Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Be Prepared for your Medical Imaging Appointment

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Medical imaging is an important diagnostic tool that is improving all the time. It can be intimidating, though, especially if you're not sure what to expect. Whether you're having a simple CT scan, an ultrasound, or digital x-ray imaging, there are a few things you can do to be ready before your imaging appointment.

Talk to Your Doctor

Make sure to get a clear idea of what's going to happen and why. When your doctor tells you you need to have imaging done, ask what they're looking for, and how they will be looking for it. The answer might be complicated, and might involve other options; there are an increasing variety of digital imaging technologies, and more being invented all the time. If you're still having trouble understanding, go to the internet. There are other people out there who've had this procedure done for the same reason. 

Talk to Your Imaging Techs

You might be encouraged to make your appointment online, or you might not even be required to make an appointment, but don't be afraid to call and ask a real live person for clarity. You might need to do some prep work; drinking or fasting or avoiding certain foods. Make sure to get a checklist of what you need to do in order to be ready for your appointment. And of course you want to be absolutely certain your insurance will cover this procedure, and how much you will be expected to pay. Have your insurance information at the ready when you make the appointment.

Be Patient

Answers very likely won't be instantaneous, no matter how much you wish they were. The techs on the day probably won't be able to interpret your results, and you'll have to talk to your doctor again before you know what your results really mean. Imaging technology isn't a magic bullet, it's a complex and subtle tool in getting you the diagnosis that will help you get healthy. 


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