Saturday, April 30, 2022

5 Powerful Ways To Make Your Car Safer


Today's modern cars come with an array of safety features as standard. One of the most significant improvements to vehicle safety since the late 1950s was the three-point safety belt - an invention still used in today's vehicles.

Despite such safety features, thousands of people get involved in collisions on the road, and many of them are down to safety-related issues.

If you're a vehicle owner, using a car accident lawyer can help you resolve issues if you were unlucky enough to have a collision with someone else on the road.

But, it makes more sense to look at ways of improving your car's safety and diminishing the prospect of having a fender-bender! With that above points in mind, take a look at these powerful suggestions to help you get started:

1. Upgrade To Premium Tires

Did you know that budget tires aren't better than worn premium ones? Cheap tires might save you money, but they could potentially increase your chance of being in a car accident.

For example, budget tires can increase your stopping distance - and that's something to avoid during wet or icy conditions. Spend a bit extra and upgrade to premium tires for added safety and peace of mind.

2. Have Better Brakes Installed

Aside from tires, your car's brakes are the safety components that ensure you stop safely and in a timely fashion. Again, some vehicle owners pay for cheap, low-quality brake rotors and pads as they believe it's a better solution than driving around with worn brakes.

It's a better idea to have premium brake rotors and pads installed as they'll be better at stopping you in an emergency. Moreover, they will last considerably longer than budget variants.

3. Keep Your Phone Out Of Sight

It's no secret that mobile phones distract drivers when they're on the road. Many people end up in car accidents because of distracted driving and using a phone while driving is one of the top reasons.

Before you drive, put your smartphone in your pocket, glove compartment, or somewhere else out of sight so you can concentrate on driving and being a safe road user.

4. Install A Backup Camera

A backup camera, also known as a reversing camera, is an excellent way to see what's going on behind you when you're backing up into a parking space. They're particularly useful for identifying hazards that you wouldn't usually see due to your car's blind spots.

Backup cameras are relatively easy to install, especially as you can purchase wireless solutions. Alternatively, you could have your local auto shop install one for you.

5. Keep Your Car Clean

One final safety measure you need to consider relates to your car's cleanliness. You might not think so, but a dirty car can increase your chances of being too late to spot hazards on the road as you drive.

Dirty windows, windshields, and headlights can significantly impair hazard perception - especially during evening driving or going out during heavy rain. That's why you should ideally wash your car once a week.

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