Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Travel Fun in the Metro

I was born and raised in #Quezon City Philippines. I could not even imagine living anywhere else! I love the hustle and bustle of the big city. I love the convenience of living close to shopping malls, major grocery stores, churches, schools, hospitals, private corporations and government offices. My neighborhood is full of friendly people, ready to greet you with a smile and best of all, its flood free!

Getting around could be overwhelming for someone who arrived in Metro Manila for the first time. Let me show you the modes of transportation we usually take to get from point A to point B.

1. The tricycle

The vehicle of choice for short trips of not more than 2 kilometers. In the area where I live, the fare is Php17.00 per trip, maximum of two passengers. A third passenger would cost an additional Php8.00.

2. The Jeepney

Originally crafted out of old World War II jeeps, these vehicles can now accommodate up to 24 people inside the cab. Now called the "Jeepney," this vehicle plies most major roads (except EDSA), bringing students, employees, and any other passenger to their destinations. Baseline fare for a 4 kilometer ride is Php8.00

Another variant of the Jeepney is called the "FX," which is an airconditioned asian utility vehicle carrying only 10 passengers maximum. This is the vehicle of choice if you want to travel with a little more comfort.

Colorful jeepneys doing their daily routes

Guess who? Its Vin Diesel taking a jeepney ride in the Makati Business District

Vin Diesel getting off the jeepney
3. The Bus

Buses take the daily commuters along Metro Manila's major thoroughfares - EDSA, Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon Avenue, Ortigas Avenue and others. Taking the bus would be the best choice if you want to be guaranteed a seat - unless of course you get caught up in the rush hour madness. They can fill those buses tighter than a can of sardines.

A bus with free wi-fi. Keep yourself busy with your smartphone while stuck in traffic

4. The Commuter Trains

There are 3 major commuter train lines operating in Metro Manila. There is Light Rail Transit Line1 (LRT Line 1) that goes from Balintawak to Monumento. The LRT Line 2 connects with Line 1 at the Recto/Doroteo Jose Station in Manila. LRT Line 2 stretches from Santolan, Pasig to Recto, Manila. Passengers on this line are mostly students because of the numerous colleges and universities located along its route. The Metro Rail Transit (MRT) runs from North Avenue in Quezon City to Taft Avenue in Pasay. This line runs alongside EDSA, Metro Manila's main highway. People from the working class take this train and it can really get jampacked during rush hour. It sometimes makes you feel that your face got swapped with somebody else's.

Light Rail Transit Line 1

Light Rail Transit Line 2

Metro Rail Transit

5. The Feet

For really short trips to the grocery store, drug store or wet market, or sometimes a school or church, the best way to go is to walk. No traffic, no throngs of people, no rush.

Travel safely, everyone!


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