Monday, April 27, 2015

My Furry Grandchildren ~ Fang and Bite

After seven years living in this apartment, our landlady has finally given us approval to have a dog. Yay! At long last, my longing for a pet was fulfilled.

At first, we had a "weekend dog," which was exactly what it was. My son and his girlfriend had a dog in their dorm room and when they went home for the weekend, they took the dog home to me. Their dog's name is Fang. He is a Japanese Spitz-Pomeranian mix. He was a frisky little puppy and oh so cute! Fang now permanently lives with my son's girlfriend's parents. He got big and was too much work for two college kids to take care of. I miss him though. Maybe someday he can visit too.

Baby Fang
Asleep and content

Fang at 8 months

And then last December, my youngest son asked permission if he could "adopt" his girlfriend's dog. It was a tiny little 18 month old Shih Tzu. My son's girlfriend and her siblings are out of the house most of the time and there was no one left to care for the dog. Now we have a permanent pet. Officially adopted. Ours to keep. His name is Bite and he is the sweetest little creature!

Bite's selfie shot

Doing his role as "The Protector"

Bite and his toys taking over the apartment!

Bite is my stress reliever. He loves being hugged and petted. I love taking him for his walk, bathing him and just being near him. Despite his tiny size, he is over-protective of my husband. He follows him everywhere and patiently waits for him while he is in the shower or in the toilet. When I leave for work at night, Bite stays by the door while my husband is still awake and then moves to the foot of the bed when it is time for my husband to sleep. I know dogs have a very strong sense of smell and it just amazes me when he would just sniff and lick my husband's legs and feet days before he would catch a cold or be in agony with arthritis pain. I just cannot think of any other reason for Bite's strange sniff and lick habit. Could he be trying to get rid of something bad to prevent my husband from getting sick?

I treat Fang and Bite as if they were my grandchildren. Every time I get paid at work, I make sure I come home with a treat - a big can of dog food (delicious beef and chicken with gravy) or a new chew toy. They may have fierce sounding names, but they are the gentlest, sweetest, furriest little source of happiness!


  1. They are adorable. I would spoil them also.

  2. OMG! Super cute. I love pets, especially dogs. They're so adorable. Wish i could have more dogs

  3. Congratulations on finally being able to have a dog of your very own! I have always held the very firm belief that a house does not feel like a home unless there is a pet living there. We have 5 cats and they certainly make life more interesting.


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