Monday, April 27, 2015

Brainstorming For A Mother's Day Gift

It will be Mother's day in two weeks time and I haven't even given myself some time to look for something to give my mom. What would make a 76 year old fitness advocate happy? Oh yes, you read it right. My mother is 76 and every morning at 8:00, she and her fellow senior citizens sweat their way to health in their aerobics class. On Thursday mornings, she attends a Zumba class, and on Saturday afternoons, my mom goes to ballroom dancing classes. She's a busy old gal.
If my mom is not in her fitness and dance classes, she keeps herself busy by whipping up delicious dishes. She's such a great cook. My children would always drop by her house in the after school because they know grandma always has something yummy for them.
Relaxation time for my mom is laying on the couch watching her favorite soaps. Sometimes she browses through old magazines looking for recipes or worthwhile articles. Another relaxation activity for my mom is tending her orchid collection. She does have a green thumb and her orchids are just so pretty!
Most, if not all of my mom's friends know that she simply loves anything in red color - a red purse, a red scarf or shirt, a dress with red tones, etc. When me and my siblings were little kids, we knew that a red rose plucked out of a garden somewhere would really bring a smile to her face.
This year, on Mother's day, I will keep all of these "favorites" in mind and would have to choose which among these gifts would be perfect for that one special wonder woman in my life - Mommy.

An Exercise Buddy

Nathan - Quickshot Plus Handheld Gel/Water Bottle Sparkling Cosmo
This would be a perfect exercise buddy. My mom has diabetes, like me, and it is essential that she stays hydrated. The water bottle can hold 300 ml. I like the idea of a little zippered pouch where she can keep her keys and emergency medicines. A plus factor - it comes in her favorite color! This product, the Nathan - Quickshot Plus Handheld Gel/Water Bottle Sparkling Cosmo is an ideal gift for an active mom like mine!

A Customizable Recipe Cook Book Binder

Zazzle - Pink and Black Damask Recipe Cook Book Binder
Whenever my mom comes across a nice recipe in a magazine, she cuts it and keeps it inside a brown paper envelope. I thought giving her a clear plastic sheet binder will help to keep her cut-out recipe collection in order. The sleeves hold standard size 8.5 x 11 paper. The 1 inch EZ turn rings can hold up to 175 pages! But that is not all that made me interested in this. The Zazzle - Pink and Black Damask Recipe Cook Book Binder offers customizable designs too. I can choose my own background design, color and title. Amazing. This is something I will seriously consider getting for my mom.

A Good Pair of Shoes

Saucony - PowerGrid Guide 7 Running Shoe - Women's
Being diabetic means extra attention must be given to the extremities, especially the feet. I am considering getting my mom a good pair of shoes she can use for her exercise classes or for walking around the mall or grocery store. The Saucony - PowerGrid Guide 7 Running Shoe - Women's would be a great buy. I love the open mesh shoe body for proper aeration. The soles provide cushioning from heel to toe with mid-foot support. I wish my children would get one for me too!


FTD - Glowing Strong Orchid Plant
I mentioned earlier that my mom loves orchids. So, if I would decide to give her flowers on Mother's day, it would not be a bouquet. I would instead get her an orchid plant with flowers in full bloom. I especially like the FTD - Glowing Strong Orchid Plant because of its classic beauty. The white ceramic pot will look great on her coffee table. The size is perfect. It would make it easy for my mom to take the plant out for some sunshine. If I choose this gift, I know my mom will not only have flowers for a day, but she will have them all year round. With her green thumb, I am sure this plant will be well taken care of.

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