thick clothing and get ready for lighter clothing. 

I know that summer is still far off, but I want to share with you a budget saving tip: Shop for clothes when they are out of season. Sounds crazy? I don't think so. It is usually these items that are on sale. Since summer is only a few months away, wouldn't it be the best time to look for a nice swimsuit? I guess your next question would be, "Where can I buy swimwear when all the stores have spring clothing on display?"

Here's the answer to your question. At, you can find that perfect piece in their swimwear collection. They offer a wide variety of swimwear from bikinis, tankinis, one piece suits, vintage high waist, beach coveralls and more! They have swim wear for all women sizes, from free size, 2XS to 5XL and plus size. The designs are trendy and there is surely more than one piece you would definitely fall in love with.

This wonderful e-commerce website is easy to navigate, with a left sidebar that you can use to filter your choice according to material, color, size, and design. I am so happy to have learned about DHgate.
DHgate offers free shipping on some items and huge discounts for bulk orders, offering items as low as $5.00! Unbelievable!

For budget friendly moms like me, this is the ultimate online shop to go to! #DHgateSWBI yourself and you'll love every item you'll see.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Short Hair Today, Long Hair Tomorrow!

Human hair grows at the rate of 1.5 centimeters a month or roughly only six inches per year. Sometimes we dream of having gloriously shiny long locks, however, the stress of waiting for our own hair to grow can be frustrating. There are times we can end up having split ends or we just have a bad hair day - everyday. Trips to a hair salon can be quite expensive and most of us give up on the dream to have long hair.

Thankfully, there is a solution. We can now buy natural human hair extensions! These have been around for a long time, however we should opt for the highest quality natural human hair. At, we can avail of 100% virgin human hair extensions. There are numerous styles, colors and lengths that we can choose from that would definitely blend in and move naturally as is if was our own hair. 

No more waiting for a year to grow six inches of hair! Whether you are a woman who wants to look your best everyday, or a salon owner/businesswoman who would want to introduce high quality hair extensions to your customers, head on over to Enjoy the discounted prices and avail of free shipping on some of the items.

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