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Health is a vital issue no matter what our age, but as we get a little older it can help to make it even more of a priority. After all, our health is the one thing that can have the power to improve our quality of life, something that most people want to maintain as much as possible as they age. With this in mind, check out the simple guide below on the health matters that those over 50 should be looking out for as they age. 

Hearing health 

Many people believe that hearing loss is a natural part of ageing and that it is very little we can do to prevent it. However, this isn't always the case. In fact, there are plenty of things that we can do to safeguard our hearing health throughout life.  

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The first thing is to try and minimize any infections in the ear. Decrease infections by rinsing out the ear canal after bathing or water sports, as this can prevent bacteria getting logged in there. Remember as the ear canal is a warm and moist place it is the perfect environment for such bacteria to grow, and when they do so your chance of having an infection that your body can find hard to fight off increases, and can damage your ears. 

Also, it can be useful to use hearing protection in situations that are noisy such as music performances or work environments. The reason ear protection is so necessary is that is can stop damage occurring to the hair follicle in the cochlea which can result in a decline in hearing health and even hearing loss over time. 

Heart health 

The over 50s also need to be aware of the health of their heart, as any unnecessary strain on this organ can be problematic. The health of the heart is so crucial because it is a vital organ that pumps blood around our bodies, and that means we cannot do without it. After all, if it is not working at full capacity, it can cause all sorts of issues from fatigue to poor circulation, to heart attacks. 

Keeping the heart healthy for the over 50s is something that requires a three-pronged approach. The first is to have a regular checkup that looks out for problems such as atrial fibrillation that you may not be aware you have. 

In addition, eating well and keeping at a healthy weight is vital to this. Also exercising to keep the heart strong and blood pumping around the body is an essential part of maintaining heart health well into your 50’s and beyond. 

Bone health 

Another issue that many folks over the age of 50 can experience is a problem with bone density. This condition is particularly evident in women of this age because the hormonal changes brought about by menopause can speed up the loss of bone matter in the body. 

Minimize the risk of this, by maintaining a healthy diet that includes plenty of calcium as this is used to build and strengthen the skeleton. It is also vital that you cut out any other actions that mean you are a higher risk such as smoking, excessive drinking and taking some medications. Lastly getting a regular scan and taking supplements to help improve bone density can be useful in minimizing this issue in those over 50. Something you can read more about here.

Mental health 

Lastly, let us not forget that mental health issues are often prevalent amongst those that are over 50, at least as much as those under this age. After all, ageing can be tough as not only do you have to deal with physical changes in your body but also the psychological impact of major life changes such as menopause, empty nesting, retirement, and the like. 

Luckily, there are plenty of approaches that can help you keep mentally healthy no matter what life throws at you. The first step to accessing these is usually finding out what specific problem it is that you are suffering from. Many people use online diagnostic tools for this, or go and see their doctors who can then refer them to a specialist that will be able to provide coping strategies for anxiety and depression issues. 

Remember that if your mental health isn't too good, it's likely that your physical health and quality of life can suffer as well. With this in mind, it is vital that you deal with any mental health issues as promptly as you would physical ones, particularly if you want to safeguard your health well into your 50s and beyond. 


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