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Wednesday, February 2, 2022


If you are determined to turn your hobby into a business you need to get into the right mindset. Starting a business at home is an essential practice, but for many, this is the biggest battle of all to keep themselves focused and professional. So what are some of the most important rules to guarantee your home-based business is a success? 

Branding Is Everything

Branding is an amazing way to show your business as a key competitor in the market, but it also can help to cover up a multitude of home-based sins. A lot of people focus on the fact that they are a home-based business and this is part of their charm, and if this is something that really works for you, you can embody this within the promotional and packaging materials. But make sure you stick to your home-based ethics, which is why a business plan is so important, as you can lay out all your goals in one handy place.

Stay Practical 

Running a business at home means that you've got to have a practical approach, not just to how you run the business, but also how you run your life. If you are looking towards mass manufacturing, you've got to have the right support on board so you can keep your head above water in terms of your mindset. For example, if you are looking for support when it comes to packaging, you can click here and see the benefits of high-quality roll stock packaging for bulk items. Practicality is such an important thing that we can overlook especially when we turn around and realize that our home is strewn with packaging and promotional materials. Instead, focus on putting your working life into one simple part of the home and ensure you have the right professional and personal support on-side. 

Be Serious (but Not Too Serious)

You've got to have a professional facade, and when customers come to your place of work but you are still living at home, you've got to remember this may very well take the shine off what the customer thinks of you. In order to make a business that goes somewhere, thinking about that whole professional image in terms of your branding and how you conduct yourself is pivotal. One of the best ways to actually offset this potential lack of faith in your professionalism is to have a mailbox registered to a central location.

Customer Care Is Crucial

When you get a call, you’ve got to focus on that and give it everything! This means you’ve got to stop everything, which could mean keeping the kids occupied or letting the dog out. And while we've all learned about working from home, the fact is that if we are going to run a professional business we have got to be professional in every single way. Of course, there are so many things that we can do to make sure that our home-based business is a success, but a lot of it is how we conduct ourselves. 

It takes a lot of effort, especially during those first 12 months. But while working from home may seem like a benefit, in many ways it is a distraction. Make sure that you have the right mindset.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Could You Turn Your Hobby Into A Business?

What you do away from work is your true passion, so why not consider making that into your career? After all, you will likely love what you do, and find more time for it, especially if you spend a lot of your time doing it anyway. 

Photo by Flora Westbrook from Pexels

However, it will take a little more than just a passion to start a successful business, as the Debt to Success System - DTSS talks about. 

So, Should You Start A Business? 

As you think about the idea of turning your hobby into an income or a business, there is one thing you need to ask yourself. Should you be starting a business? You also need to consider the fact that if you start a business from a hobby, you risk no longer enjoying it. The pressure of meeting financial goals, customer expectations, and working to a schedule can sometimes take away the relaxation, enjoyment, or personal satisfaction. 

You have to think about whether you would be able to let go of the hobby if your business took over and you never felt the same about it again. There is also every chance that you will continue to love your hobby and enjoy your business for many many years. 

Some steps you need to think about include: 

Setting A Goal 

It’s not only about making the choice to turn your bobby into a business, this isn’t a goal. You need to establish what you are aiming for. Are you looking for a side hustle? Or do you want to create an empire? If you’re intending on quitting your day job to run it full-time in the future, then you need to set a goal and know what to expect. 

Do Your Research

Many people starting a business become enamored with the product or service on offer, and when it’s a hobby it can be even worst. This makes market research an imperative part fo turning a hobby into a business. You need to be clear that you aren’t the only person to find it appealing. Take this time to learn about your potential customers. 

Find The Business Model

The next part of your research is to find and identify your business model. It can be really easy to identify a problem, have a great idea, and jump right in with your product or brand development. If you don’t have any idea on how to make money, you will never get your business started. You need to know: 

    1. How much it will cost to create your service or product

    2. How much much it will be to sell it. 

    3. How much your customer is willing to pay. 

    4. How you’re going to sell it. 

Test It Out 

So, you’ve done the research and created your business model, however, it’s all hypothetical. You think you know that there is an opportunity, you think you know who your ideal customer is, and you think you know how to sell to them. But, before you go ahead, you need to validate your thoughts.  

You could consider: 

    Taking preorders. 

    Having a coming soon landing page

    Selling a small limited number as a prerelease. 

    Run digital ads. 

And others. 

You then need to look at how successful it was and if it was on a larger scale, would it make you a profit? 

Build Your Business Plan

Once you have done these and you are happy that your want to continue to turn your hobby into a business, it’s time to develop your business plan Writing a business plan will help you make thing official and ensures that you are covering all your bases. You can piece together your market research, goals, costs, and then think about long-term milestones and goals. 

You don’t need to write a huge document, you can easily run off a lean plan. They are simpler and they allow you to make your plan adapt and grow with your business. You will still have all the paperwork and information that you need if you need to find investors or take out a loan, but it will take a lot less time to piece together and start working from. 

Just remember that if you end up creating a business from your hobby, the process could lead to you disliking or hating something that you enjoy and love. It can also lead to you disliking it over time. With continuous operations to consider. It’s perfectly natural for this to happen, and there are always new ways that you can inject a bit of excitement back into a hobby. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

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There are all kinds of ways to earn money from home these days, but you have to be careful. Many ‘opportunities’ that present themselves are no more than scams, or use unsavoury methods to get you on board. In the case of things like network marketing, many people that start it up never actually earn a penny, meaning it’s a total waste of time. But don’t be put off, as there really are ways you can earn an extra income without leaving your home- here are some examples. 

Create content

Creating content is a fun way to spend your time, and once you’ve built up a following you’ll get plenty of opportunities for paid work. You could start a blog, a Youtube channel or an Instagram account and create visual or written content for others to enjoy. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme, it can take a lot of hard work and effort to reach the stage where advertisers want to work with you. But it makes a good hobby to begin with, and later down the line you can look into turning it into a reliable stream of income. 

Start your own home business

Do you have a passion in a certain area? Maybe it’s fashion, beauty or interior design. Perhaps you have a skill like baking or crafting that you can use to make products to sell. Starting a business from home can usually be done without a lot of money to get up and running, and because there’s no travel time to factor in it can be something you easily work around a full time job, parenting or other commitments. As it will be something based on your skills and interests, chances are it will be fun and rewarding to do, too. 

Become a freelancer

Freelancing is great as you don’t need lots of time and effort to build up a venture. You sign up to a freelancing site, take a short quiz to test your skills and can get right to work. You can bid on the projects you’d like to do, meaning it’s all within your control. Each piece will have a deadline, but you’re in control of how many pieces you take on. You could be writing articles, designing logos, building apps- whatever it is that suits your skill set. 

Get into trading

Finally, it can feel a little daunting to get into trading if you’re new to it, but there’s lots of help and support out there. Do some research, find out if you want to trade xrp or btc, if you’ll trade stock market shares or commodities like oil or gold. It’s all done online so you wont need to physically store anything. There’s software you can buy to ‘practice’ moving your money around, and if can be really fascinating to do.