Friday, February 26, 2021

Pet ownership: How To Make Your Home More Pet-Friendly

No matter what kind of pet you keep, it is a great responsibility to make the home safe and comfortable for your animal friends. They deserve a clean and welcoming space just as you do. Globally, 33% of households own pets; unfortunately, most pet owners fail to factor in these animal friends before buying or building a home. For this reason, this article seeks to discuss three ways you can transform your home to be more pet-friendly.

1. Choose pet-friendly flooring materials.

Flooring a home is a huge investment, and a wrong one could be costly, especially when you plan on having household pets. Laminated floors, ceramic tiles, and woody designs are durable, easy to clean and manage. Although some may be slippery for a young pet, such as a puppy, they get used to it with time. On the other hand, for those with a preference for carpeted floors, you will have to take caution up another notch. For example, instead of choosing light-colored carpets, go in for darker patterned ones. This way, even after cleaning, there will be no visible stains that attract your indoor dog from scratching at it. 

Furthermore, avoid rugs designed with loose continuous loops. These types tend to trap claws, and to free their paws, a cat or dog will pull at it until it tears. A better option is to choose microfiber carpets or rugs designed to feel plush without leaving marks or tugging at pet claws. They are excellent choices for homes that allow their pets indoors. 

2. Set up a comfortable resting or sleeping place

Did you know that dogs and cats are susceptible to back pains just as humans? Unlike human beings, these animals cannot talk about it, but you should know how to pick up on these signs as an observant pet owner. A dog with back pain would usually appear inflexible or yelp when touched on its back. In other instances, it would whimper at every bodily movement it makes. A more obvious sign is a visible unsteadiness when standing.

To avoid these health problems from showing up, dogs need comfortable and breathable beds that cushion their bodies when they lie down. Better yet, a mattress that provides proper alignment of its spine will reduce the chances of a dog suffering from a slipped disc. Pawpedics dog beds are excellent orthopedic mattresses specially designed for man’s best friend. They’re waterproof, breathable, non-slip base, and come in four different sizes.

3. Hide all electrical cables

Dogs, cats, and pet rabbits love to chew on anything they get their paws on. That includes electric cables in the home. As a preventive measure against electrocution, it is recommended to hide all visible lines or encase them in pet-resistant cord protectors. These casings perform a dual-duty by wrapping around your electric cables while making them impossible for household pets to sink their teeth in.

Interestingly, these robust plastic casings come in varied colors which can blend in with the rest of your home. However, pet trainers recommend going in for darker colors that will not draw attention. The reason being, dogs and cats especially are naturally drawn to bright-colored objects. Furthermore, pet cord protectors come in different sizes and lengths to accommodate all electric cable types.

The next time you consider placing animal friends in your home, take extra precautions to make the space safe and comfortable. More importantly, store all household toxins such as cleaners away from reach. Finally, you must keep poisonous houseplants such as the Peace Lily and Sago Palm out of reach.


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