Thursday, June 9, 2022

The Best Ways To Update Your Kitchen

Having your entire kitchen renovated takes time, and not everyone has the budget or the inclination to handle such a big project. Luckily there are so many different ways that you can update your kitchen without the fuss. 

We are now spoiled for choice when it comes to inspiration for how we can make upgrades and additions to our homes. Pinterest, blogs, and online interior magazines offer inspiration for all sizes and designs of kitchens. All you have to do is find the one that you like. 


Wallpaper can make a big difference to any room with minimal effort; some options are wipeable and water-resistant, too - making them ideal for use in the kitchen. What's great about wallpaper is that you don't have to stick to a single color; you can opt for bold patterns if you want to. 

If you have smaller areas, then these are perfect for bright wallpapers with different designs, and this is a budget-friendly option too. 


If you have tiles, you can make some quick changes to update this area. To bring more light and make the small feel a little bigger, use mirrors to help bounce the light back into the kitchen. 

A more oversized mirror is also an effective use of budget, as it is hard-wearing - but consider if your regular cleaning will keep this surface shiny and gleaming - or will it spend all its time slightly smeared?

Another way to update this area with reasonably little time and cash is to paint the tiles. Special tile paint can help you to add a pop of color in the exact places you want. 

An alternative, although a slightly bigger project and a little heavier on the budget, is replacing all of the tiles altogether. 

Regrouting is also an excellent option for a quick update. 


Floors go through a lot of wear and tear during a usual year. After a while, it starts to look a bit run down. A flooring replacement can rectify this quickly and easily. If you’re already considering updating a few other areas, it’s worth considering this.

You wouldn’t want everything else to look immaculate but your floor looks run down, after all.


With the cupboard doors, you have a couple of options, you can have an expert cabinet refinishing done, or you can tackle the job yourself. Replacing the doors and the handles can be a much bigger job and more costly than giving a facelift to what you already have. 

When you are working with a professional company, they can help you decide the best way to go. 

Another big trend is to remove the doors of the cabinets and have them open faces. But this trend is for people who like to make sure the inside of the cupboards is presentable at all times. 


Lighting can change a lot in a room, more yellow-toned lights can make any white in the room not as bright, but a daylight bulb can make the room feel much more significant. Changing the fittings and adding a lamp can be a great way to maximize your lighting. 


Windows can be tricky based on where your windows are facing. Even when you want to let as much light in as possible if the kitchen windows face the street, you might be putting your privacy first. 

One of the things that work well for maintaining privacy but letting in a lot of light is window film or window film. Window foil and film are usually self-adhesive, although there are options that don't need to be stuck. Instead, they adhere to the window via static. They allow for a lot of light to enter the room and offer privacy too. They also come in a wide range of colors, including mock stained glass.

Changing the window coverings that you have on there currently can also give you a refresh. Switching out fabrics for bamboo or voile can change how big or small the room feels in general. 


If your kitchen is feeling a little lifeless, one of the best things you can do is add some plants. You don't need to become a botanist overnight and work out how to take care of hundreds of plants. 

In fact, you can skip real plants and add some fake ones instead if you want to. 

Hanging plants add some texture and interest, and a trendy option is the pothos plant. They are relatively easy to take care of and grow well too. 

Alternatively, you can create a herb garden in the kitchen. Most herbs will grow well with a little bit of care and a good amount of light. 

Here are some great plant options for the kitchen

  • Spider plant
  • Basil
  • Snake plant
  • English Ivy
  • Pothos


If you want to get the most for your money, paint is the way to go. You don't need to paint everything white; you can use paint sample pots to add a subtle color to larger pots of white paint. Remember that if you mix your own, it's better to do it all in one go so that you don't end up with two different shades unintentionally. 

If you have a smaller kitchen, then painting everything white is the most recommended way to make it look light, brighter, and bigger. Leave a few wooden touches, and you have a Nordic feeling kitchen with very little effort. 


Instead of adding more into the kitchen, take some things away instead. Most of the time, the kitchen becomes the place for things in the home that don't make it back to where they came from. We have too many kitchen machines, not enough cupboard space, and often aren't that great at saying goodbye. 

Declutter the kitchen, and either donate, sell or throw out things you don't use often enough. These items are taking up precious room that could be used to help the rest of the kitchen look tidier. 

Before you start making any changes, it pays to soak up as much inspiration as you can. How do you want your kitchen to function? How often do you cook big meals? What could you store away elsewhere or get rid of? Here are some stunning kitchen interiors to help you soak up some inspiration and see what might work for you: Cool Kitchen Interiors To Inspire


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