Sunday, April 5, 2015

An Easter Awakening

I took our little shih tzu out for a walk early today. It was a nice Easter morning, a little cloudy but with a nice breeze. 

As we were rounding up a corner, a boy, about nine or ten years old approached us. He was obviously a street child. He had over-sized dirty clothes and mismatched pair of slippers. He was skinny but had the most sincere smile for a child who had so little in life.

This boy asked me, "Does your dog bite?" 
I said, "No. He is well behaved." 
Then the boy asked, "Can I pet him? What kind of dog is he? What is his name?"
"He is a shih tzu. His name is Bite."
"He must be expensive. Did you spend a lot of money to get him?"
"No, I did not. He was given to us as a gift."

Then the boy bent down and petted Bite. He spoke to the dog with these heartbreaking words:
"You are so lucky, Bite. You have a home, you are well fed, you have people who take care of you. I have none. I have nothing. I am just a street child." 

And then he stands up and walks away.

It was the most heart wrenching words from the mouth of a child. I was fighting the urge to cry. How did I find it in me to want more than what I have when there are others who barely get by from day to day?

Today was the best Easter awakening I had. I thank you, Almighty God for speaking to me through that child. I will live each day as a better Christian. I will love more, be more and do more. Thank you for Your Providence. Thank You for saving me from my sins. Thank You for this renewed fervor.

Thank You.


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  1. <3 Isn't that the truth? Children are so honest. Wow.


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