Saturday, April 4, 2015

MMORPG Yourself With #ChronoWars

Have you ever observed your child play an online game? It just amazes me how focused they can be on winning. As a parent, I make sure that the games they play does not involve them spending money or placing bets. Lately, I asked my son what was so interesting about online games. He said it is like role-playing and that he uses strategy to defeat another player and take over his "kingdom." So I asked, "But isn't it all about fighting? I don't want you to think that winning is about fighting. I don't want you to have to deal with violence day in and day out." My son says the games are not at all that way. It is about teamwork, strategy and being responsible for your belongings (actually, he means "minding your wealth and properties").

So, as a concerned (or should I say, nosey) mom, I tried out this new game called ChronoWars: Light of Darkness on Facebook. Why did I choose this game? Well, first of all, its free and it is on Facebook. The only requirement was to download a 3D plug in which was pretty fast. What have I learned on my first day of playing? A new acronym - MMORPG, which stands for Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Game. I have to admit, it was an interesting game.

The game helped me put strategic planning into practice, which is what we really need to do in real life. It gave me a chance to get into my player character (I chose to be a knight) and it was fun! I wish I was a sexy as my character, though. This game is not just about fighting and being greedy, it also has some bit of history in the game. The "quest" or tasks of a player will enable you to get into six historical eras, and that includes Robin Hood, King Arthur, and Joan of Arc.  

I told my son about this game and he liked it. He said he will tell his friends about it so they can play together. I would suggest you try this game out. It is highly interactive and the 3D graphics are just awesome! 

My husband likes the game too. He said, "Now I have something to do instead of worrying my wits out while you work the night shift. Two thumbs up to the creator of #ChronoWars!"


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