Wednesday, June 26, 2019

My grandson Amo started Nursery school at the Camelean Academy. I know, it seemed just like a few weeks ago that he was still learning to walk and talk, and now he is starting school! Where did all that time go?

Choosing an institution for early childhood education is not an easy task. There is the concern about proximity to the home, the curriculum, safety at school, and tuition fees. Parents also tend to inquire if the school has accreditation from the Department of Education. The Camelean Academy is only 500 meters from our home. Although it is just a small school, I love the security it provides, the presence of "nannies" who take care of helping the little ones with their snacks, wiping their faces, and taking them to the toilet if the need arises. The school's method of teaching is both progressive and traditional. The teachers are very pleasant with the children. Smiles and hugs are the norm. About tuition fees? I think they are reasonable reasonable enough.

For children attending school for the first time, the Camelean Academy requires summer classes for one month prior to the regular school year. It allows children to have a "feel" of how it is to be in school, to stick to a morning schedule, and to allow them to socialize with other kids their age.

I am happy that my daughter and son-in-law chose this school for my grandson. My little Amo is happy and eager to go to school every morning, saying "I want to see Teacher Myla."

Here are some of his photos during his summer class and his first week in regular Nursery school.

Summer class

First day of regular Nursery School
If you live anywhere near the Katipunan area, Blue Ridge, or Project 4, you may consider enrolling your child at the Camelean Academy.

Here's their address and contact information:
The Camelean Academy
10 J. Ocampo Street, Project 4, Quezon City, Metro Manila
+63 2 421 2595


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