Thursday, July 9, 2015

Dysport for Botox

Today, we are no longer forced to live with wrinkles, folds and other facial imperfections. We are able to alter our appearance with numerous cosmetic procedures thus restoring our confidence and most importantly, our looks. Among many different treatments that are available to us, botox ranks as the most popular procedure in North America. As such, it is regarded as the core services provided by various aesthetic companies.

Given that this industry is constantly on the rise, stiff competition is expected. There are many companies which are offering drugs for botox. Standard choice for most cosmetic doctors is Botox, brand name that launched entire procedure. However, as of late, Botox is starting to fade and it gives room to a new and improved medicine called Dysport.

Like any other drug which is used for this procedure, Dysport has botulinum toxin type A as its main component. It is well known that this toxin is one of the strongest toxins in existence. It can cause various issues to our body and it is the main cause for botulism. Unfortunately, in some cases, patients reported symptoms of this disease after being administered with Dysport. This happens because the drug starts shifting within the skin and this spreading leads to vicious ailment. Before using Dysport or any other similar drug, it is necessary to test yourself and determine whether you are allergic to the drug. As it usually goes with medicines, even though they can help us in various ways, some of their components can be bad for our organism. It comes as a no shock that a drug which is based on strong toxin will possibly produce side effects.

There are some precautionary measures that you need to take before using Dysport. Pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding should not use this drug under any circumstances. It has been reported that Dysport can impact children in different, unforeseen ways. Besides this, people who are above 65 shouldn’t use it as well. Some diseases and conditions can prevent you from using the medicine such as diabetes, asthma, muscle weakness, skin issues, bleeding disorders, heart condition etc. Whatever may be the case, it is always best to consult with your doctor prior to treatment.

Drug is inserted into the skin by using thin needles. Process is painless and easy to recover from. In worst case scenario, if your skin is very sensitive, you will need to put an ice pack. However, you can expect swelling to pass after just a few days. 
Given popularity of this treatment, it is easy to understand how every pharmaceutical and cosmetic company wanted to have piece of the market. Nowadays, there are numerous online pharmacies that are offering this drug. But, have in mind that some drugstores don’t have valid certificates, so you need to be very careful when purchasing the drug online. If you decide to buy Dysport from Medica Depot or similar company, you can be certain that the product which you are receiving is of highest quality.

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