Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Lockdown Schooling: How to Teach Your Child at Home

The coronavirus pandemic has placed pressure on people from all walks of life: Entrepreneurs, Businesses, and also moms. Many people don't think about it, but the way moms from all over have had to step up to the plate and do even more than what they currently had on their plate is almost near impossible. Not only has your work been moved to your home, but your kids' schools have also probably sent them home somewhere along the line. This places the onus on you to ensure they receive a quality education while juggling your work and maintaining your household. That said, here are some tips on teaching your child at home productively and efficiently. 


One thing that is crucial to make teaching your child at home more manageable for everyone involved is setting a schedule for everyone to hold by. Trying to fit sporadic study sessions in throughout the day will only exhaust you and keep your children from having the chance to be prepared for some school work. In contrast, a schedule will allow everyone to manage their day according to it and give them enough time to prepare and also be on time. A schedule will also create a sense of normalcy like your children would have experienced at their school, which may make the transformation a bit more manageable. 


This is where you come in - preparing lessons beforehand will speed up the process and give you a chance to set out tasks and homework for your children to exercise with. Classes can be prepared the day before or on a Sunday for the week ahead, but the point is that there will need to be some planning involved for things to run smoothly. You can also use tools like Studentreasures.com in order for you to prepare study material for your kids to work with. Sometimes, the work received from schools to give to your children can be challenging for them to sort through themselves, so taking a few minutes a day to prioritize and prepare will make the world's difference when you're actually busy with a lesson.


During lockdowns and government restrictions, you and your child experience things you never even deemed possible - it's essential to cut the two of you some slack and allow every feeling to be had. You never thought you'd be working from home on a semi-permanent basis and teach your child simultaneously because it's not safe to go to school anymore. Having patience may sometimes feel like a monumental task, and you may even wonder sometimes if you're doing everything right and if you're giving your child what they need to have a good education. Still, odds are you're doing your best, and that will always be enough for them!

By using the above guidelines, you'll be able to prioritize work and give your child comprehensive lessons calmly and efficiently. You can also designate a room or a space in the house that will only be utilized when it's time for "school," thereby giving them a classroom feel and helping them to concentrate for more extended periods of time.


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