Tuesday, June 7, 2022

If you’re looking for some ways to make part-time money, then it’s best to look at the ways to monetize the skills that you already have. For a lot of people, that might mean putting pen to paper (or rather, putting fingers to keyboard) and writing for a living. But how, exactly, do you make money through your writing? There are a lot of different ways to do it, many of them relying on different skills, and there are a lot of people looking to make money in the same way, so you have to prepare to be competitive. Here are some of the options you can look at, however.

Self-publish a book

If you have a great book idea, then selling it online is becoming more accessible than ever before. It’s true that when you self-publish your own book online, you don’t get the benefit of working with a publisher who might have much more experience in marketing and getting it in the publications and places where it might gather more attention. However, you do benefit from having control of every step of the process, including the art you use to market it, the formatting of the work itself, where you sell it, and so on. If you’re really passionate about a book that you have written and you have the energy to get it to market yourself, then it might be worth considering.

Get into copywriting

If you have a bit of marketing savvy to go with your writing skills, then the world of copywriting may very well have a use for you. There are a lot of different types of copywriting, from press releases to website content to product descriptions and more. Doing this kind of work can feel like being on something of a constant content treadmill, but if you don’t mind the grind, then finding the right agencies or marketing companies can help you get your share of work consistently. Again, you need to develop some marketing skills to do really well in this field. If you manage to find your copywriting niche, you can get paid quite well for high-quality content specific to certain fields, as well.

Become a freelance writer for publications

Magazines and online publications typically have their own writing staff, but they also have freelancers that they will rely on. This is particularly true of media sites and magazines that need bodies to review the stream of movies, music, and games that are continuously coming out. Aside from the chance to get paid and have your pieces featured in publications that reach thousands of readers, you can also get some free stuff as a result of getting chosen to review those particular products. However, if you want to make sure that your voice stands out, you need to focus on building your own platform to go with it, or to eventually transition into a more permanent place on a writing staff.

Start a blog

It’s one of the more “old-school” approaches to making money with your writing and, as any blogger can tell you, there’s no guarantee you’ll be making a profit any time soon. However, if you have a passion for a project and the ability to keep writing on it, whether it’s a hobby or a simple approach to life, then you can blog from it. There are plenty of different ways to make money from blogging, too. If you’re writing a gaming blog, you can write sponsored posts for game publishers. If you’re a sports blogger, you can join the highest paying sports betting affiliate programs. You can always sell your own content such as an ebook if you’re able to convince your readership that they’re worth paying for, as well.

Guestpost or ghostwrite for blogs

You can start your own blog if you have a passion for it. However, what if you don’t want your own website but still have the ability and interest to write content that blog readers might want to get their eyes on? The good news is that there is no shortage of blogs that will take on your content. In some cases, it’s the blog owners that will pay for the privilege of having you ghostwrite content so that they don’t have to. In other cases, affiliate marketing and SEO marketing companies will pay you to write blog content for online marketing efforts. Whatever the case, you can get paid to get your posts on other sites.

Be a scriptwriter for online video producers

While there’s still a lot of money and clout to be made through blogging, anyone paying attention will have seen that the ascendancy of the video essay on sites like YouTube is the place to be. You might think, at a glance, that all of those YouTubers write, produce, and edit everything themselves. There’s no denying that plenty of them do, but just as many of them share the load with writers. Scriptwriting is a skill all on its own, quite different from writing content that’s meant to be read, but if you can do it, then you might be able to pair up with a YouTuber that shares your passions and niche interests.

Working with a freelance writing agency

You can specialize in one of the types of writing work as done above but if you want to keep things as general as possible, then you might also look at joining one of the great freelance writing agencies that are set up online. In some of these, you may have to do the legwork of searching for jobs yourself, but that can take a lot of the time that you should be spending writing and making money, so look for the sites and agencies that will find the work for you, instead.

Enter paid writing competitions

There is no shortage of writing competitions, hosted on hobbyist sites or by magazines, that will offer a cash prize for the winner, and sometimes even for the runner-ups. A little searching and you should be able to find writing competitions that fit your interests and niches. Of course, the one thing about these competitions is that there are zero guarantees that your writing efforts will net you any money. You have to hope that you win. It requires a strong will, as well, as losing a few competitions in a row can be pretty bruising for the ego, so you need the passion and resilience to be able to keep writing beyond that.

Write on social media

It might not be exactly the same as some of the other methods above that involve getting paid for longer-form content, but social media management positions definitely require the ability to write. In fact, being able to write well within the character limits set by platforms like Twitter can be pretty tough. Of course, this position involves a lot more than writing, such as ideas on how to engage the account’s following, good use of visuals (which often means making or editing them yourself), as well as an understanding of analytics and posting strategies, such as when to have posts go live. However, there are plenty of brands in need of social media management, so there’s always work available in this field.

Making money through your writing can be easy to get started with, but it may take time to find your niche and to start being able to charge enough to make a real living off of it. With the options above, however, you can find your way.


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