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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

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It’s in our nature to spoil our grandchildren. That’s part and parcel of our roles, right? And, we all got the same treatment when we were young. The odd coin slipped into our hands, or the sweet we shouldn’t really have. It’s what makes grandparents the best people to spend time with.

But, consistently treating the grandkids can lead to arguments. As you can see from sites like, parents worry that their parents are spoiling the children. And, it’s a fair concern when you step back from the issue. They spend hours teaching their kids self-restraint. Then, we come along and give them the world. Worse, we sometimes do so behind mum’s back. Would you have wanted someone to do the same with your kids? Probably not.

The good news is, there are ways to spoil the grandkiddies and keep their parents happy. Here’s how.

Always ask permission

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Often, it’s the secretive nature of our treats which rub their parents up the wrong way. And, in many ways, it does undermine their teachings. While this is an amazing way to get your grandkids on board, it might be the best route. 

Instead, opt for transparency. Always ask permission before going on spending sprees. That way, there won’t be any unpleasant surprises. Sometimes, you might have to put plans on hold. But, more often than not, you’re sure to receive a positive answer. Make sure, too, to do this when the kids aren’t around. If you let them in on the plan, there’s no way their mum can say no. 

Find new ways to treat them

If their parents hate it when they come home overloaded, you could always find new ways to treat them. And, these don’t have to involve giving them things. You could take them out for meals, which also provide you with quality time. Or, you could take them for days out, to the beach, cinema, or anything else you think they’d enjoy. Again, this will allow you to spend quality time. You may find that you prefer treating them this way. 

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Prepare their treats for the future

Okay, sorry to lower the tone, but it has to be said. You’ll want to keep treating your grandkids until you know they’re set up for life. But, if you directly set money aside for them, their parents may not like it. As such, you could invest in a life insurance policy which no one can protest. This also has the benefit of looking after your whole family. To ensure they get the most money, look at comparisons like those found at This way, you can rest easy that you’re saving up for everyone without facing scrutiny all the time! 

As you can see, all it takes is a little thinking outside of the box. You don’t want to argue with your children about these issues. Respect that they’re parents now, and they get the final say. Your family will be much more harmonious because of it!