Thursday, February 25, 2021

Could Stressing About Money Less Really Make You Richer?


On average, around 77% of us admit to being stressed about money at least some of the time, and it’s hardly surprising. Like it or not, money makes the world go round and honestly, having enough of it (or not having enough of it) is the reason we get out of bed in the morning. 

But, is such a high percentage of stress truly necessary for ensuring that we can live a comfortable life? Perhaps not. In fact, when you consider what separates those who have their financial futures sorted against those who don’t, it’s often this very stress that separates them.

In reality, this could be a bit of a chicken or egg situation. Are they not stressed about money because they have enough or are their finances up and together because they don’t stress? Who can say, but taking a leaf out of their books could certainly help you to feel richer in the following ways. 

You’ll finally be able to get your savings in order

Weirdly, worrying less could well see your savings in order. Why? Well, for one, thinking about money less makes you far less liable to spend it. Rather than holding your budget so tightly that there’s no room for maneuver, you’ll be able to calmly cut costs in non-essential areas or even lessen your insane debt overpayments a little so that you finally have some spare cash to put in the bank each month. 

You’ll realize that there’s always a way out

Those of us who worry about money feel like we’ll end up on the streets or facing impossible expenses if we don’t get our acts together/keep a set amount in the bank at any given time/stay awake thinking about it all. But, honestly, there are few financial situations with absolutely no way out. Far from worrying if you have enough to afford any possible situation, throwing stress out the window will open your eyes to these reassuring out-points. Suddenly, you’ll see that even in dire straits, immediate solutions like the second mortgage caveat finance from CSA can always come to the rescue. Even better, those savings that you’re not thinking about might just start creeping the right way up to come to the rescue while you’re distracted.

You’ll be able to love what you’ve got

How often have you wasted a day with the family because you’ve been stressing about the next mortgage payment? How many times have you spent entire evenings going over accounts? We’ve all done it, and, not to be cliche with the ‘experiences not expenses’ stuff, but there’s genuine truth to this. After all, right now, you’re spending money for a house, food and day trips that you barely notice. By addressing that stress, you’ll start to appreciate what you have, and might just realise that you aren’t so hard-off after all. 

We won’t lie, it’s not easy to switch money worries off like a tap. But, if you manage it, your finances will certainly thank you.


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