Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Why Choose Plastic Pipes For Your Home

Irrespective of what type of pipework system you require, whether it be for clean water or chemicals, you need to choose the material of the pipes with a great deal of care. In general, you have two options at your disposal. For many years metal was the favoured choice, however, nowadays more and more people are opting for plastic pipes instead. There are many different reasons why this is the case. Thus, keep on reading to discover the key reasons why plastic pipes are better than metal pipework systems…

Firstly, one of the main reasons why plastic is the preferred choice for pipes and tanks from the likes of Tank Direct is because it is much more flexible. This type of material can be used with a whole host of applications. From chemical systems to agricultural irrigation systems – the list is endless. Whilst you can use metal in these circumstances, it is often not as effective. This is because metal has a tendency to corrode. In chemical systems especially, you will find that the metal weakens over time because of corrosion and rust. This can easily lead to leaks, which consequently leads to expensive repairs, not to mention a lot of hassle as well. It is also worth considering how detrimental this would be in a pipework system for drinking water. Traces of the metal can end up in the water, and this can lead to that awful metallic taste. Nonetheless, if you opt for a plastic pipework system you will not experience any of these issues. Plastic is not a material that corrodes, nor does it rust. Therefore, aside from flexibility and a much higher degree of quality, you should also factor in the longevity of this type of system. If you invest in plastic pipes you will get a lot more years out of them than you would with metal pipes, and thus value for money is assured. 

This leads onto the next point perfectly – the cost savings associated with plastic pipes for your home. As mentioned, you are less likely to require a repair if you opt for a plastic system. Moreover, your pipes will last for more years when compared with metal pipes. Nonetheless, these are not the only savings you will benefit from. Plastic is actually a lot cheaper to produce, and thus plastic pipes will cost less, to begin with. In addition to this, they are also much lighter and therefore they are easier to transport. Not only does this further indicate that they are flexible, yet it also showcases how you can save money on transport costs. 

The final factor you should consider, which a lot of people have a tendency to overlook, is the environmental benefits that are associated with plastic. When compared with metal, this is the more eco-friendly option to go for. This is important because the need to look after our planet is evident and businesses all have a responsibility to play their part. So, why is plastic the more environmentally friendly option? Generally, they reduce the user’s need to use as much energy. This is because they have low thermal conductivity, and thus they do not conduct heat as easily. Nevertheless, they are also a great insulator, meaning you lose less heat in hot water supplies. Again, this represents cost savings, yet you can also be safe in the knowledge that you are doing your bit to reduce the damage being done to our planet. 


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