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A well-written college essay can be the difference maker for students applying to selective schools. With admissions officers reading thousands of applications, an outstanding essay can trump a student's GPA and even their advanced coursework.

College application essay coaches are a growing industry, and there are many services to choose from. However, how do you know which one is right for you?

Develop a Strong Theme

The college essay is your chance to tell a story. It is the place to illuminate who you are, what makes you tick, and why your university would be a good fit for you. It is also the most complex piece of the application and, thus, requires the most thought and time to write.

In particular, at extremely selective colleges that only accept a small proportion of applicants each year, college essay coaching can help students develop a compelling theme that will set them apart. Colleges are more likely to view candidates favorably if they can read a well-written essay that demonstrates a compelling sense of purpose and a distinctive viewpoint.

Developing a theme can be challenging for some applicants, particularly since many different experiences and passions can be considered. However, students should focus on their most important and interesting experience or activity to ensure they have enough material for the main essays and supplemental responses.

A good theme should also encompass various topics, including overcoming obstacles, volunteerism, sports-related challenges or successes, family struggles, immigration stories, etc. However, some common themes should be avoided for originality, such as overly-used ones like a sports victory or a summary of personal accomplishments.

Embrace Adaptability

Adaptability is a crucial soft skill to have in the workplace. It's not uncommon for work environments to change, and employees who can flex with the landscape are more likely to stay relevant in their fields.

A college essay coach can help students develop adaptability by encouraging them to explore outside their comfort zones. They can also teach them to look at the bigger picture when writing their essays for the common application, coalition application, supplemental essays, short responses, activities section, and honors program essay.

Adjusting one's mindset, goals, and actions to match new circumstances is important in academic and professional settings. This flexibility may mean that a student needs to switch out of an uninteresting major or shift their focus to find a career path that suits them. It could also mean being willing to try something new in the workplace to improve efficiency. These skills can positively impact the overall quality of an applicant's application.

Be Persistent

Students must take on a huge task when writing a college essay different from their academic papers or high school assignments. They are tasked with showing admissions readers that they have the character and personality traits to add value to the student body, and it's up to them to convey that through their essays and application as a whole.

In addition, the essay requires introspection and a unique angle to stand out from thousands of other applicants with similar backgrounds and GPAs. An experienced coach can help students unlock their true qualities through tested introspection and brainstorming techniques.

A tutor with a strong work ethic is also crucial to helping students build persistence. They will encourage their students to push through the difficult parts of an essay and provide the encouragement needed to get to the finish line. They will also encourage the students to apply their lessons learned to future applications and in their lives beyond school.

Focus on the End Goal

Many students entering the college admissions process have put thousands of hours into schoolwork and extracurricular activities. Others have spent dozens of hours on teacher recommendations and SAT or ACT preparation. But the one piece that truly sets a student apart from other applicants is their college essay.

A powerful essay is not just about what you have accomplished; it also reveals who you are. A coach can help you choose a subject that will grab your reader's attention and provide an authentic view of your unique personality, interests, and values.

They can also help you avoid overstating your strengths and cliched stories that will bore your reader. Finally, they can offer guidance on ensuring that all written elements of the application (personal statement, short responses, COVID section, activity list, and scholarship essays) work together to tell a cohesive and compelling story.


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