Saturday, June 11, 2022

Smart Ideas To Maintain Your New Car Look

Nothing beats the feeling of driving around in a new car with a perfect finish. Unfortunately, the feeling is only short-lived as the car is exposed to elements such as direct sunlight, grime, and bird droppings. It can be expensive to get an attractive finish as the basic auto painting costs range from $300 to $900. So whether you plan on keeping your car for long use or reselling, it is advisable to have regular maintenance routines that help you maintain that ‘new car’ look. Below are a few.

Covered parking

Parking your car in covered areas is one of the simplest and most effective ways to prevent your auto body paint from fading. This isn't limited to parking inside your home garage but includes taking advantage of covered parking spots in your workplace or other parking spaces. For instance, you can park under a tree nearby or on the side of your building that receives the most shade. Parking under a tree or shady area instead of the grocery store parking lot can save your car from the sun's UV rays. The extra walk to the store is worthwhile.

Keep the car detailed

Car detailing is done for many reasons. It prevents the clear coat on your car from breaking down, ensures the plastics don't fade prematurely, and reduces interior wear, keeping your car in its best shape. You can detail your car as a hobby or create a regular detail schedule. For the best result, stick to using only quality sealant, wax, or coating on the car exterior for guaranteed protection. Regularly detailing isn't just good for preventing your car paint from fading but protects your health by removing bacteria buildup inside your vehicle. 

Maintain a waxing schedule 

A decent wax job can go a long way to provide additional paint protection for a car. Doing this to your automobile at least once every six months will provide a protective layer against dangerous debris, dust, scratches, and other natural elements. While you can DIY your car waxing, ensure that the wax contains no abrasives that may strip away the top layer after application. 

Regular car washing 

The protective topcoat or overcoat of your vehicle's paints prevents UV rays from entering the paint itself. UV rays can only affect your auto body paint if it is absorbed into it. Unfortunately, several road pollutants can weaken the protective topcoat and allow UV rays to damage your paint. For instance, bugs usually carry acidic compounds that harm your car's topcoat. While it may be impossible to avoid this, washing your car anytime it is contaminated can lower the effects. Detecting whether your vehicle's top coat is contaminated can be challenging. So the best approach is to ensure regular car washing to remove any pollutants on your car's body. 

These tips are some of the best ways to prevent your car from looking worn out too quickly. Following them means you won't have to spend so much to keep it looking flawless.


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