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Wedding Venue Ideas For The Kookier Couple

It doesn’t matter whether you are in the early stages of planning your wedding or whether you are more of a last minute organizer, the chances are that the venue is a key aspect of your big day. Getting hitched somewhere that is picturesque, atmospheric, photogenic and means something to you as a couple is important. This should be the best day of your life so you want it to be memorable for all of the right reasons. Just because your mum and dad are expecting you to get hitched in a church doesn't mean that you have to go down this route. It’s vital that you are a little bit selfish on your big day and you choose the elements of your wedding based on what you want.

Church weddings are great, but if you aren’t religious or your dream wedding is far from a vicar and pews, you need to think about the sort of place where you do want to say your vows. Nowadays, there are plenty of options for your special day. Read on to discover the sorts of venues you might want to consider for your wedding.

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If you are a couple that adore their movies, you had your first date in a cinema or you are keen for a big screen and red carpet backdrop, you could do much worse than choosing an art house cinema. Forget about the massive out of town chains, and consider those kooky little art house cinemas that originate from the 1920s. The decor of these places is authentic with art deco lettering, architecture and seating making it a stunning venue for your wedding.

You could choose a big screen with a ready-made aisle for you to walk down. The Dolby surround sound can be an ideal platform from which to play your personalized music choices and the big screen is perfect to show off a slideshow of you as a couple. You might want to choose a montage of images detailing your relationship from when you first met up until your wedding day.

Cinemas are atmospheric and ooze class. You could even continue the theme with other aspects of your day. You could opt for some art deco inspired Pure invitation wedding invites, you might want to impose a 1920s dress code, and your music choices could be inspired by the flapper girls of the early twentieth century. 


If you love nothing more than being on the beach and you have fond memories of your holidays abroad as a couple, then it makes sense to look at a coastal wedding. You could choose to get hitched on the beaches of Bournemouth in good old Blighty, or you might fancy heading overseas for a more tropical affair. Consider the cost of each of these options. A wedding abroad will be infinitely more costly than one at home. This will have an impact on the guests that you will have attending your big day.

Being on a sun kissed beach and saying your vows to your partner is idyllic. If you want waves lapping at your feet, a gentle breeze cooling down the midday sun and awesome photos for memories, then a beach wedding can be perfect.

As well as your ceremony, you could hire a private section of beach to whip up a marquee and enjoy a spot of al fresco dining for your wedding breakfast. Being so coastal, you could carry on the beach theme by opting for a menu with a seafood flavor. How about scallops to start, a stunning fish platter for your main and a light dessert to finish? There are plenty of options from a formal sit down affair to a more casual beach barbecue for your guests to enjoy.


While a little mundane compared to a beach or cinema wedding, getting married in a hotel can be the more economical choice. At this venue, your wedding ceremony, reception and evening party are held in one all encompassing space. This can leave less room for any hiccups throughout the day. Having a blank canvas in which to create your own themed wedding can also be more exciting. You could visit a range of hotels and choose the one that suits you most as a couple. Large chain hotels are brilliant for people who want a large space to decorate themselves. Alternatively, you could select a modern boutique hotel for a more exclusive vibe. Or maybe, a more traditional or historic building is more your style.

Some hotels and accommodation settings are stunning such as castles or yurts. You could stage your own knights of the round table theme, or perhaps you want a simple color coded theme. A black tie affair can be simple yet classic and ooze class and sophistication.

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There are many classic gardens in the UK that host wedding ceremonies. All you will need to do is locate a registrar as the English country garden will be in full bloom for an excellent backdrop to your vows. It doesn’t matter whether you get hitched in the blossom filled spring, the flora laden summer or a snowy winter, the gardens will look beautiful and scenic. 

Getting married in the great outdoors can be freeing, and it is an ever more popular setting in which to say ‘I do.’ With some white chairs, a self made aisle and some simple flora and fauna, you can enjoy a simple pared back ceremony.

While a church or registry office based ceremony is still the most popular venue for weddings in the UK, they are being given a run for their money as millennials who are now getting wed, are keen to explore kookier options. Don't feel limited in your choices and investigate every single option. Home based ceremonies are not unheard of. Or perhaps you fancy getting hitched underwater, in the Arctic, at the zoo or at a waterpark.  Ensure that you utilize this guide to inspire your venue choice for your special day.


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