Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Build A Garden Pond In These Simple Steps

Now that the winter is finally gone for good and the weather is warmer, it is time for many of us to turn our attention away from the house and towards the garden. As soon as the temperature starts to rise we are gifted with sprouts, colours and blooms from the garden and this can be a wonderful thing. Today we are taking a look at a fun project that you can try in the garden this year to add a fun feature and also to pull in some wildlife to the space: a pond. 

Mark it out 

The first step for creating a cute little pond in the back garden this year is the mark out where you want the pond to be, what size it will be and what shape it will be. It will all depend on your personal preference whether you make a small pond or a large one, and you can always take some inspiration from people online as to the design and the shape of the pond you want to make. The best way for you to mark out the space is with some string and this will ensure that you stay within your boundaries while you plan it out. 

Above or below?

One of the things you will want to consider is whether you are going to build a trench for the pond or whether you are going to build it raised from the ground up. This is something you need to think carefully about because a raised pod will take a lot more work for you to create. As long as you are happy with putting the time into it, a stone raised pond can look stunning in any garden. Have a think too about the depth of water, make sure to buy Grundfos CR pumps to keep the water clean, and keep the water fairly shallow if you want a wildlife focused feature.

Add liner 

Once you are happy with the depth and size of the pond it is time to add the liner. Liner will prevent the water from seeping into the soil below and it will ensure that the pond stays full and stable. You can buy liner from any garden center and even the most basic one will be ideal. 

Add water 

Now that the pond is ready, it’s time to add the water. If you have any bog plants which you want to install in the pond, make sure that you know whether they should go in before or after the water as it can vary depending on the type of plant you use. 

Add wildlife

Now the fun part! If a family member has a pond, see if you can ask for some frog spawn. As well as this you can buy fish for the pond, pond snails to keep the water clean, and other small creatures. There’s no need to go overboard because over time animals will find their home here. 


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