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Monday, May 25, 2020

So what have you been up to during this quarantine period? For me, I went back to my first love - photography.

I dreamed of becoming a photo journalist. I was dead set on taking up Journalism after I graduated from high school, but my parents had other plans for me.

However, my love for photo journalism has never waned. I still walk around looking for the extraordinary in ordinary things. With the current crisis, it has given me more time to appreciate the beauty around me.

Sharing with you some of my personal photos I have saved in my external hard drive. Hope you enjoy viewing them.

Flower photos: 

When there are flowers, of course, there will be animals that will be attracted to them. Here are some of my photos of butterflies, a caterpillar, a snail and a grasshopper. Sadly, the butterflies in the photos are not well. They must have been hurt or something because they could not take flight. Still beautiful even in their unfortunate state.

That's all for now. This is such a good way for me to keep the symptoms of depression in check. 

Oh, just to let you know, all these photos were taken using a smartphone.

Do you think it is time for me to invest in a real camera? I think so too, and I already have been saving up for my very first DSLR. Hopefully I will have enough to buy it as a Christmas gift for myself.

Stay happy and stay safe!