Friday, May 13, 2022


Driving your car may just seem like second nature to you. After you have passed your driving test, you probably have relaxed and formed your own habits and behaviors. While this can make you a comfortable driver, most people create bad habits that put themselves, and other road users, at risk. If you want to learn how to drive safer, better and to a good standard, here are some of the most common mistakes drivers make on the road. See if you fall into any of the traps, and learn how to improve your bad habits. 

#1 Not leaving enough space

When you drive behind a car on the road or pull up behind another vehicle in traffic, many cars end up bumper to bumper and leave very little room. This is a huge mistake, and very dangerous. Instead, you should leave at least 3-4 meters between every car. This will improve your fuel economy as you will not need to brake as hard or often, let you stop in time if the car in front puts on its emergency brakes, and gives you a better view of the road ahead. 

#2 Not braking hard enough

Many accidents on the road occur because drivers are not using their brakes properly. Car brakes should be used as early on as possible, as well as firmly, where required. Brakes are specially designed to stop your vehicle effectively and help prevent any accidents. Learn how to use your brakes properly, and don’t wait until the last minute to brake. Fortunately, many modern cars have an anti-lock system that helps you with control and stability. 

#3 Ignoring problems that arise 

If your car shows any signs of damage or issue, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to ignore it. If you hear a strange noise, or a warning light comes on, then you should get it checked as early as possible. If you ignore the problem, it will only put your safety at risk on the road, increase your risk of breaking down, and cost you more money in the future. Even if your car needs a sunroof repair, because without a functioning roof, it can be distracting on the road and leave you driving in an unsecured vehicle. 

#4 Not checking your tires 

Tires are extremely important to the safety of your travels. Your tires are the point of contact your vehicles have with the road, and with a lot of traveling, can easily become worn down, damaged or unsafe. Not many users check their tires, and this puts them at high risk while on the road. Avoid this mistake by checking your tires on a regular basis (at least once per month), and before any long journeys. Check there is no damage, the pressure is high enough, and the tread meets the legal requirements of 1.6mm. 
Road safety should be taken seriously, as the smallest mistakes can cause the most fatal accidents. Follow these tips to become a safer driver on the road.


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