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Monday, March 9, 2015

Have you asked your child what they want to be when they grow up? Have you listened... really listened to their dreams?

Every parent wants nothing more but the best for their child. At an early age, children should be encouraged to explore, to feel, to learn about themselves and their environment. During the child's stage of endless whys and what's that, we, as parents should be ready to encourage the child's curiosity as a way to better learning. In the present time, more kids are interested in technology. The bright graphics of a computer game, the catchy tunes and canned praises for a job well done is really enticing to a child.

Instead of taking away the privilege of the child to a handheld computer, wouldn't it be better to involve them in a program to let the know how such things work? #KidStarter does exactly that. They foster learning through DIY projects focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). They provide interactive instructor-led workshops for children to bring out their inner geek. The learning environment is fun and safe and enables the children give life to their imagination, boosting their confidence and increasing their hunger for learning. Most schools do not offer such courses to their students, which may suppress a child's talent in STEM

 #KidStarter offers more than 30 courses for children. The most popular courses are Insect Bot, Squishy Circuit and Air Piano. Kids of all ages will definitely enjoy the challenge and be very proud of the end product. Each workshop is for two hours, with a 30 minute instruction on science and safety. The workshops are available in certain areas at the moment and they are currently expanding their reach. The organization's dream is to have more workshops in more areas and to be able to have online courses to reach children all over the world. 

Personally, I think investing in the youth is money well spent. Not every parent has the capacity to leave behind riches and vast tracts of land for their children. I do not have that. All I can leave my children is a good moral upbringing and the best education I can afford. Some children are not that fortunate. These are those who have dreams that are not going to be anything else but dreams. If we can, wouldn't it be nice to give to a noble cause to fund children's education focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics? Wouldn't it be better to equip them with skills that would guarantee them a better world than the one that we have today? Think about it.

Head on over to #KidStarter and pledge your support. This may be the best investment you will make in your life. Click here to get started.


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Christmas in August

Last August 24, 2013, my high school batch mates organized a charity event - to set up a feeding program for the street children and underprivileged youth in Pasig City.

This event took months in planning, involving most, if not all Paulinians (SPCQC High School Batch 81) worldwide. Bebeth took the reins for batchmates residing in the US and Joanne took charge of the locals. I was unable to attend, making me feel that I lost an important chance to give the poor kids some hope in life.

The chosen venue was the Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Pasig City, which runs a soup kitchen for street children in the area. My batch mates organized the event named "Christmas in August" with the very same purpose - feed the children. Through the selflessness of my batch mates, they were able to collect donations in cash and kind which were all stuffed into loot bags. In those bags were canned goods, rice, noodles, milk, biscuits, sweets and yes, ice cream and cotton candy. Then there were clothes, school supplies, small toys and toiletries too. 

My batch mates distributed lunch packs for the children. They had chicken, rice, a burger and a drink. Rorie shared a story of her experience. She said she noticed one child not opening her lunch pack. Another batch mate, Rose, asked the child why she would not even touch her food. The child simply said "Iuuwi ko nalang po sa bahay. Andun po kasi si Tatay, si Nanay at mga kapatid ko." ("I will just take this home with me. My father and mother are there, so with my other siblings"). To quote Rorie's post in Facebook - . "A piece of chicken, rice and a yummy burger for a family of five? I am humbled..."

The event lasted the whole morning and it was a rousing success. I hope that the next time an activity like this comes along, I would be able to take part in it. There are children out there living in dire straits. One kind deed can go a long long way for them. 

I am sharing this story to the world to inspire others that we can, in the humblest of ways, in the smallest of efforts, to share love and blessings to the ones who own the future of our country - the children.

Thank you, Bebeth, Joanne, Maricar, Yvonne, Rorie, Rose, Janet, Shari, Maritoni, Anna, Sheila, and all the others who have selflessly given anything and everything to make this a very memorable experience. 

Here are some photos of the event:

To God be the Glory!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Francis: A Child for Life

This is Francis.  He is 45 years old and has cerebral palsy.

Francis is our neighborhood's special needs person. He spends most of his day hanging out at the corner store, munching on potato chips and washing it down with a bottle of coke. He is always willing to share a smile and a high five to anybody who greets him.

Francis has very limited speech, but he communicates with his own sign language. He says he has 10 siblings, all of whom are married. When asked if he plans to get married too, he bursts into a hearty laugh and shakes his head.
He loves the store owner's delivery bike (a bicycle with a cart hooked to it). Despite his handicap, he pretty well gets to pedal that bike halfway up the street and back. His childlike pleasures are a sight to behold. He never asks for anything extra. He is content with whatever 20 pesos can buy.

Happiness for Francis is so simple - potato chips, crackers or a chocolate cupcake, a bottle of coke, a bike ride and a high five. 

Seeing him every day humbles me. Here I am, without any handicap, able to converse fluently in 4 languages, with children of my own, and yet I still find it hard to appreciate the blessings that have been given to me. 

If you happen to see Francis, look into the eyes of this "Child for Life" and feel the heartfelt message:

"Live simply, love deeply, and don't forget to share a smile."

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mapalad pa din ako

Eksena sa jeep pauwi galing trabaho:Dalawang gusgusing bata ang sumakay sa jeep at namigay ng mga puting sobre.
Lahat naman kaming sakay ng jeep ay nagbigay ng konting barya.
Habang nakasakay, binilang ng mga bata ang kanilang napaglimusan.
Sabi ng isa: "San mo gusto kumain? McDo? Jollibee? Gusto mo ng spaghetti o manok?"
Sagot ng isa: "Sige, manok! Gusto ko ng manok!"
Sagot ng una: "Ayos. Baba na tayo dun sa may Issswood (Eastwood). Maaga maglabas ng basura dun. Makakakuha tayo ng may laman-laman pa."
Ngumiti na si bunso. 
Tanaw tanaw ko ang dalawang bata ng makababa sa jeep at kumaripas ng takbo papasok sa may Eastwood.

Hindi ko na napigilang mapaluha ng bahagya. Mapalad pa din ako.
Salamat, Panginoon.