Friday, April 24, 2015

Is Your Child A Future American Idol?

There are so many talent shows running right now and what is amazing is that there are contestants as young as twelve or thirteen and are already guitar wizards in their own right! It makes me wonder, when did their parents get one real guitar for them? When they were three years old? 

So much talent and so much of life ahead for these musical proteges. If I did have a child who was musically inclined, I would support them all the way. The good thing is that we do not really have to spend a lot to get quality musical instruments. A well crafted piece may be purchased at discounted prices. Some may suit your budget, and some may need some saving up for.

However, the love and support we provide our children are enough for them to hone their craft. Which parent would not be proud to see their child onstage performing in front of a live audience, televised around the world? I definitely would be.


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