Thursday, January 19, 2017

Smart Organizing With TrackR atlas

Everyone of us dreams of keeping out homes and belongings organized. We work at installing wall hooks to hang our keys on; we invest in safe storage boxes; we purchase file folders for our documents. However, there are times when we just simply forget where we placed our things.

It is frustrating to lose precious time looking for something that you need immediately. Stuff like your cellphone, car keys, house keys, your card holder, or important documents like passports, check books and bank books. I have to look for my cellphone almost everyday! We all go through this ordeal at some point in time, don't we?

Well, here's a bit of good news. Today, we no longer have to go through the hassle of finding the stuff we need when we need it. Thanks to a new technology called TrackR atlas.

This works by simply plugging a TrackR atlas device into a wall socket in each room in the house, and attaching a Bluetooth tracking device to each your favorite items. Using your cellphone, download the TrackR app. When you need to find something, use the app and say, "Where is my ________?" The app will tell you exactly where to find it. Cool! No more hassle! No more stress!

The TrackR atlas will detect any belonging that has a Bluetooth tracker attached to it. It can also monitor and send alerts to your cellphone when your things move around the house or even leave the house. Now, we can even track where our dog or cat is!

Go ahead and make your life a little easier. Let TrackR atlas help you create a smart home. Above anything else, it is the peace of mind and security that is the best benefit we can get from this amazing device. 


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