Saturday, August 5, 2017

A Gentle Aside... Simple Ways To Earn Part-Time Money

We all have financial woes at some point in our life, and whether we are working our fingers to the bone already, it can be difficult to try and save money when your outgoings are much more than your total income. While we can all try to get an extra part time job, does it result in as getting a lot more money? Not really. In fact, it may just be enough to get you by, so why don't you try and make the most of some of the most popular ways to make money on the side right now?

Going Freelance

Have you got a skill that you don't use much? If so, why don't you make the most of that and work freelance on the side of what you're already doing? If you can play an instrument, you could teach students online or if you blog, there are plenty of content sites that will pay for your opinions. Or if you like taking photographs there are stock photography sites. Have a look at for more information on how to do it properly. There are plenty of options for you. And on the topic of expertise…

Writing Ebooks

If you have a skill set that is very niche, and you have enough knowledge that could fill a book you could write an eBook and sell it via Apple's iBooks or Kindle Direct Publishing on Amazon. In fact, Amazon pays 70% royalties on books that are priced between $2.99 and $9.99 which is a decent amount of money if you sell enough eBooks. But it's always best to do your research first if you can find a gap in the market that you can fill.

How Many Old Smartphones Do You Have?

With every new phone contract every couple of years, you've probably got piles of old mobile phones stashed away, so why don't you sell them? There are plenty of websites that pay for your old items such as Buyback Express which can pay you easily via PayPal, check out for additional information on what other electronic devices you can sell for a quick cash injection. If you've been using a mobile phone for around the 20-year mark you've probably got a few stockpiled somewhere, so why don't you make the most of them?

Focus Groups

Various focus groups will pay you for your time and opinions on products or services, but the best way to make the most out of this venture is to sign up with more than one focus group company. This will increase your chances of being called for a group. And as far as costs are concerned some can pay upwards of $300 but the vast majority pay much less, which means it's a good way to earn money on the side rather than a full-time money-making venture.

As well as these, there are plenty of other options you can find online such as taking surveys or doing transcription work. But it's always important to realize that there are plenty of options out there for you if you want to make some more money on the side without having to work a night shift in a supermarket!


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