Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Half the Deal is the Eye Appeal

I have yet to learn of a bass guitar player with only one guitar. These artists usually have two or three, maybe more. It could be the kind of strings, the neck, the shape of the guitar body, or even the kind of gig they would be performing in. The rationale behind this is to enable them to produce the particular sound for a particular genre. 

One great set of guitars to choose from is the new b.c. rich bass guitar. The Mocking Bird ST Model is my personal choice. It has an ergonomically designed mahogany body for easy handling and playing. Its classic design would blend in any kind of performance - jazz, rock, blues, or pop. The tobacco burst color is so cool! Aside from the design of the guitar, the best thing is the full bass tones you get with every strum. 

Definitely a good investment!


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