Sunday, August 2, 2020

What Makes a Great Preschool Teacher?

When looking for the best preschools in Jacksonville FL, you'll quickly find that the qualities of the teachers is usually what matters the most. While facilities and access to resources are also very important, a really good preschool teacher can make all the difference. Here are some of the top things to look for in a preschool teacher.

A Passion For Teaching

The greatest preschool teachers are the ones that have a burning desire to be an influence for good in young people's lives. Because the ages and attitudes of preschoolers can be difficult to deal with at times, a passion for teaching and caring for young children will be what drives the best teachers through. Children respond to people that genuinely care for them and want what's best for them.

A Dose of Creativity

With younger aged children, getting creative is the key. Preschool teachers that can not only make fun projects for their students but make the most of the resources and environment they are in will see the most success. Also, teachers that are creative in how they approach children from different backgrounds and learning levels will help all the children feel included and have confidence they can learn as well.

Ability to be Flexible

One thing that's sure to happen in a preschool classroom is that plans will get thrown out the window. While planning for lessons is key, a great preschool teacher is prepared for the unexpected. Being flexible in this way allows a preschool teacher to stay calm and adapt to whatever the situation calls for. Whether that's rain on an outdoor activity, or needing to adjust the curriculum because of a reduction in budget, flexibility is key. 

With creativity, flexibility and a passion for teaching young children, preschool teachers can really excel. Teachers that have these qualities tend to gain a reputation for their ability to work with children and word spreads around. Be sure to ask around to other parents when looking for a great preschool and find one that employs teachers of this caliber.


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