Monday, April 4, 2016

I would have never imagined to experience such close to real sound quality in film, TV, and video games. It is definitely a science in itself!

It is just mind boggling to think about how these sound effects were created and now I have an idea of the process. Although my understanding of technology is rather vague, I am still at awe with the creative genius of sound engineers, game developers, and film directors. 
With the aid of computer software, musical scoring and sound effects have really given the industry a boost! A must have tool is gravity scoring. It is more than a modern scoring virtual instrument, it is the top choice for sound quality and for its easy to use interface!

Here are just some of its awesome features:
  • Modern scoring virtual instrument
  • 100 complex pads each with 3 distinct layers
  • 48 intricately crafted hits each with 4 distinct parts
  • 450 unique transitional stings to enhance compositions
  • 72 complex, hybrid risers and 45 orchestral string risers
  • All sounds are completely customizable
  • A must-have tool for film, TV and video game compositions

If you are thinking of establishing a rewarding career as a sound engineer, musical scorer or video game developer, this is the tool you need to propel you towards success!


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