Thursday, April 4, 2019

When taking out an international medical insurance policy there is a lot to take into consideration. Not only do you need to be sure that the policy is right for you in terms of cover and benefits, but you must be fully aware of all of the terms and conditions that are in place. One of these conditions will be an annual limit. All global health insurance plans have an annual limit in place. Read on to discover everything you need to know about this…
What is an annual limit?
This is the maximum amount of money an insurer will agree to cover you for per year. For example, if your annual limit is $60,000 then the insurance company you use will only cover medical expenses up to this amount. Anything in excess of $60,000 you will have to fund yourself. 

Why is it important to carefully consider your annual limit?
A lot of people make the mistake of underestimating medical expenses when it comes to taking out international health insurance. However, you could easily find yourself in a situation where you are faced with a massive bill. 

Let’s say you suffer a serious injury or illness whilst on vacation or even in your current place of residency. You go to the hospital only to discover that you cannot get the treatment you require there. As a result, you have to go to a hospital in a nearby state or even a different country. In the end, you will need to pay for the care and support you received in the country you were in whilst you were taken ill, as well as the cost of an air ambulance and treatment in the location you received the necessary help. 

This could easily amount to costs in excess of $60,000 – if that was indeed your annual limit. As a result, it is pivotal to consider your annual policy limit with a great amount of care to ensure you do not need up in such a scenario. 

You also need to have a high annual limit if you have an existing health condition. Let’s say you have hearing loss. You are going to be likely to need checkups throughout the year and hearing aid devices. You need to ensure that your policy is going to cover all of this. 

All in all, your policy’s annual limit is just another factor you need to consider when you are looking for the right worldwide medical insurance policy. You should analyse your policy with a scrutinizing eye before agreeing to it. Many people rush into buying international health insurance and unfortunately it is something they live to regret when they discover they are not covered to the level they had expected. 


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