Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Just when you've gotten the hang of building your rhythm on your good old set of acoustic drums, an innovative musical instrument finds its way in the market. Voila! Technology brought us electronic drums! 

Totally unheard of during the baby boomer era, electronic drum sets provide musicians certain benefits that cannot be seen in an acoustic set. The most noticeable benefit is its compact size. In addition, electronic drums do not need complex microphone arrangements and can be played at lower volumes.  

The alesis dm10 pro kit is a handsome looking, top performing electronic drum kit. The hardware components are a snare, 4 toms, 1 kick and 4 cymbals. It has 100 preset drum kits. It delivers a unique experience with 1047 preset sounds. What is more amazing it that its built-in sequencer can play accompaniment parts for practice sessions or for recording your musical masterpieces. 

Electronic drum kits have changed the way music is being created, played and recorded. Less the bulk, more of the richness of tones. In full support to budding musicians, electronic drum kits also have the ability to hook up to an external CD or MP3 player for practice jamming. Unbelievable.

I am astonished at the genius of this new technology. It does keep me at the edge of my seat with the question "What could be next?"


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