Friday, June 7, 2024

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to a messy home. Life often gets in the way, whether it’s a busy working week, to dealing with young children running around the home, creating chaos. With that being said, here are some top tips for tackling a messy home.

Hire a cleaning service

If you’re struggling to keep on top of all the cleaning, then you could always consider bringing in a cleaning service. This could be something you do once a week, twice monthly, or every month depending on the budget you have available.

By having someone else step in, then it can relieve some of the workload that you need to carry with you both physically and mentally. 

There are plenty of professional cleaning services out there, which is why it’s worth looking around, comparing quotes, and picking someone you trust who has good reviews.

Try to do a little bit at a time

It’s good to do a little bit at a time when it comes to cleaning, that way it won’t be so overwhelming. Set yourself a timer of fifteen or twenty minutes and use this time exclusively for cleaning up. You’ll be surprised by how much you get done and you won’t need to do too much that it’s going to exhaust you.

Doing a little bit at a time is going to gradually clean up the place, while not feeling so much of a big job on a daily basis.

Get rid of the trash

Getting rid of the trash is going to give your home a quick boost of cleanliness, especially when it comes to the smell in the home. It’s better to get rid of the trash on a daily basis because if your bin isn’t secure enough, it’s going to start smelling out of the home.

This can be problematic if you’re in a smaller property, like an apartment for example. The more efficient you can be with throwing the trash out, the better. You might also find it useful to put a fragrance booster of some sort into the bin to keep it smelling good.

Put on a playlist to encourage motivation

A playlist is a great way to stay motivated when it comes to cleaning. There’s nothing better than throwing on a couple of bangers as you tackle the toilet or clean out the refrigerator.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, consider putting a playlist on so that you can get motivated about the next cleaning job you’re tackling.

Don’t feel guilty if you don’t get all of it done

Even though you might have a list as long as your arm when it comes to cleaning, you don’t want to put yourself in a position where you’re simply exhausted by it all. Get as much as you can do but don’t feel guilty if you don’t get it all done.

Tackling the home’s mess is something that requires a routine, so putting steps into place to keep on top of it all, is crucial. 


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