Friday, January 26, 2018

Do you often walk around your house or enter a particular room and get a face full of a bad smell? It happens to me from time to time, I smell things that just aren’t pleasant at all, and it ruins the overall way your home feels. 

No one wants to have a smelly home, but it’s hard to avoid certain scents from time to time. Places like the kitchen and bathroom are prone to smells that can stink up your house. Luckily, while you may be unable to prevent the smells, you can certainly cover them up effectively. 

Here are my top tips for getting rid of these smells and making your house smell a lot better: 

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Light Candles

Candles are one of my favorite ways to get rid of bad smells. This is because they’re very effective at covering up scents and filling a room with the smell of the candle. The fact they burn for a long time is a bonus too, so you can have hours of fragrance when the candle is lit. Plus, you kind of get the smell of the flame when it’s first lit too. There’s a slight smokiness that helps negate any other smells in the room and makes way for the lovely candle. 

Use An Aroma Diffuser

Some people like to use air freshener sprays to try and cover up different smells in their home. This may work a little bit, but these sprays are bad for the environment, and you have to manually use them. But, with home fragrance diffusers, you have a good alternative. These things can sit on a shelf or bookcase and automatically diffuse a nice scent into the air. There’s no aerosol cans involved or any harmful things; the fragrance comes from different oils. It’s a safe way to make your home smell nice, and it will provide constant fragrance at all times.  

Put An Odor Blocker In Your Fridge

This tip is specifically for the fridge in your kitchen. This is often the culprit when it comes to bad smells. People leave food in the fridge for days, and it begins to smell bad. Strong cheese smells are commonly found in the fridge, as are things like seasoned meats and curries. Regardless of what’s causing the smell, you can get rid of it with an odor blocker. These are little things you stick in your fridge, and they absorb the smells from all the different food. So, your fridge won’t stink, and your house won’t get any of the bad odors either!

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Leave Your Bathroom Door Open After Washing

One last tip for you; keep the door to your bathroom open after you’ve had a bath or shower. All this does is allow the lovely smell of your shower gel and shampoo to drift throughout your house. It’s a really clever way to fill your home with nice smells before guests come around. 

Say goodbye to all those gross smells that trouble your nostrils from time to time. With these tips, your home will constantly smell nice, and be more appealing as a result. I often find that improving the way your home smells is one of the cheapest, yet most effective, home improvements you can think of. 


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