Saturday, December 6, 2014

Pain Relief For Your Beloved Pet

Two weeks ago, my son's 4 month old puppy named "Fang" was run over by a speeding scooter. Fang suffered a deep scrape in his groin area, and being so young, he was crying non-stop. He was immediately taken to the vet to check for fractures and/or internal bleeding. Luckily, it was only the wound that was causing his discomfort.

The veterinarian prescribed antibiotics, a cream preparation for the wound, and a pain reliever, vetprofen. (Read more about the product info using this link: Fang was kept in the pet hospital for three days to ensure he gets IV fluids and to monitor him for other symptoms that might point to something else. The pain medication worked wonderfully, because Fang was back to his normal frisky self after three days. 

My son Aton and Fang, a Pomeranian-Spitz mixed breed
When your pet is in pain or has undergone medical or dental procedures, ask your vet about vetprofen. It is such a good product I would recommend it to pet lovers if I were a veterinarian. 


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