Thursday, June 10, 2021

Moving to Singapore: What You Need to Know About Renting

Moving to a new home, no matter where it is, is a stressful process. There’s the act of getting a place to rent, then the delicacy of signing contracts, and finally the stress of actually moving in. 

When you add in the extra factor of moving abroad, the process can feel overwhelming. But moving abroad is an incredibly exciting opportunity and shouldn’t be ruined with unnecessary anxiety around the moving process. 

Singapore is a great place to live. With beautiful scenery, a bustling economy, and easy access to neighboring countries like Malaysia and the Philippines, there’s nowhere more interesting to relocate. 

To avoid any anxieties about moving abroad to Singapore, here are a few things to make sure you are aware of before beginning the process. 

Expats need a diplomatic clause when moving abroad. This diplomatic clause is essential, as it allows you to break any agreements early - this can only be done after a certain amount of time. Plus, the clause will enable you to escape any heavy penalties if you need to leave the country early for any reason. 

One key thing to look out for when moving into your new property in Singapore is the inventory. When you move in, you’ll be given an inventory by your landlord. This will detail everything in the flat you need to take care of. At the end, the inventory will be used to ensure you haven’t stolen or broken anything. Check the inventory matches with you flat - otherwise, it could be used to cheat you out of money!

To summarise, look at this helpful infographic which outlines all the things to watch out for. 

Infographic Design By: PropertyGuru Group


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